WWE SURVIVOR SERIES RESULTS: AJ is Delivered a Stinging Finishing Kiss In a Triumphant Night For Total Divas (November, 23rd 2014)


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So Last Night was a Heck of a Night for a Number of Reasons. If anyone caught the pre show (which luckily doesn’t feature Hornswoggle dancing) a Certain Diva now has herself placed alongside the returning Fandango. Rosa Mendes (for reasons not yet explained) is now Valeting the Returning Superstar and former flame of Summer Rae, which is pretty much welcoming considering she was a Good Valet alongside Primo and Epico who are now going under the Guise of “Los Matadores”. Plus Two Divas Matches, One that Surely had Somewhat of a Controversial end. Anyway, lets talk this through in chronological order.

So Yes the Start of the Diva appearances are in the Pre Show like previously mentioned. Fandango makes his return, which im so glad for because i didn’t want him ending up with the pink slip like Khali, and his new lady Rosa is already in the ring to perform some sort of dance as Fandango, who has a new theme, darts to the ring. The Two perform a sultry dance routine, before Fandango turns his concentration to his awaiting opponent, Justin Gabriel. Fandango wins the match, and leaves Rosa captivated as she hits the ring for another dance.

Now Onto the Actual Show, which Opens with an appearance from the Authority, Joined by Vince McMahon, who seems to not take into agreement everything Stephanie McMahon is saying, as a matter of fact he wants to raise the stakes further with the Main Event when he announces that if the Authority’s Team lose, Only Cena will be able to bring them back into power.

The Divas Elimination Match is early in the card, and with all divas having entrances, Natalya, Naomi, Alicia and Emma face the team of Paige, Summer Rae, Layla and Cameron. Alicia seems to want Paige to clash with her early on, but Natalya takes the reigns in beginning the match. Viewing from ringside is Tyson Kidd. Natalya and Paige kick off the match.

Natalya easily sends Paige to the mat, only to be caught in a counter. Natalya uses her athleticism to find her way out, but takes some more hits from Paige. Paige’s attempt to take Natalya to the mat leads to a counter by Natalya this time around. Natalya hits with knees to Paige as she ends up closer to the ropes, and a German suplex leads to Paige leaving the ring. However, Natalya doesn’t wait for Paige to recover or for her to get back in the ring, and slides to the apron with a dropkick. Natalya clutches Paige’s hair in her hands and throws her back into the ring. Paige yells at the Ref to force Natalya’s release as she grips her on the ropes.

Natalya ends up on the end of a clothesline by Paige. Paige tags Layla, who misses a leg drop on Natalya as she hits the ring. Natalya rolls over to her corner, and tags Emma. Emma hits a Flip Cutter from behind, and tries covering Layla, but gets a near fall. Emma tries further to find a way to end the match with a roll up to Layla, but Layla kicks out once again. A Small Package Pin also ends in the same result on Layla. Taking the Leg of Emma, Layla tries to cover now, but its also a near fall.

Layla kicks Emma, misses a second but nails a third. Layla with a Cover again on Emma, who refuses to leave the match. Layla takes Emma close to the Heel Corner, where Paige gets tagged. Layla smacks Emma’s head against the mat before exiting, leaving Paige to carry out all the rest. Paige further dominates Emma, while reminding the crowd that this “Is Her House”. Paige lunges at Emma’s back then hangs her on the ropes. She Chokes her with her knee then Layla gets a small cheapshot. With Emma more weakened, Paige heads to the apron and performs her knee shots on Emma. Emma tries knocking Paige onto the floor, but Paige hangs on. Emma tries sending Paige face first into the turnbuckles, but it gets blocked.

Paige begins climbing the turnbuckles, and Emma and Paige battle while hanging on the turnbuckles. Emma powers through with a Strong Suplex on Paige. Both Emma and Paige are down due to the Suplex, and Paige gets the tag to Cameron, who attacks Emma before she can even reach for a partner. Cameron is feisty as she smacks her back, and talks smack. Cameron throws Emma to the ropes, and has her positioned so she can snap her head against them. Cameron taunts Emma and sends her head onto the mat. Cameron continues to overthrow Emma, nailing a suplex and single split leg drop. Cameron with a cocky pin, but it doesn’t land her a pinfall victory.

Emma powers out of a submission and reverses a following attack into the backslide. However, Cameron easily rolls through, but cannot hit the clothesline on Emma. Emma manages to tag in Cameron’s Old Tag Partner, Naomi, who easily creates distance between Cameron and herself as she enters the ring. Naomi takes herself up top instead, and hits the flying crossbody for a near fall. Naomi sends the rest of the heels crashing to the floor, before turning her attention back to Cameron. Cameron reverses a whip, and kicks Naomi.

