WWE RAW RESULTS: Total Divas Renew Their Rivalry, and Paige Puts The Former Friendship to Rest for More Darker Plans (September, 22nd 2014)

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Hello Folks and welcome to my first RAW write up since Night of Champions concluded early Monday. Anyone who watched the PPV saw some sort of trigger towards Paige going into Whole Anti Diva Mode, and the teases just kept coming on this Post Pay Per View RAW, after 3 hours of waiting…Oh and a former enemy of Paige’s on the Mic? You Dont Say? *Quiet Summer Rae Voice*.

Yes Natalya and Summer Rae present the first diva bout of the night, and a match that comes as no surprise considering Summer and Natalya got into physical roadside rage on the latest Total Divas episode. Summer is already in the ring following a break, joined by the bestie Layla (because i will never say the SLayers again) and Natalya’s entrance gets full show, as does the appearance of the tutors student Rosa Mendes. Rae is cross eyed and angry and has the mic in her hand.

Summer starts a blatant diss on the ladies locker room and the audience as she says its SO HARD being the most attractive person there, and since Jealousy spruces Hatred, that is what triggered Nattie to be bitter to her. Summer states she doesn’t need the audience, nor Natalya or the Total Divas to be her friend, because Summer is over for everyone but herself and her girl Layla. Summer struts over to pass on the mic to Layla and on the bell, Natalya is charging right at Summer. Summer obviously doesn’t want contact with her as she pegs it to the ropes.

Summer eventually stops embracing the ropes to give Natalya a smack for her troubles, followed by a very familiar roundhouse kick. Summer pounds Natalya on the mat, and kicks her around. Summer gets a leg-lock locked in, and the crowd seem to get behind Natalya as she tries fighting out. This leads to Summer almost being pinned, but she makes it back to the leg-lock position. Natalya soon summons up strength, lifting Summers cradled body off the mat, and slamming her back down. Natalya takes Summers boot then sends her head first to the mat. After stepping on the neck of Summer, Natalya levels her with the dropkick. Natalya hits the discus clothesline and hammers Summer with her knee against the turnbuckles, prompting Layla to save Summer by distracting the Total Divas Veteran Cast Member.

Natalya tries to get Layla, but Layla jumps out of her way, and in turn, Summer tries to get a roll up, which Natalya counters. Natalya tries for her sharpshooter, and Layla tries to yell at Natalya again for another distraction, but not only does Natalya not pay attention, but Rosa decides to clobber Layla straight off the apron in Natties defense. Despite Summer trying to slap her way out, Natalya does lock in the Sharpshooter, and Summer taps for the 230000th time. Natalya wins the match and celebrates with Rosa, while the vengeful cast member has less to gloat and celebrate about.

Mark Henry comes out to apologize for his loss at Night of Champions to Rusev, overall feeling down about it and feeling he let down a lot of people. Lana and Rusev arrive, and Lana seems to rally Mark Henry into a rematch with her devastating client, to which he accepts. Still suffering a nasty injury, and facing up to Rusevs brute strength on top, Henry is toppled by the Russian Federations Monster one more time.

Stephanie McMahon, who appeared on the ramp for the opening segment of the show alongside the Authority to react to Cena and Ambrose, reappeared later in the show as the Authority’s guards tried to keep Ambrose cooped up in a closet as punishment for his recent brawls with the “Golden Man” Seth Rollins.

And believe it or not it had to be late into the 3rd hour to see the main divas storylines take shape as Nikki Bella walked her way to the ring to apparently react to her Sister Bries Comments prior to her big match at Night of Champions. Nikki is pretty much annoyed, and demands Brie arrives in the ring, so Brie wastes no time in doing as shes told. Nikki asks to be called the more Holier than Thou Name of THE Nikki Bella, while telling her disgusted Sister that she should drop the Bella Name entirely. Brie sees the Bella Name much hers as it is Nikki’s. Nikki suggests she takes the Bryan name, and mocks the “Beaten Up Troll” to the point where Brie savagely smacks her in the face and brawls with her. Rather than Jump to Main Event, here comes AJ who is announced to face Nikki Right Now.

