WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Villianess Bella Gets Revenge on Heroic Bella (October, 7th 2014)

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Hello Everyone, Catherine here to wish you all a happy Wednesday and as per WWE tradition, the midweek does not go without an episode of WWE Main Event, and this one presented us another (vengeful) divas contest. THE Nikki Bella returned to the ring to join Summer Rae, Cameron and Layla as she and the reinforcements looked to throw a block in front in Bries progressing winning streak.

So Down comes Nikki to bless her fellow peers with her presence as the four look to ram down Bries winning streak. We are reminded of RAW and the demands Nikki set to force Brie to compete with one arm tied behind her back, that particular moment that didnt make it to somes TV. As the four prepare for battle, out comes a confident Brie. Summer begins the match against Brie, shoving her onto the mat on the bell. She tries attacking Brie but spills over her.

Brie dodges Summer and starts hitting with clotheslines and dropkicks. Brie gets the first cover, but its a near fall. Summer kicks her in response and rushes over to Layla, who she tags. Layla gets a kick to Bries jaw, and follows with another kick and a Side Russian Leg sweep. Layla covers, but only gets a near fall. She throws Bries head to the mat then places her in a chinlock. Bries chances to battle out are cut short when Layla knocks her back. She knocks her to the mat, then tags Cameron, as they perform their own double team maneuver.

Cameron makes a total mockery of the Yes Chants, but the taunting proves a bad distraction as she is rolled up, but luckily Cameron survives. Cameron kicks a semi weakened Brie and chokes her against the ropes as the Heels continue to dominate the match. Cameron places her in the headlock as Nikki paces around the apron, looking desperate to fight Brie herself. Brie tries to get to her feet but gets knocked back down by Cameron. Cameron suplexes Brie and hits a single split leg drop for a near fall.

Cameron is none too pleased and aims to weaken Brie further with her submission. Brie manages to break Cameron off, flinging her near to the outside. Brie hits the same running knee to Cameron that had Summer Rae defeated on RAW, only rather than pin, Brie heads up top. Brie hits the missile dropkick on Cameron then clobbers Nikki off the apron. She turns her attention back to Cameron, and gets elbowed in the face. Brie takes Camerons arm, but Layla tries to come in between them, and gets knocked back by Brie for her troubles.

Cameron throws Brie to Summer Rae, who knees her as she hits the ropes. As Cameron sets her up for what might be a suplex, a frustrated Nikki returns to the apron, as does Layla, and Nikki tags herself in, upsetting Cameron a bit. Nikki demands Cameron to get out, then hits the running knee on Brie. Nikki scoops Brie onto her shoulders and finishes her with her Rack Attack finisher to grab the win for the heels, ending Bries streak. Layla, Summer and Cameron, however, dont seem too happy with Nikki’s boastful celebration.

Also, the rift between Tyson Kidd and Natalya progressed through this weeks episode, as Tyson was granted another match, accompanied once again by Natalya. Tyson didnt come off as lucky this week with another victory avoided at the hands of his recent opponent, Swagger.

(Cameron, Layla, Nikki Bella and Summer Rae vs Brie Bella; 4 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya vs Jack Swagger)

Thoughts on:
Divas Handicap match: I Have a Lot of Good things to say about this match! Layla’s ring skills were on point as she shows why she is such an underrated diva, Cameron has improved a lot and Nikki is just plain Badass, because even though she brought those divas together to take on Brie, she only had the intention of taking on Brie herself, more or less using the others to weaken Brie for her so she can get the ending victory, it was plain evil and i loved it! I Wouldn’t be surprised if in the coming weeks, the heels walk out on Nikki, especially in the week leading to Hell in a Cell to give Brie the pre PPV victory, but with all these different types of matches happening between the two, i wouldn’t be surprised if Brie and Nikki’s solo clash does get a stipulation, and even though it sounds unlikely or far fetched, just so Brie can stop anyone helping Nikki and so she can have her to herself, dont be surprised if the two get a cage match because isn’t that what Nikki is pitching for?

Tyson/Natalya: Like i said last time, im so happy to see Tyson’s Heel Character, which has rejuvenated him so much in terms of getting TV time. However, where is this going? Unless a TD Episode leads to these two getting a happy ending, cutting Tyson’s character off RAW/ME/SD abruptly, then theres no other way to carry on other than have Natalya turn heel, unless Tyson randomly gets title matches for months on end, forcing Natalya to be at ringside with him for the next few months. When Total Divas Season 4 ends, what happens to these two?

– Catherine


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