TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Taryn And Rebel Get Their Hands on Their Fellow Rivals (November, 12th 2014)

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Holla Folks! So On Top of Xplosion this week (which i didn’t find out till last night) we also had the traditional Knockouts showing from the usual Wednesday Night TNA Impact episode, and im slowly counting the days till im sobbing that i wont get to report on this for a while since TNA apparently still dont have their newest TV deal. No More Angelina and Gail Kim…Fingers Crossed they get all this Palava sorted out!

But onto the present day, putting the worries of maybe not seeing the Knockouts Division again to one side, the newest rivalry between Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell took center stage pretty early in the show as the two squared off in a singles effort 2 weeks after Madison turned heel and attacked Taryn, walking out of their tag match against the Knockouts also making an appearance tonight, the Beautiful People.

Unfortunately they aren’t on the ramp re-scouting Madison Rayne tonight as she heads to the ring, as does Taryn. Taryn isn’t even taking time to strike a pose in her entrance and instead stomps down the ramp, and to Rayne, who has already started the attack. Madison, clearly shoving her friendship away already, is attacking the back of Taryn Terrell, not even giving her a few seconds to maintain her composure. Madison takes Taryn to the ropes, but Taryn hits back with a kick as she returns to Madison. Taryn with several forearms, and a dropkick follows up. Taryn is unleashing her anger on Madison as she pounds her head on the mat.

Madison clearly wants herself and Taryn separated, demanding the time out so she can take a break, or rather so she can retreat from the match as she staggers up the ramp after being hit by a diving crossbody from Taryn, leading to Taryn giving chase. Taryn chucks Madison right back into the ring, and it looks like Madison is asking for her mercy, before she tries to boot her. Taryn blocks it. Taryn levels Madison with a clothesline, and has her whip reversed, but manages to knock off Madison when she tries attacking her in the corner.

Taryn starts climbing up top, but Madison sweeps her feet, and Taryn takes a landing on the mat. Madison starts showboating before bringing extra offense to Taryn. Madison hits her shoulder with her knee a few times before trying to pin her, scoring a near fall. Madison doesn’t agree with the officials decision on the 2 count and attempts to pin her again, only leading to another near fall from Madison on Taryn. Madison drags Taryn to the ropes, where she chokes her. She showboats further, then whips Taryn, sending her right into the shoulder tackle. Madison looks to cover again, but Taryn stays fighting in the match a little longer. Madison just enjoys the continuous assault on Taryn, sending her to the mat with a high knee to Taryn’s head. Madison tries pinning her again, but Taryn kicks out.

Madison’s dominance only continues more as she hits Taryn with shoulder tackles against the corner. She showboats, and the time used costs her as she runs to the corner, only for Taryn to block her. Taryn heads up top and nails a diving clothesline on Madison. Both Ladies are out on the mat. When the two get to their feet, they trade punches. Taryn takes over with numerous forearms, and another clothesline sends Madison onto the mat. Taryn keeps up her offense with another clothesline, as well as a kick to Madison followed by a Flip cutter. Taryn is still angry at Madison, and hits her head on the mat rather than going for a pin.

Madison settles by the corner, and blocks Taryn as she charges. Madison, using the ropes for leverage, tries a sneaky pin on Taryn, but Official Earl Hebner has seen her feet on the ropes, denying the pin. Madison is angered with this and gets in an argument, allowing Taryn to hit behind with a kick and suplex. Taryn has gained her needed momentum, and is ready to climb the top once more, only she has Madison coming after her. Taryn manages to seemingly knock her away, and dives from up top, but Madison moves away, causing Taryn to crash to the mat. Madison with a roll up again, even trying to grab her tights, but Taryn kicks out.

Madison argues with Official Earl Hebner again, and Taryn tries to attack from behind, but to no avail. Madison kicks Taryn, and sends her to the mat. Madison looks to end the match with her Voodoo drop set up, but Taryn punches her way out of the position. Madison loosens grip, allowing Taryn to be released. Taryn shoves her to the ropes, and as quick as Madison comes back, she hits an RKO to score the 3 count on Madison. Taryn wins the match.

The Menagerie seemed to have the odds stacked against them rather than for them this week, thrown weirdly into a 4 on 3 Elimination Tag as The BroMans (Jesse and Zema) were Joined by the Beautiful People to face Knux, Crazy Steve and Rebel. The Match starts with Miss Stylish Weave Angelina facing Rebel in what is surely not their first encounter.