When we come back, we get the kind addition of Paige on commentary to overlook the impending match. The Bell rings and Paige declares herself to the commentary team no longer the frenemy/friend of the “Old Troll” that has her championship title. AJ gets an armbar and works on Nikki, while Paige, who is in the worst of moods, states she doesn’t care about Nikki as Cole gently reminds her who also competed in her match last night. Nikki breaks free of the following armbar, and AJ hits the ropes, and hits Nikki with a Hurricanrana.

AJ hits Nikki in the corner and snaps Nikki with a neckbreaker. AJ gets another neckbreaker and she covers Nikki, but this only results in a near fall. AJ whips Nikki from one corner to another, charges and runs into a strong clothesline. Nikki now covers AJ for a near fall. Nikki launches AJ into the corner, and chokes her against the ropes. AJ rolls on the apron, and Nikki follows AJ as she crashes to the ground below. Nikki then throws AJ into Paige, which certainly grabs Paiges attention, but she decides not to hit back, but rather threaten to slap her face behind her back. Nikki tosses AJ back in the ring and covers once more, but thats also a near fall.

While Paige exhales the whole bad mood stuff, Nikki swings AJ around, and tries to wear her out. Nikki hits a dropkick on AJ as she tries to turn things around, and Nikki gloats. Nikki, once again, goes for a pin attempt and AJ survives again. Nikki gets her own variation of the Cross Armbreaker on AJ, but AJ manages to roll Nikki over into the pin attempt. It Fails, and AJ gives Nikki kicks, before hitting the ropes, and being caught in Nikki’s Alabama Slam. Nikki Looks to pin the champ once more, but to no avail.

Nikki tosses AJ into the corner and charges, and gives AJ a few shots. She now charges, but misses AJ, who glides up on the top rope. AJ crosses her legs over Nikki’s head, lets go of the ropes, and locks the black widow, while forcing Nikki some distance away from the ropes. Nikki submits and AJ wins the match, kissing the title while taking short notice of a more colder and vengeful Paige.

(Summer Rae w/ Layla vs Natalya w/ Rosa Mendes)

(Mark Henry vs Rusev w/ Lana)

(The Authority Lock Dean Ambrose backstage)

(Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Segment)

(AJ Lee vs Nikki Bella; Paige on Commentary)

Thoughts On:
Natalya vs Summer: This was a rather nice match between the two, with equal spots where both divas took control, and both divas on the outside got used to some quantity as well. Its Fresh to see Summer on the Mic as well, even though i was completely switched off when she went to reference Layla in another tone. I Would Love to See how Serious Summer can get on the mic with a more serious than LayCool-ish persona. Part of me wanted Summer to win the match so the two can trade numerous matches with each other, but with the Bella’s feud still going on, they are more likely to get a singles PPV match than the two.

Bella’s Segment: I will admit i was not too sold or interested on the segment as much as i admit Nikki is better on the mic as a heel. I Like Nikki, but i seemed to be rallying behind Brie than Nikki this week, and i felt whoever wrote the script could have done a lot better to put more ferocity between the two. Yes i like the Bella’s but i could not wait for an interference…

AJ vs Nikki: This was also a nice divas match, though it had less interest crowd wise. I Am really liking Nikki’s move-set and for the 1000th time i do want her as Divas Champion, but not yet. AJ also got a good showing, not as long as she got at Night of Champions, but good nonetheless. As for Paige….HALLELUJAH, My Favourite Paige Persona may be back in action as of this RAW episode. We got teases in the Night of Champions Promo, and the Paige we saw on RAW was Ruthless, Mad at Losing the Title and clearly had cruel intentions for the former bestie that is AJ Lee. I’m getting the gist of this storyline now may be that all along Paige had to play along and get into AJs head as much as she could to keep the title and that that character was probably thinking that AJ wasn’t seeing through the antics, and now maybe Paige realises the tricks haven’t worked to her favor. But like she said, No Friendship, No Skipping. Paige is ready to explode and even though i may be a biased British fan (LOL) I’m confident this new Paige is what possibly breaks AJ storyline wise in order to take the title from her for a more lengthy, meaningful and hopefully very interesting reign. I Can Only Hope that these two stay separate from the Bella’s feud, unless theres a possible Fatal 4 way, but as much as i wouldn’t mind it, Paige vs AJ again all the way!. I Just wish something happened post match, but maybe with the whole Roman/Bryan Injury stuff going on, maybe WWE dont want their most popular diva shelved as well.

– Catherine


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