Naomi hits a stunner upon a reversal from Cameron’s whip, but as it looks like she might have Cameron eliminated, Layla charges into the ring to save Cameron and to break the pin. The Divas Start taking on each other and throwing each other out of the ring, soon leaving it clear for Naomi and Cameron. Cameron first takes Natalya out of the ring with a running bulldog, but Naomi comes running, sliding into a roll up which Pins Cameron. Cameron is the Very first Diva to be Eliminated.

Naomi calls in One of the Heels, and Summer responds. Summer starts charging at Naomi, who blocks her. Naomi snap-mares her then goes for a dropkick, but misses it, but gets some revenge as she kicks Summer in the head. Naomi looks to pin Summer, but she kicks out. Summer comes back with a counter on Naomi and starts kicking her. Its Now Summer looking to cover Naomi, but Naomi stays in the match. Summer begins to target Naomi’s arm as she lands a knee drop, but misses the following splash, giving Naomi time to reach her partners. Naomi makes a tag to Nattie, who has quite the history with Summer.

Summer doesn’t even want Natalya in that ring, as she throws her from the apron and to the floor below, taking out the remainder of her team as well. Summer takes herself outside, and throws Natalya back in, but an annoyed Alicia Fox pits herself against Summer, having tagged herself in. Alicia continuously attacks Summer, hitting a furious flurry of dropkicks. Alicia launches Summer into Layla, then drags Layla into the ring, also taking Paige out. Alicia hits a running crossbody on both Summer and Paige. Alicia takes herself up top, but doesn’t go for a diving crossbody like expected, but rather yells Chicken at them.

Paige, Layla and Summer slowly make their way back into the apron, and Summer slowly enters the ring, but finds herself scared by Alicia. She forces Layla into a tag and retreats. Layla and Alicia lock up, then Layla taunts. Alicia takes Layla down, and this leaves Paige furious. Alicia suplexes Layla for a near fall. Alicia ends up fighting back from Layla’s crossbody, and a strong backbreaker nailed to Layla sees Layla taking the second spot in the Eliminations as Paige’s team narrows down to herself and Summer.

Paige attacks Alicia immediately, and batters her with some headbutts in the corner, also making the tag to Summer. Summer charges at Alicia, who scoops her up and drives her into the Face Divas corner. Alicia tags Nattie and the two overwhelm Summer with a double leg sweep. Nattie hits a clothesline then comes for Paige, who distracts her for Summer to attack. However, Summers head ends up hitting the turnbuckles, and Natalya takes Summer onto the mat with a snap-mare, followed by a low dropkick. Natalya continues to work over Summer, but is taken to the ropes, allowing Paige to kick from behind. Summer tags Paige back in, who immediately ends up set up for the Sharpshooter. Summer runs in to the aid of Paige, then darts back to the apron to allow Paige to carry out the rest.

Paige gets some punches, then sends Natalya onto the apron, tagging Summer, who mimics as she hits Paige’s knee shots on Natalya as she executes some perfect teamwork. Summer tries doing Paige’s scream, but Natalya knocks her onto the floor. Paige glares at a Knocked out Summer, then throws her back into the ring to be fed to a Now Tagged Emma, who takes Summer down with a couple of clotheslines. Summer reverses a whip from Emma but ends up hitting the corner again. Emma locks the DilEMMA on Summer for a few moments, before heading back to the ring, where she takes out Paige before hitting Summer with the running crossbody. Emma yanks Summer from the corner then locks in her signature Muta Lock, forcing Summer into Submission. Summer is Eliminated, and this leaves Paige to deal with the remaining team on her own.

Paige is looking mad and terrified as she sees herself facing her NXT ArRIVAL Opponent. Paige tries to leave the arena as she heads up the ramp, but Emma gives chase. Emma sends Paige into the ring, and ends up on the end of a nasty kick upon returning to the ring. Paige continues to yell “This is My House” to which Alicia responds “It is Not!”. Paige throws Emma to the corner, where she stomps down on her. Emma summons up some strength, with Paige’s foot clenched in her hands. Paige ends up colliding with the mat as Emma heads over to tag Natalya in.

Natalya is KO’ed by the Kick from Paige, but Natalya seems to recover as she suplexes Paige. Natalya tags Naomi before Paige can grab her. Naomi attempts the springboard moonsault, and Paige’s knees connect. Alicia yells for Naomi, and Paige tries clobbering her from the apron, but takes a hit from Alicia instead. The Moment Paige turns around, she is hit by Naomi’s Rear View Finisher. Another Finishing head-scissor move leads to Naomi eliminating Paige, thus Team Fox win the match, even though Tyson absorbs much of the celebration as if he won something himself.

