WWE RAW RESULTS: Rusev, Lana and The Divas Hit a ROCKY Road (October, 6th 2014)


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Hello Folks, and a Happy Tuesday wherever you are! Luckily, having no college on a Tuesday hands the privilege of watching a whole episode of Monday Night RAW every Monday night, and last night was not in anyway different, even though i did see myself gobsmacked at the twist in Lana and Rusev’s recent feud. I’ll discuss that after i discuss other diva related matters…

The First Diva related appearance comes from Stephanie McMahon, looking super pissed over the collateral damage Dean Ambrose and John Cena looked to inflict on One Seth Rollins. The Authority placed matters in their own hands by awarding both a chance to get their hands on Rollins, but only by working together against Rollins as well as Orton and Kane in a match Cena would soon find himself ditched in.

Nikki Bella played her own little authoritative role this week by ensuring Brie would fight it out in another match this week, with a penultimate stipulation, one that she faced prior. Thus Brie would have one hand tied behind her back as she faced Summer Rae, joined by BFF Layla. To Begin the match Summer sends Brie to the corner. She chokes her with her boot then sends her head first into the opposite corner. Summer continues to work on Brie, eventually going for the unsuccessful pin attempt.

Summer reverts to the headlock as Nikki looks on. Brie sends some punches Summers way but Summer keeps her down. Summer hits the ropes and kicks her, causing Brie to roll close to the apron, where Layla taunts her. Summer chokes her then kicks her around the ring. She chokes her once more then grabs her only for Brie to toss her over, causing her to take her place on the ropes. Brie hits the running knee on Summer then pulls her to the middle of the ring and pins her for another victory, One Nikki will once again not be pleased at.

Tyson Kidd made his in ring return on RAW joined by Natalya. Unlike last weeks Main Event, Tyson, who used Natalya as a shield at one point against Opponent Jack Swagger, wouldn’t be as lucky, as he eventually lost the match.

Amongst finding out about the cancellation of the previously promoted clash between Rusev and Big Show, Rusev hits the ring with Lana to respond to Big Shows recent actions, while Show is left backstage to watch only at the Hands of the Authority. Rusev mocks Show for being a “Coward” when a very familiar entrance music leaves the entire Brooklyn crowd elated. The Rock surprisingly emerges to go face to face with the Bulgarian. The Two get into a verbal confrontation amongst the Pro Dwayne Johnson Brooklyn crowd, and soon trade fists, with The Rock clearing the ring of Lana’s advocate.

Following this, The Brooklyn crowd are presented with the arrival of Alicia Fox and Former Divas Champion Paige as they face AJ and her selected partner in tag action. Divas Champ AJ emerges, and at first, taking into account the last Smackdown match, Naomi is expected to appear as her tag partner, but instead comes Emma, and her quirkiness doesnt seem to be working with AJ. Fox and AJ, who clashed the week before, kick off the match.

A Fiery AJ immediately kicks Fox then throws her straight into Paige, who tumbles to the ground below. She wastes little time in attacking the former friend, as she smashes Paiges head on the announce table. She throws Paige back into the ring, but Paige slithers out in quick time, not wanting anymore to do with AJ. Emma begs the tag, and gets it, as Paige nestles against the ring barrier to allow Fox to carry out the work.

Fox kicks Emma then attempts to throw her right out of the ring, but is too busy yelling at the crowd to notice Emma hanging by the ropes. Emma shoulder tackles and kicks Alicia back as she turns her attention to her, then returns to the ring and attempts the roll up, leading to a near fall on Alicia. Emma does the usual comedy taunts before landing a diving crossbody on Alicia in the corner. However, Fox soon gets one up on Emma, launching her into the corner. She misses the charge attempt, and Emma locks the DilEMMA on Alicia for a few moments on the ropes. Emma lands the crossbody again, and doesn’t pay any attention to AJ demanding a tag. AJ, frustrated at what she sees, soon walks off to leave her partner to handle Paige and Alicia by herself.

Emma cant understand the actions of AJ, and the glancing at AJ heading up the ramp proves a nasty distraction, as Paige has herself tagged in, and seems ready to attack the Lone Emma from behind. She does, taking her out with the RamPaige Finisher, pinning her for the victory before taunting the cross AJ from the ring.

(John Cena and Dean Ambrose Attack Seth Rollins feat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon)

(Brie Bella vs Summer Rae w/ Layla)

(The Rock Returns to Confront Rusev w/ Lana)

(Paige and Alicia Fox vs AJ Lee and Emma)

Thoughts On:
Brie Bella vs Summer Rae: I Definitely think divas wise, this wasnt the most focused divas storyline of the night, and incredibly rushed. No Interaction pre match between Nikki and Brie, an incredibly bad finish and where do you go from there? Usually when Brie hits the running knee, the match doesnt end right there, so having Summer submit right after being hit by it did her no justice whatsoever. It made her look weak (and shes worth so much more) and made it look like an incredibly rushed finish. As Much as im happy a Non Total Divas storyline is getting more time this week, this was just completely rushed.

Lana/Rusev and The Rock: Best and most memorable moment of the night! I Dont think anyone could have predicted a confrontation between Rusev and the Rock of all people. The Crowd was absolutely fantastic through much of the night as well, this segment particularly! Im Convinced this was just a one night thing, and that Big Show/Rusev will continue, which isnt bad in my opinion because i’ve actually enjoyed their feud, but if this is a work in progress between Rusev and the Rock then i will take it as a backup storyline, even though i highly doubt seeing them clash at Hell In A Cell. Its Moments like this that show how far Lana and Rusev have come since NXT, to be sharing the ring with someone as Big as the Rock, and is a truly memorable moment in boths careers. There were those thinking months back that Rusev would be turned into another comedy version of Vladimir Koslov, but will have to majorly disagree now! The Duo of Lana and Rusev have been perfect character wise, whether they have had bland feuds or not.

AJ/Emma vs Alicia Fox/Paige: Great Pairings, a nice showing from Emma, and a hopeful renewal in Emma and Fox’s 3 weeks Superstars rivalry, however i never saw the finish coming of AJ doing a CM Punk 1000th RAW moment and walking out of the ring. Even though it makes no sense considering AJ is a face feuding with a Heel Paige, it welcomes unpredictability into this feud. This could lead to Emma trying to get AJ to accept her, this could be AJs way of showing shes sick of her character and its time for a change, leading to Emma possibly aligning with Paige and Alicia, considering the recent twitter exchange between Emma and Paige that plays up their real life friendship. We could get AJ vs Emma at HIAC with Paige and Fox helping Emma win the match or even coming down after AJ retains and beating her down with Emma. We Could get AJ vs Fox vs Paige and Emma stays out of it completely, or we could have AJ vs Paige vs Emma (w/ or w/out the addition of Fox). However, considering WWEs predictability at times, it could just be a matter of AJ and Emma coming to like each other in the next few weeks should Tamina not return, but considering this recent storyline, its definitely a perfect time for Tamina to return whether its in the weeks leading to HIAC or the night after. If this is another AJ vs the World and if AJ is playing the lone wolf against a divas division that hates her again, it would make most sense for Tamina to come back and be her Armour really, especially if Paige, Fox and Emma all go after her. However, with AJ mentioning which talents she likes in the division as of late, i wouldn’t be surprised if AJ does turn heel and joins Paige and Fox against Emma as a way of putting her over.

– Catherine


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