TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Wounded Warrior Fights On In Bid to Take Back Title (November, 5th 2014)


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Hello and welcome to this weeks report from most peoples 2nd alternative to the WWE, TNA Impact, and amid some news, IMPACT may only air for the rest of this month before disappearing until it gets an actual new TV deal. I dont want to believe these rumors, but i’ll stick around to see what the deal is. Now to talk the current show before i head to sleep ready for a return to college tomorrow…

Tonight will see Gail Kim avenge her title loss to Havok as the Knockouts Pioneer looks to face up to the destructive new arrival and now champ in a rematch. But before we can see that in action, first we see a segment i thought originally would’ve aired last week, but was obviously proved wrong upon watching last weeks broadcast. Samuel Shaw, 2 weeks after taking out his own Pal Gunner to favor his love interest, Brittany, hits the ring to explain why he turned on the Veteran. Shaw can keep the mic on as long as he wants…

Even Brittany takes the mic to bash Gunner and even Shaws former interest, Christy Hemme, who is both pregnant and retired from in ring competition, thus she cannot hit her in anyway. The two have another odd make out before Gunner storms to the ring, mic in hand, to give his thoughts on the creepy duo. A Fight breaks out, but help from Brittany allows Shaw to hit a Low Blow to his former tag team partner, before making out some more with the Devilish Knockout. The Two leave the ring.

Later into the show, we finally have the Knockouts Match, and Gail, who explained earlier in the show how she was going to come back despite Havoks attempt to sideline her, hits the ring first per tradition in a title bout, but is easily showing effects of a still healing injury. The Defending Champion makes her spooky entrance after, and Gail once again does not want to wait to trade blows with the fellow knockout, charging up the ramp and taking it to Havok with a less exposed shoulder. However, Havok remorselessly boots her to the floor.

Havok keeps the hits up on Gail, even sending her into the ring apron. It looks like she may send Gails injured shoulder into the ring post, but the ref holds off. Gail tries bringing some kicks to Havok, but gets knocked down once more. Havok launches Gail into the ring post, and it looks like it did serious damage, but Gail eventually recovers to take their fight to the ramp. A Forearm shot takes Gail onto the floor again, and Havok throws her body around the ramp. Havok, clung onto Gails hair, drags her up the ramp, but Gail fights back with kicks at the top. Gail charges, and has her big boot blocked. Havok mercilessly chucks Gail off the ramp. Refs gather around Gail as Havok cackles in the near distance at the damage done. Note, the Bell has not yet rung.

After a rather long break, Jeremy Borash does his duty, and after Gail is checked up on, announces to the audience Gail and Havok will not compete for the title. A Fiery Gail snatches the mic from his hands, refusing to stay down. Gail, despite clinging the targeted shoulder, heads to the ring when the bell rings, and Havok targets the exposed shoulder instantly. Havok bumps Gails shoulder against the turnbuckles, before slamming her to the mat. Gail, recovering by the ropes, dodges Havok when she charges and tries rolling her up, but cannot. Havok stomps on the shoulder but misses an elbow drop.

Gail lands a dropkick and splashes Havok in the corner. Gail tries blocking Havok, hanging on the apron, but tumbles to the floor below following the attack. Havok tries to club the back of her head with her hands on the steel steps, but Gail moves away to safety. Gail has a kick from the apron blocked, and Gail ends up swung off Havoks shoulders into the steel steps. Havok just showboats in the ring as the ref starts to count out Gail. Havok gets cocky with the referee, then heads outside, claiming she isnt done yet with Gail. She chucks Gail back into the ring and boots her. Havok preps a Scoop Slam, reversed into Gails Octopus (or mainly known as the Black Widow) hold.

However, it doesnt last, as Havoks power causes Gail to crash to the mat upon Havoks counter. Gail confidently counters both a chokeslam and full nelson, but another counter by Havok takes Gail down once again. Gail dodges one clothesline after the other, hitting some counters, and dodges Havoks splash in the corner. Gail Jumps from up top but Havok catches her. However, Gail falls from Havoks back, shoving her shoulder into the corner turnbuckles.

Gail heads up top once more, and its more offense to Havok. Gail tries to pin Havok, and to no avail. Havok with an early kick out, resulting in a near fall. Gail sets up eat defeat, countered by Havok into the bear hug, followed by her finishing slam. Havok crawls over the defiant knockout, hoping for the finishing pin, but Gail somehow kicks out. Clutching her throat, Havok looks to finish things with her following chokeslam, countered into Eat Defeat. However, Gail is feeling the effects of the match so bad she cant make it to Havok to go for a pin. She eventually summons up enough strength to try to pin Havok, but surprisingly Havok kicks out at 2.

Gail, despite everything thrown at her, manages to climb the top, but Havok catches her throat as she leaps. Havok hits the Harlot Slayer Chokeslam for the final blow, covering Gail, pinning her to retain the Knockouts Championship.

(Samuel Shaw, Brittany and Gunner Build Up Promo)

(Samuel Shaw, Brittany and Gunner Segment)

(Gail Kim vs Havok; Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Sam Shaw/Brittany/Gunner: I Am Loving this storyline (i dont know how many times I’ve said it now). Based on current gimmicks, Shaw and Brittany work really well together, and not only that, but we got to see more mic work from Brittany (and from Shaw because he could talk on the mic all day). Brittany’s involvement with the storyline between Shaw and Gunner is what has me into this feud, even if Shaws face run was short lived. So every week im excited to see what this feud delivers.

Gail vs Havok: PPV QUALITY! I Thought their previous clash was outstanding, but this was their best! Gail as the furious and defiant Knockout looking to take on Havok despite the injury is so engaging, and so is the feud and the match altogether. Both delivered, the spots were brutal, and honestly, as much as i shouldn’t be bringing comparisons into this, i think WWE could have brought AJ and Paige to this level rather than do a switcheroo with Paige’s character. Plus Havoks spoken parts in the match were so thrilling as well, making her look and sound like this Malicious Monster whose intent on wreaking Havoc with no limitations. Now The Question is where does Gail go from here? I Don’t know how long she has left in TNA, but if the injury does happen to be legit, or if she does get injured later on, or if TNA just place her in another role, i would love to see Gail manage Kay Lee Ray if she gets signed to the Knockouts roster, before turning heel on her, resulting in a full blown feud. If not, Gail vs Madison part 3 would be great to see.

– Catherine


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