WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: NXT Alumni Renew Their Rivalry For a Night (October, 30th 2014)

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If Seeing Emma on NXT wasn’t enough, well good news to loads of diva fans, Emma is pulling double duty as she appears on this weeks Superstars (which didn’t get a divas match last week) as she faces Summer Rae, in what should be considered as a short rivalry renewal. Not Just that, but after weeks of contemplating the status of BFFs Layla and Summer Rae, it appears they are back together after a few week, nothing close to a month, hiatus.

And that is fully displayed in their entrance, as Summer heads to the ring alongside Layla, also making what appears to be a mockery of quietly absent Fandango. Renee Young, who needs to take over JBL on commentary IMMEDIATELY, is on commentary alongside Tom “Can Alicia Fox See Me?” Phillips as Emma makes her way to the ring with her nicely awkward and well known entrance, an entrance mocked by LayRae in what will surely be laughed off backstage.

The Bell rings, and the two old rivals collide in a lock up near the center of the ring. Emma takes over with a side headlock to the leggy foe, much like she did with Carmella, and Summer shoves her away, only to be knocked to the mat. Then Along comes the comedy spot on the mat, before Summer misses a Pie-Face. Emma rolls Summer over for a pin attempt, but only scores a near fall.

Summer misses a clothesline, and Emma successfully attempts a backslide for a second pin attempt, leading to the same result. Summer still has her arms tied to Emma’s, and has to force Emma toward and into the corner to break loose. Summer Backlashes as she takes Emma onto the mat with a roundhouse kick. Summer covers Emma, and she also gets a near fall too, one Layla doesn’t look proud of.

Summer is now pounding on Emma as a result of a near fall, then smacks Emma’s head against the corner turnbuckle. Summer uses her foot for a few moments to choke her against the corner, then showboats during Emma’s recovery. Summer kicks Emma for more insult, before covering her again. Summer gets a near fall on Emma.

Summer stretches the opposite arm of Emma, and Emma cannot break her off as she presses her to the mat instead, with the hold remaining applied. Emma uses the not targeted arm to elbow Summer a couple of times as she tries to loosen Summers grip. She eventually breaks away from Summer and then nails a running crossbody. Emma follows with a few clotheslines to gain more momentum. Summer reverses a whip from Emma, with Emma landing in the corner. As Summer charges, Emma slips onto the apron and locks in her DilEMMA submission maneuver. She releases, and Summer tumbles into the corner, set up for Emma’s oncoming and successful running crossbody in the corner.

Pulling her away from the corner, Emma now goes for the Muta Lock. But it seems that might not go ahead as Layla heads to the apron to aid Summer by causing a distraction. Emma and Layla argue, before Summer cheaply pulls Emma into a roll up to pin her for the win.

(Summer Rae w/ Layla vs Emma)

Thoughts on this match:
I Did enjoy this match between Summer and Emma, with equal offense. Again, this is on a show where divas can show what they are capable of because they have the time to show off their in ring skill and capability and it showed here for both of them. What i noticed in this match, and in previous matches of Emma’s, is Emma can sometimes apply a bit of Sassy-ness with her character (which reminded me of Kaitlyn for some reason), and i wish she used it a bit more to be honest. I Wouldn’t mind seeing this match again next week with the same result to see if theres any different direction with Emma, but as of right now, theres too many heel divas on the main roster. If Brie wasn’t in her current storyline, i wouldn’t mind seeing Brie and Emma vs Layla and Summer.

– Catherine


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