TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Gail Kim Makes a Defense Against Her On & Off Besties Former Rival (September, 17th 2014)

b v g xplosion

b v g xplosion 1

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Hello Folks! So to my list of posting duties is a VERY Late episode of TNA Xplosion. Now since the 10th and 17th September Xplosion episodes have not surfaced anywhere online, and because TNAs YouTube doesn’t give the episodes specific airdate i am mentally tangled between deciding when this awaited match would air, even though YouTube Comments have me thinking it was on the 17th, but now its up on display lets talk the match between FORMER Champ and The Underrated Knockout whose Feud with Madison Rayne never reached its maximum potential, Brittany!

Brittany is out first for what is revealed as a championship contest! After putting on a Wyatt Glare, she glances upon the arrival of then Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in what feels like a non verbal version of Open Fight Night. Nonetheless, Gail, after having a high fiving spree, is proud to defend against any legitimate challengers, Brittany included. Brittany gets a feel of the championship she should hopefully hold in the future and the bell is rung…

The Two Lock up and Brittany quickly takes over as she places Kim in the headlock. Gail manages to break Brittany off, and Brittany takes a moment to collect herself in the corner. Nonetheless, they return to competing, and Brittany places Gail in the waistlock. Gail breaks out and works on Brittany’s left arm. Brittany reverses Gail’s whip and sends her crashing into the corner, but as Brittany charges, Gail sends herself to the outside. Gail shoulder tackles Brittany, hits the ring and rolls up Brittany for her first near fall of the match.

Gail dodges an attempted clothesline by Brittany and dropkicks her to the mat. Brittany rolls to the apron and leaps to the floor before Gail can get her hands on her further. Brittany returns to the apron, and does not escape Gail’s grip, not until she snaps her against the ropes. She attacks the very same shoulder attacked before by Havok. Brittany gives Gail a few kicks and then we go to a break.

It appears Brittany remains in control when we come back as she hits Gail’s arm with her knee. Brittany sends Gail and her exposed shoulder into the turnbuckle, and continues to bring more damage as she stretches it. She kicks her then taunts but Gail tries to regain momentum as she starts to punch her back, only to be caught in a dangerous counter from Brittany. Brittany goes mental as she repeatedly kicks and punches a defenseless former champion. Brittany slams her and goes for the cover, but only gets a near fall on her.

Brittany just continues to attempt to annihilate Gail, hitting her almost instantly with the side Russian leg sweep DDT. She soon catches her in a leg-lock, while also targeting Gail’s exposed arm. Gail uses as much strength as she can to power out, catching Brittany in the pin attempt, but Brittany lifts from the mat before she can be pinned. Brittany just doesn’t let up on Gail, knocking her to the mat with a clothesline. Brittany looks to send Gail shoulder first to the turnbuckles like earlier, but Gail gets her own little bit of payback as Brittany faces the punishment against the turnbuckles.

Gail now kicks and punches Brittany’s left shoulder, and hits the ropes, swiftly taking Brittany down. Gail follows with the clothesline and DDT, and she goes for the cover, but Brittany stays in the match. Brittany reverses an attempted whip from Gail, only for Gail to knock her away as she charges. Gail with a flying crossbody for another near fall. Gail, still feeling the effects of having the same shoulder targeted, tries to finish the match by setting up Eat Defeat, but Brittany counters. Brittany misses a knee smash, and Gail gets a surprise roll up, pinning Brittany to retain.

(Gail Kim vs Brittany; Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts on this match:
FINALLY this match is up! Brittany was fantastic, thoroughly dominating in another championship effort, and she and Gail seem to work so well together. I Would definitely say this is Brittany’s 2nd best match, the first being against Madison on IMPACT, but a nice effort by both Knockouts on a match ive been waiting too long to see!

– Catherine


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