WWE RAW RESULTS: The Fearless Diva Sticks Her Sister In A Champions Line of Fire (November, 3rd 2014)

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nicole 509

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Hello Folks! Its Just Hit Past 1am here in the Very Country that was dismissed access to the WWE Network just yesterday with an aftermath including furious uproar, the United Kingdom, and the timing couldn’t be any worse considering much of the roster hit up on England later this week for their initial 2nd half of the European Tour. However, last nights RAW was Overseas in the United States, and saw an Overseas Competitor win a Championship that doesn’t even define their country. Yes, Rusev (and should i say FINALLY) Won the United States Championship. But let me talk other key moments first…

While Some Divas (Paige) are relegated to Snapchat promos (possibly to keep them off TV to keep them healthy for the European tour) some other divas have their storylines shed more light on as Natalya guides Tyson Kidd in a match against Sheamus, who was scheduled to face Rusev right after the show in a Slap-in-the-Face Network exclusive this country cant even see. Tyson got an upset win over the Celtic Warrior, even using Natalya as a Human Shield at some point, but Justice was served up as the Babyface Divas Arguably Villainous Husband took a brogue kick seconds into a celebration.

After a mishap caused many divas, AJ Included, to miss out on some luggage, caused fans to wonder whether the divas had viable ring gear in order to compete, it appears a divas match is set. Emma, who has yet to be properly inserted into the title picture, faces Nikki Bella, who ushered her sister out of a backstage interview with Renee to come to her match with her. The Bell rings, and Emma and Nikki begin with a lock up, and Nikki takes control early, sending Emma onto the mat. Nikki whips Emma and clotheslines her.

Nikki Hits a Spinebuster on Emma and tries to cover her, resulting in a near fall on the Aussie Diva. Nikki, giving AJ a glance while she sits at commentary, drops Emma to the mat after scooping her up for another cover, and the same result. Emma breaks out of a submission hold from Nikki, and she starts hitting clotheslines, and follows with a running crossbody. Nikki reverses the whip from Emma, and as she charges, Emma heads to the outside to lock in the DilEMMA as expected. Emma has her possible running crossbody to the corner countered, and Nikki wastes no time, raising her fellow diva onto her shoulders. She hits her Finishing Rack Attack to finish Emma off and pins her to win the match.

Nikki demands Brie into the ring for the post match celebrations, and whispers something to her. Obviously its some plot to get into the head of the observant champ, as Brie heads over to “greet” AJ with a smack in the face by force. AJ shoves her away, and gives chase, but Nikki has already escaped a possible fight with the champ, as she stares from the ramp.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon engages in her first segment with Lana after spending some time looking out for new members for the Team Authority Team at Survivor Series. Upon watching Ryder being squashed by Rusev, Stephanie has Lana persuaded that Rusev should be on their team at Survivor Series. Lana says she must speak with the Russian President before accepting Rusev into the Authority’s latter and they shake hands. Speaking of Lana, the Manager to Rusev will be present as he faces Sheamus straight after the RAW Airing in a WWE Network Exclusive Title Match (which cannot be watched in England).

And Indeed Rusev would win the match up. Forcing Sheamus to tap to his Painful Submission, the Accolade, Lana posed with him upon his title win, with the Russian Flag appropriately appearing in the background to mark the victory. With this said and done, Rusev is now the first Bulgarian Born Champion in WWE History.

(Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya vs Sheamus)

(Emma vs Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella; AJ Lee on Commentary)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Zack Ryder)

(Stephanie McMahon, Lana and Rusev Backstage Segment)

(Sheamus vs Rusev w/ Lana WWE Network Exclusive United States Championship Match)

(Lana and Rusev on RAW Fallout)

Thoughts On:
Nikki vs Emma: I Felt this match was thrown together last minute but thank goodness something actually happened after the match to build the feud between Nikki and AJ further. I Honestly expected Nikki to demand Brie to pull Emmas hair during the DilEMMA spot or maybe pull her off the apron to the floor in order to help her gain the easy win. However, whats going on with Paige and Alicia? Are they Relegated to Main Event or doing No Show because they need to be healthy enough for the European Tour?

Lana/Rusev: I Am All for the US Title Win. Even though Sheamus’s booking as US Champ has been handled somewhat better than Deans, Having a Controversial Figure like Rusev hold the title not only creates heat considering his own gimmick (the Anti USA Bulgarian/Russian) but more spotlight for Rusev and Lana, and some very interesting perceptions on who will step up to the challenge as they try to make the US Title extra relevant on the Title Holders shoulders. Both Lana and Rusev have come so far, performing at a high level despite only being called up months into their NXT Run, and despite the controversy they have built along the way, Fans cant help but be proud of them looking through their fast tracked journey. In All Honesty, i am so intrigued and cant wait to see how WWE Carry the two from here and who will be the one to remove the title from the undefeated brute.

– Catherine


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