WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Brie Races As Far Away From Her Sisters Loss Record As She Can (September, 30th 2014)

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Last Night on Main Event, the Bella Drama continued as the Live Episode brought along another challenge for One Brie Bella. Just 24 Hours after surviving her first Handicap match, Her Sister and now Self Dubbed Princess of the Authority, Nikki Bella would obviously deem herself responsible for throwing a secondary handicap challenge in her lone sisters way, pairing Layla and Summer against her.

But first off, we see Natalya approach Kane of all people backstage. It appears the evil corporate is handling all issues on Main Event unannounced, but seeing hes the authority figure, Natalya turns herself to him to plead for Tyson to have a match. Tyson happens to catch them in conversation and is livid considering he could have asked for the match himself. Natalya and Tyson bicker to the point where Kane has to Shoo them out of the office, while also granting Tyson a match against a Not yet announced opponent. That was revealed as Kofi, and not only did Tyson win, adopting his NXT Heel Persona, but he was too busy caring for his solo celebration to celebrate his victory with Natalya, who storms off.

Now after waiting hellaciously for the ads to stop, and for all the promotion to wither off, in what was a whole 10 minute wait, we finally see the divas in action, as Layla and Summer Rae head to the ring to face Brie in Bries 2nd Handicap Match, 24 Hours clear of her first. Speaking of her previous match, we get a short RAW recap where Brie defied Nikki’s rule by overcoming both Cameron and Eva Marie. Now to the present, and the match is now underway as Brie finds herself up against Layla first.

The Two lock up and Brie shoves Layla but has her attention on the opponent taken away by fellow opponent Summer, who yells her name to give Layla the upper hand in the form of a back cheapshot. Layla kicks Brie before sending her to the corner, keeping close to Summer, who tags. Summer kicks away and chokes Brie in the corner for a short amount of time before Layla returns to the match to work on Brie. Summer back in, and she clotheslines Brie as Nikki looks on from backstage, obviously delighted at all that is taking place.

Summer covers Brie but it only amounts to a near fall. Summer tags Layla while having Brie locked in her armbar. Summer throws Brie into the corner as Layla climbs up top, allowing Layla to apply a leg-lock while hanging from the ropes. Layla trips Brie from behind, causing her to hit the mat while she returns to the ring. Layla tags Summer and dropkicks Brie, as Summer hits a kick. Summer tries another cover on Brie, but only leading to the same result as Brie survives. Summer works on Bries shoulder but Brie begins to fight out, arm dragging her into a different corner.

Summer takes down Brie with a clothesline as she lunges out of the corner. She carries Brie to her corner, allowing Layla to get the tag. Layla gets a snap-mare on Brie before applying a leg hold. Brie fights out, starting to gain the upper hand as she sends Layla to the ropes. She takes Layla’s boot and kicks her after blocking her attempt. Brie strikes with the running knee as Layla lays out on the ropes. She soon becomes distracted by an arguing Summer Rae, allowing Layla to try a cheap roll up on Brie, to no avail.

Layla strikes with a kick to Brie and chokes her against the ropes with her knee. She hits a knee to the gut then gets in the face of the ref while Summer grabs Brie from behind. Brie kicks away Layla and elbows Summer Rae in the face. Layla launches Brie to the ropes, but Brie ducks under the ropes, sliding outside and taking Summer down from the apron. Brie darts back into the ring, only to get a kick from Layla. Layla hits the crossbody for another near fall. Before Layla can rebound into action, Brie strikes with the Face-buster from out of nowhere, Pinning Layla for the win and leaving Nikki cross backstage.

(Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya vs Kofi Kingston)

(Summer Rae and Layla vs Brie Bella; 2 on 1 Handicap Match)

Thoughts On:
Natalya/Tyson: As Late as this tension between the two has transferred to the main roster, considering it should’ve been brought to the main roster at the same time it was brought to light on NXT, im enjoying it for a few reasons. Seeing Natalya manage Tyson once again is giving shades of the Hart Dynasty and im happy to see Tyson’s NXT Persona make it to the main roster to some extent, even though i dont see it lasting long as any couple issues on Total Divas will end in apologies and happy endings.

Brie vs Summer and Layla: Had Natalya’s announcement not been to put herself in a match on Main Event, i did originally expect Natalya to face Summer, however the Bella’s feud needed some sort of extension this week while the other existing feud takes shape on Smackdown, so putting Summer and Layla against Brie does make sense, considering they are a divas tag team and their ring work is 200x more better than the others on RAW, even though i do like Eva and Cameron. Brie winning will obviously part of the storyline idea where its shown Brie does a much better job in the ring as opposed to Nikki due to Nikki’s role switch as a heel, and that Nikki will become increasingly frustrated with Brie overcoming the odds, meaning Nikki will rebound with some sort of crafty revenge next week.

– Catherine


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