The Two Knockouts lock up, and Angelina is in control already with a knee into Rebels midsection. Forearms follow up and Angelina positions Rebel in a side headlock. Rebel punches out, and whips Angelina to the ropes. However, the momentum is knocked back down within moments as Angelina hits Rebel with her shoulder, sending Rebel down onto the mat. Angelina taunts and looks to make her way to Velvet, or maybe to the ropes, but whatever she plans on doing is averted as Rebel trips Angelina to the mat. Rebel hits a snapmare but misses her single split leg drop.

Angelina hits a dropkick, and immediately tries to cover her, but Rebel kicks out. Angelina gets another forearm shot at Rebel, but Rebel comes back by reversing her whip. Again, the momentum is short lived when Angelina blocks her when she charges to her corner. She Yells smack at Steve, who distracts her with a booty slap. Rebel takes advantage by trying to roll up Angelina. Rebel scores the pin on Angelina to eliminate her from the match, thus Team BroMans will be reduced to 3. Rebel leaves as Jesse is brought in the match, leading to Knux entering the ring.

Minutes Later, Velvet and Rebel are taken into the ring. Rebel hits a kick on Velvet, but Velvet comes back, scoring a kick of her own in the midsection. Velvet throws Rebel out of the ring, but not to her knowledge, Rebel is still clinging to the ropes on the apron. Velvet gives Steve some trouble, only to turn and recognize that Rebel is still hanging on. Missing her attack, she gets caught in a roll up from Rebel, but Rebel only scores a near fall. Velvet throws Rebel into the top turnbuckle, and temporarily argues with the Official so Angelina can emerge from behind to spray Rebel in the face, as she does. Velvet sets up and executes the In Yo Face to eliminate Rebel,

Knux tends to Rebel, and Steve sees some concern, and takes a behind attack from Zema. Jesse showboats after dropping Steve to the mat and tags the Legal Knockout, Velvet. Velvet looks to pin Steve straight after giving him some kicks, but Steve kicks out, smooches Velvet then PINS Her! Velvet is Eliminated, leaving 2 for 2. The Match is eventually won by the Menagerie.

Also, the ever so spooky but intriguing storyline between Gunner, Brittany and Samuel Shaw continued this week in the form of a No DQ Match. Brittany looked to raise the Unstable Samuels Anger pre match through claims that Gunner tried flirting with her. Gunner ultimately won the match, even when Brittany tried to cause multiple distractions, including one where she’d try to block a finishing pin to come to Shaws aid.

Plus Taryn Terrell and Gail had a confrontation with TNAs General Manager Kurt Angle about the Chaos that has been caused by the Hands of their Knockouts Champion, Havok, and they wanted to do something about it. Due to missing the airing, im not sure if this was prior to or following Taryn’s Match, but Angle granted Gail and Taryn a Knockouts Title Opportunity against Havok next week.

(Taryn Terrell vs Madison Rayne)

(The Menagerie vs The BroMans and The Beautiful People; 4 on 3 Mixed Elimination Tag Team Match)

(Gunner vs Samuel Shaw w/ Brittany)

(Gail Kim And Taryn Terrell Backstage)

Thoughts On:
Taryn vs Madison: A Great Match and even though i still disagree over the timing of Madison’s Heel Turn, this match showed exactly why i missed Madison’s Heel Persona. Plus it helps give Taryn more TV Time and development and a feud to be featured in. There was a lot more fierceness from Taryn in this match, and the two brought the storyline animosity into the match, which (as much as i again shouldn’t compare) should’ve been the case for Brie and Nikki Bella at Hell in a Cell as well.

Mixed Tag: I Can Understand why the 3 on 4 match was made, due to Robbie E no longer being able to appear while the Amazing Race (which he is featured on) is airing (hence the same with Brooke). Rebel is impressing each time she gets into the ring, developing her in ring ability, and in terms of who she works against, Angelina is a much better choice over Velvet (as much as i like Velvet). Another thing about this match is that some, if not all, of TNAs most underrated talent are getting showcased through this feud. I’ve said this thousands of times, but i cannot wait for Knux and Rebel to feud with Steve and/or The Freak as a Heel Power Couple.

– Catherine


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