TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Havok Makes Rayne Fall While Rebel Slowly Climbs The Top (October, 15th 2014)

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Hello Everyone and Welcome to a Late Roundup on this weeks TNA Impact as TNA Return from a Heavy Handed Trip to Japan for their Post Bound for Glory Episode. Havok did not get any respites this week (not like she’d need it) as she was set to defend the Knockouts Title 4 days after her win against Velvet Sky at Bound for Glory, only this time this would be against a former Partner of Skys, Madison Rayne, who secured a victory against Angelina Love and an Upset Taryn Terrell on last weeks episode.

Speaking of Upsetting Taryn Terrell, during her entrance for the title bout, Rayne offered her comments on how everyone thinks she and Taryn suddenly have a problem following her win, but the fact is she is competing in a business where its every woman for themselves, and Madison couldn’t walk into the match worrying about what everyone was thinking about her and so on, because she was only going into that match to think about one thing, the Knockouts Title, and shes sure Taryn will get over Madison’s Victory soon. Harsh but True words from Madison, but will Madison be able to speak up a future if needed apology to Taryn after she goes up against the Arriving Knockouts Champion Havok?

Following the Spooky Entrance of Defiant Champion Havok, Madison and Havoks Title Match is underway. Havok and Madison begin with a lock up, and it takes little time for Havok to shove off Madison. Madison avoids one more lock up as she ducks from Havok, and she places her in a Waistlock, only to get swung to the mat by a more stronger Champion. Havok charges to the corner, but Madison averts the attack, and Havok hits the turnbuckles. Madison throws punches, but Havok still stays standing. Madison dodges Havoks clothesline and nails a dropkick, but it just does little to move Havok.

Madison gets another, and this time Havok spills outside, prompting Madison to follow out after giving her a small break. She heads to the apron, and goes for the diving crossbody, only to land in Havoks clutches. Havok sends Madisons body crashing into the apron. She Flings Madison back into the ring, and deals with her more with some kicks to the down challenger. Havok exerts some pressure on Madison with a Full Nelson Submission. She Soon turns this into another submission, placing Madisons back against her knee before ruthlessly tossing her to the mat seconds later.

Madison looks to regain her momentum with some punches dealt to Havok, and Madison follows by hitting the ropes, only to be taken down by Havok. She kicks Madison before sending her to the corner, driving some shoulder tackles her way. Havok hits a backbreaker before executing her submission hold once again. She remorselessly chucks Madison right out of the ring and to the floor below, and its not long before she follows the championship contender outside. She Scoops Madison and looks to have her bearhug applied, also yelling at the referee as she plays the intimidation tactics. She Tosses Madison back into the ring and gets in the face of Senior Ref Hebner.

Madison soon comes to the aid of the former flame with a dropkick to Havoks back. She Hurtles some forearms at Havok as they bring a brawl to the ramp, but Havok looks to send Madison crashing to the ring post, only Madison blocks it off. Havok charges, only to miss Madison, who runs out of the way, causing Havok to collide with the ring post. Madison yells at Havok to get back in the ring and avoids the clothesline attempt before giving her forearms again. Madison kicks and hits the ropes where she lands the big boot on Havok, though it doesnt knock her down.

Madison now sets up for a suplex on Havok, but just cant lift her. Havok lifts Madison over her shoulder, but Madison cleverly uses this to her advantage, as she tries to roll Havok up from underneath. However, Havok shows off the strength as she yanks Madison from right underneath her, launching her to the corner. She Charges, but Madison kicks her away to create a little distance.

She does so again, heading up top. Madison hits a missile dropkick, knocking Havok down onto the mat completely. Madison goes for a cover, but Havok powers out by the 2 count. Madison looks to hit with a high knee, but Havok takes her out with a clothesline. Havok goes for the leg drop, to no avail, as Madison manages to move out of the way of Havok. Madison goes for a roll up, even using her legs to try reel Havok in, but its no use, as her finishing tactics are disabled, as Havok yanks her off the mat by her throat, taking her out with the now named Chokeslam, the Harlot Slayer, Pinning Madison to retain the Knockouts Title.

And When you think it finishes there Knockouts wise it doesnt, as Rebel joins the Folks of the Menagerie (Knux and Steve) against DJ Z, Jesse Godderz and Angelina Love with the Accompaniment of Once Contender Velvet Sky. Rebel and Angelina appear to start the match, but before Rebel can even clobber the Leader of the Beautiful People, shes taken by a cheeky distraction from DJ Z, allowing Angelina to score a behind cheap shot. Angelina retreats to tagging in DJ Z right after some showboating, but the ladies return later in the match, as Rebel shoots right in on a later tag, ducking out of the way of a clothesline from Angelina. Rebel hits her own, followed by a kick, later followed by the dropkick. Rebel shouts at Angelina, and DJ Z tries to grab Rebels attention once more, only to get slapped off the apron. Angelina tries a roll up on Rebel, to no avail, leading to them colliding in the ring centre with a double clothesline. Rebel and Angelina retreat to their partners again, with Crazy Steve eventually getting the win for the Menagerie.

(Havok vs Madison Rayne; Knockouts Championship Match)

(Rebel, Knux and Crazy Steve vs Angelina Love, Jesse Godderz and DJ Z w/ Velvet Sky)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Championship Match: A Solid as well as lengthy, meaningful outing for Madison and Havok, rather than Havok delivering a squash match, which we should be thankful, didn’t happen since a talent like Madison deserves so much better. There was some great spots in the match, and this has indeed not only been better than Havoks Bound for Glory Match, but her best match since facing Gail for the Knockouts Title. Only Negative is I Wish they Played up Madison and Havoks History in the Indies, but they are more focused on the growing tension between Madison and Taryn as well as building up Havok with the provided character.

Mixed Tag: Even though the Ladies didn’t get much ring time like the guys did, which helped carry the men through, especially when Knux, Steve, DJ Z and Jesse are some of TNAs most underrated performers. Rebel is definitely improving, and its better to see her working against Angelina Love rather than Velvet Sky, because as much as i like Velvet and her move-set (babyface preferably) I’ve always thought of Angelina as the better in ring worker. I Think this feud is far from over but who knows when Rebel will actually get a singles match against Angelina? If Anything, whose waiting for Brooke and Robbie’s involvement? I Wouldn’t be surprised to see Brooke turn Robbie against the BroMans but the question is who will be heels and faces?

– Catherine


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