Now onto the Divas Title match, which had both a shocking time limit and conclusion. Both Nikki and Brie head to the ring first, as Nikki makes everyone aware of her presence before this Divas Championship Match. Out Next is Reigning Champ AJ, who has to give a last kiss to the Championship as Lilian Garcia introduces Champion and Challenger. Before any offense can be brought in, AJ turns to see Brie stood on the apron, clenching the Divas title. She walks over, wondering what the heck is going on, then Brie KISSES her. Nikki attacks with the forearm smash, then hits the Rack Attack moments later on AJ. Nikki Covers and Pins the Defending Champ and becomes the New Divas Champion, with Brie willing to come into the ring and happily celebrate her moment.

In the Main Event, which was about an hour, hence the cut down of the title match for the divas, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H went into meltdown after a Surprise Appearance by Sting helped Soul Survivor Dolph Ziggler stand tall for Team Cena. Team Cena overcame the Authority, even with a blasted heel turn from the Big Show, and Stephanie and Triple H went into total shock as they realized their jobs were no longer in existence.

(Fandango w/ Rosa Mendes vs Justin Gabriel)

(Naomi, Natalya, Emma and Alicia Fox vs Cameron, Paige, Layla and Summer Rae)

(Nikki Bella w/ Brie Bella vs AJ Lee; Divas Championship Match)

(Nikki Bella Discusses Winning the Divas Championship)

Thoughts On:
Rosa/Fandango: I’m Not sure if this pairing can out-do Fandango and Summer, but im already loving Rosa and Fandangos new Gimmicks. Already knowing what Rosa is capable of as a manager, im looking forward to seeing where the two go and how long they’ll be going for. A Feud with Nattie and Tyson down the line would be worth waiting for as well, even though it would be a little complicated with Tyson being the heel unless he costs Natalya all or most matches in the possible feud.

Divas Tag: A Absolute Improvement from last years rushed match and the crowd were behind quite a few divas, most importantly Paige and Emma. The Standouts in this match physically speaking were Alicia, Emma, Paige and Summer, as i thought the Paige/Emma spots, including Emma calling Paige to the ring and dragging her to the ring from the ramp was fab! Also loving the teamwork between Summer and Paige, who, in all honesty, would flourish as a team, heck even a stable! The teases on twitter, along with Summer forcing Layla to take her place against Alicia, have me thinking Paige should/will align with Summer very soon as one can only hope considering their chemistry in NXT.

Divas Title Match: I Think the shortness of the match not only was to mimic the Daniel Bryan/Sheamus Wrestlemania match that AJ cost Bryan in, but to create a feeling of complete shock in the time given for fans to absorb everything that happened. On the other hand, it can come across as controversial too, since AJ has had so many good matches in her current run, only to be quashed within seconds by someone who “apparently” doesn’t get on with her in the business. (I Have No Idea if these Rumors are True) A Few months back, i would’ve not agreed if the title win had happened back then, but as of right now, im more agreeable with it because a Fresh Champion is needed, and it gives relief to those who are hoping for Summer and Naomi to get a title run despite being Total Divas. I Like AJ, and i dont know where she goes from after TLC, but believe it or not, Nikki has made immense progress within the ring upon returning to the company, and as of right now, deserves a title run that isn’t going to go to waste. As for Brie, tonights RAW will help me decide whether shes back as a heel or not, if not, have her feud with Nikki over the title, with the addition of AJ, or if so, AJ/Tamina vs the Bellas at TLC and/or hopefully the return of the Mean Girls aka the Bella’s and Eva (since Eva doesn’t have a role on television right now). BUT I’m Really excited for Nikki’s run and to see who could feud with her and even take the title from her.

Main Event Finish: I Was Team Authority last night, but despite fuming through half the match, WWEs Booking made me see otherwise. Rusev was smartly eliminated through no way of pinfall or submission, therefore didn’t affect his status. I Was Gutted Ziggler didn’t turn heel, but seeing him being the soul survivor of Team Cena over someone who has been there longer than him is like a Wrestling Fans proud moment. I Was worried bringing Sting into the Fray would take the spotlight from a deserving talent, but WWE (Thank Goodness) did otherwise and had Sting remarkably see to it that Ziggler was put over. I Was Sold over the Authority’s reactions when it sunk in that they lost power, and how well it was acted out by HHH and Steph, and how the crowd reacted. I’m Actually going to miss them on TV as they are both favorites of mine and im excited to see how or who brings them back, because surely the stipulation that means Cena can only bring them back has to be broken through some abuse of power right? Like if the Wyatts still existed and they began an invasion on the entire roster, and Cena had to bring back HHH in order to overcome them only to be screwed? Nonetheless, Great Ending!

– Catherine


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