TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Angelinas Warning Earlier in the Year About “Selfish Madison” Is Made Clear (October, 29th 2014)

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madison rayne impact heel turn on taryn

Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Last Post before Halloween Draws in. How fitting is it for One Knockout to join the dark side before this particular festival? Want to know what happened? Wait no more as i go through it below.

Backstage is Taryn Terrell, glamoring up as She and Her Tag Partner for the Night, Madison Rayne prepare to face The Beautiful People. Madison walks in and tries to present herself to Taryn, but Taryn is understandably looking as Glum as ever, and who can blame her? Taryn is visibly still upset that Madison used cheating tactics to steal a contendership spot weeks ago in the Triple Threat Pre Bound for Glory Contendership match. Madison tries to explain to Taryn that she knows she did wrong that night, caught up in the moment with the championship on her mind. Taryn, still looking cross, tells Madison they just need to focus on getting through the later match up first, then they can talk afterward.

Madison decides not to go against her partner just yet, arriving for the tag team bout. In Fact, she starts the match off first against Sacrifice Opponent, Angelina Love. She even gets the crowd to get behind her before she and Angelina get into a lock up. Madison gets Angelina in a waistlock before going for a hopeful early victory without the help of Terrell with a roll up to Angelina. However, Angelina kicks out and the match continues.

Madison dodges an oncoming clothesline by Angelina and tries for another quick pin, to no avail. Madison arm drags Angelina, and even avoids an attack by Velvet to focus on the current opponent. She works on Angelina’s left arm, taking her to the ropes, and stares at Taryn for a few moments, before accepting her tag. Taryn heads in, but Angelina already seems in control as she knees Taryn. Angelina pie-faces her before whipping her to the ropes, and Taryn comes back with a kick. Taryn hits forearms before taking to the ropes and hitting more offense on Angelina. Taryn covers Angelina, but just gets a near fall on the former champ.

Taryn stays stealthy, tripping Angelina to the mat before turning her attention to a former tag partner of her own, Velvet. Angelina collects Velvet and both take a dropkick by Taryn. Both roll outside, as Madison stays posing on the apron rather than taking a dive onto her former tag partners. Taryn, working alone for that moment, dropkicks both Angelina and Velvet as they make it to their feet from the outside. Taryn seems to be looking for a hot tag to Madison, but pretending to not notice, she leaps outside to throw Angelina back into the ring.

Taryn hits some forearms, then Angelina reverses her whip. As Taryn hits the ropes, the Sneaky Velvet takes Taryn’s foot, tripping her from behind. Angelina kicks Taryn about as Madison remains perched on the apron, just ruffling her hair rather than calling out to Taryn to make it over to her. Dragging Taryn by her hair, Angelina lures her to the heels corner, tagging Velvet. Taryn avoids the double team clothesline by the members of the Beautiful People, hitting the two with her own.

Angelina rolls outside, and as Taryn crawls over to Madison, she leaps to the floor below, as it seems she has seen Angelina fall to the outside and wants to get to work on her…or rather because she doesn’t want to cooperate with Taryn. Velvet starts to hammer down on Taryn, smacking her head numerous times against the mat. She covers her, but only gets a near fall. Velvet taunts Madison, before throwing Taryn into the turnbuckles. Taryn avoids a double team maneuver from the Beautiful People, booting them both away.

Taryn heads up top, taking out both Velvet and Angelina with a diving crossbody. Taryn crawls over to Madison, reaching out to her. Madison doesn’t even accept a tag, but brings herself into the match. Madison attacks Velvet and Angelina, and as they take time recovering, Madison suddenly kicks Taryn to a Flurry of Boos. Madison hits the Voodoo drop on Taryn and walks out, turning heel once again. Deja Vu considering Angelina’s words to Brittany months ago over how the Beautiful People created her to be selfish (something along the lines of that). Angelina and Velvet crawl over Taryn, and both cover her for the winning pin. The Beautiful People win the match due to the double cross from Madison.

(Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell Backstage Segment)

(Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell vs Angelina Love and Velvet Sky; Madison Rayne Heel Turn)

(IMPACT 365: Madison Rayne Explains Why She Turned on Taryn)

Thoughts On:
Taryn and Madison vs The Beautiful People: I Don’t know what to make of this match to be honest. There were times where it felt like a Tornado Tag, and why did it look like at one point that Velvet was trying to tag Taryn to tag herself in over Angelina? When were the actual match rules explained? And what was with the Double Cover? Other than that, a Good Showing, especially from Taryn.

Madison Rayne Heel Turn: Yes, I Like When Heel Turns are executed, but there is a lack of Face Knockouts right now. However, this was seem coming considering the growing bad blood between Taryn and Madison, and i really cant wait to see where this goes and what segments come out of it also. Its No Secret that Madison is One of the Best Known Heel Knockouts in TNA, and even though i was really getting used to Madison as a Face, making this sad and abrupt at the same time, Madison has been sort of lost in the shuffle after her feud with Brittany was abruptly put to an end, even though TNA did their best to keep her face on TV with the numerous matches and the new program. What makes this new program interesting is this will be Taryn’s first full fledged feud since Gail last year, and i would like to see if and/or how Gail or Havok play into it. Since Brittany and Havok obviously aren’t going to align anytime soon, im calling for Havok and Madison to align in the near future. Time will tell!

– Catherine


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