TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Retribution, Control, Love and The Ever So Great Rematch Clause (October, 22nd 2014)

sam shaw heel turn

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The Next and Last Post of the Day comes from this weeks TNA IMPACT Episode, and to be honest, i wasnt expecting to be writing anything since other than one thing, i wasnt expecting Knockouts on this weeks show but someone managed to keep Shush on the happenings of that particular show, so PREPARE FOR SURPRISES!

We Hear early in the night that Rebel will apparently be taking to the ring in her first solo fight with Angelina Love. However, before we can even get to that, Brittany is up to some sinister tricks, as apparent when she drops by to talk to Shaw backstage. Brittany claims she wants Shaw to “do something bad” at some point in his match, that match being a tag tourney qualifier featuring himself and pal Gunner.

Shaw shakes off Brittany to focus on his match as himself and Gunner take on Samoa Joe and Low Ki, who have clashed recently over the X Division Title. Things seem to run smoothly until a not too proud Brittany storms down to ringside, shouting at Shaw to do as she commands. When he remains hesitant, she pulls her own distraction to cost Gunner and Shaw the match. Following the match, Shaw “walks away” while Gunner demands an explanation from Brittany over her actions. While she pulls his attention, Shaw suddenly swoops back into the ring with a chair in hand, and strikes Gunner numerous times with the steel chair in hand, to Brittany’s delight. They then have a crazy make out around the ring as Shaw aligns himself with Brittany and leaves his tag partner behind, annihilated.

Now onto the hopeful Knockouts match, and Rebel leaves her cohorts behind for the night and performs her usual entrance as she heads to the ring for her solo effort against….Havok? Her Original Opponent, the Leggy Blonde Angelina, does not even emerge, instead Havok storms down to the ring and picks apart Rebel, even choke-slamming the Upcoming Knockout to the mat. However, before Havok can inflict more and more damage, Gail Kim bravely swoops down to the ring, though still bandaged, and starts a massive brawl with the Very Woman who took her title. Even Officials and Security Guards have a hard time pulling both apart as they burst onto the entrance ramp.

(Samuel Shaw and Gunner vs Samoa Joe and Low Ki Tag Tourney Match feat Brittany; Samuel Shaw Heel Turn)

(Rebel vs Angelina Love feat Havok; Gail Kim Returns)

Thoughts On:
Brittany/Shaw: I Have been so intrigued by this storyline week by week as it goes on and im finally glad to see it pick up some steam. Not Only do i think TNAs Creative Team have made a Great Decision Picking the two to become an aligned duo through having similar gimmicks, but the fact that they work so well together. Brittany just seems to work her character so well, Pure Evil, Manipulative, and it gives her the chance to regain the spotlight she lost when her storyline with Madison ended abruptly. Plus lets not forget Shaws Mic work, which i have high praise for, and the matches that could happen between Shaw and Gunner, you have the story behind them to fuel this storyline further, and you have Brittany to tug at the strings and play a part in their matches! Special Guest Referee anyone? Either way, im as Glued to this storyline as i am to the Knockouts every week! I Cannot wait to see what happens with this in the next few weeks!

Gail Kim Returns: Just Like Rebels “Match” i did not see this coming either. I Couldn’t find anything KOs related for this weeks episode besides Brittany/Shaw, so to see Gail come back and Rebel took me by surprise completely. To Say shes still new to wrestling, Rebel is doing a good job of selling and is massively improving, but obviously (as much as i expected the match at first) i wouldn’t be surprised at TNA holding off Rebels first solo match till next year (due to the fact there may be no December episodes) so it gives her time to be prepared to work solo in front of a crowd against a selected opponent and so she can continue to learn moves, expand her move set and so forth. Overall Very Interesting Week on IMPACT!

– Catherine


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