TNA KNOCKOUTS KNOCKDOWN RESULTS: Hopeful & Current Knockouts Put On A Show for Crowning Glory! (November, 12th 2014)

angelina love 462

At Last I Present to you this years Knockouts Knockdown Write Up, And Yes its a Few Weeks Late, but waiting for the entire PPV to appear on Video Sharing Sites, and also making time for long winded write ups becomes a factor. So, Here in the UK, it exclusively premiered here on Challenge, this time with a (almost) different set of Aspiring Knockouts, almost because one of them is now officially on the roster, and these aspiring knockouts will be presented to you in the opener featuring the Hilarious Guest Hosts turned ultimate rivals Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter the 3rd.

The Two open the show with a promo, which would make you think that it isnt a Knockouts Pay Per View, Maybe Christy Hemme should host it with So Cal Val next year? After all the ratting about, they eventually call down this years leading set of ladies looking to make something of a mark by trying to battle it out for the Queen of the Knockouts crown, currently in the Hands of last years winner Gail Kim. Out first is Deonna Purrazzo, followed by Someone Ethan heavily recognises from the days of NXT, Maxine, introduced here as Karlee Perez. Out after her is Havok, because this was of course done before she got signed to the company. Following her is Mia Yim, returning for a second shot. Following behind is a Lady who recently appeared at FWE, Veda Scott. Shes followed by Matt Hardys dear wife, Reby Sky. After, its Scarlett Bourdeaux, who seems to have developed herself a Gimmick of a Younger ODB. Finally out is Marti Belle, who looks to make her mark on Rockstar Spud….his Lips at least.

Ethan has decided to let Spud introduce the ladies one by one. Deonna is first to introduce herself, declaring she is from New Jersey, and of course Spud decides to obnoxiously say he has no idea where that is due to where hes from, but Deonna just smiles and shrugs it off kindly. Ethan jokes about with Deonna before Spud has Karlee step forward. Karlee is getting some reaction from the crowd already, and as Spud wishes for some decorum, Ethan decides to take the reigns of talking to his former on screen girlfriend. He asks whether they have met before, because they of course have, then Karlee introduces herself after giving a sweet smile to Ethan. Ethan appears to have a Pad in Tampa where she introduces herself as coming from, and Karlee doesnt hesitate to wonder whether that is a direct invite. Ethan insists, then Karlee tells him after he gloats about the position of power hes in, that the only position she likes to be in is on top, and i’ll let you guys decide what exactly she is referring to there.

Spud goes over to Havok but she doesnt utter a word as the two glare at one another, before Spud recognizes her as Jessicka Havok. Ethan hilariously says hes glad shes there, because hes sure Spud wants her to be taken home to his mothers place, and hilariously avoids all contact when Havok turns to face him. Leaving Havok to stare out the crowd, Spud is now bringing Mia center stage. Chants break out for Mia as she introduces herself. The Bubbly Veda Scott then takes the stage, announcing herself as from Rhode Island. Ethan then has a short 1 question Q&A with Veda, wondering whether shes a cat or dog person, to which she obviously answers Cats. Loud Chants break out for the next lady to introduce herself, Mrs Hardy aka Reby. Reby announces herself from Queens, New York and Spud says theres Only One Queen in TNA, allowing Reby to give a hilarious exchange, asking him if its him. B-B-B-BURRRRRNNNNNN.

Spud, who is displeased with the comeback by Reby, pulls over Scarlett to introduce herself. Scarlett announces herself as from Chi Town, and Spud mispronounces, leading to Scarlett stroking his face, before telling him that the only thing that matters is that when she wins, shes buying everybody in the audience a shot. Hope she has enough for 3000+ People. A Shots Chant breaks out no thanks to Ethan, and Havok is not impressed. Spud rips at the crowd yet again before leading a Heel Marti Belle to the center. After Marti announces herself as from Washington, she calls Spud a Poppy, leading to some flirtatious interaction.

When thats finally done with, Spud sends himself back to Deonna at the Start of the Que, and begins to reveal Opponents for each of these hopefuls. Deonna has a big chance up ahead as shes facing a Returning Brooke. Brooke emerges on the stage before Spud trundles over to Karlee to announce shes facing Taryn, and the now Knockouts Champ emerges on the stage then heads to join real life bestie Brooke. Spud, despite being frightened, calls over Havok and introduces her opponent as someone shes no stranger to, Madison Rayne. Madison gives a cheeky wave to Havok before walking over to Taryn, who she wouldn’t be standing next to had this been timed with her current storyline feud.

Mia is announced to face Brittany, who faced Brooke on last years show. Brittany now emerges on the stage, attaining her face persona as she stares down Mia. Its now Vedas turn to hear out who she has to collide with, and shes got the toughest challenge right now, facing the Knockouts Veteran, Gail Kim. Its Now Rebys turn after a smiley Gail emerges, and shes facing Velvet Sky of the Beautiful People. Scarlett also sees herself facing Velvets Buddy in Crime, Angelina Love, who of course has to be on the opposite side of the stage for Brookes sake. Spud has to finally drop news on who his crush, Belle, will be facing, even though the crowd just happen to give it away within moments. And they are right, as Out comes Now Former Knockout, ODB, and only i can notice Gail laughing in the Background. With all those announcements made, the Line Up is made for the entire Pay Per View and Gails to kick off the show.

gail kim 973

(Match #1: Gail Kim vs Veda Scott)

After a recap is shown of last years finale battle royal that saw Gail Kim take the crown that was presented to her by Once Loyal BFF Madison Rayne, it is now time to witness the Opener between Veda Scott and Gail Kim. Veda is offered a handshake from the Veteran to start off this match, but Veda doesnt appear to be the Nice “Girl Next Door” she appeared to be as she pulls a Madison Rayne, suckering Gail into a cheapshot. Veda goes crazy, unleashing the forearm shots alongside hitting Gails head against the mat numerous times as she takes everybody by surprise, adopting a new heel persona.

As Soon as Veda turns, she sees a seething Gail Kim, who kicks at her and gives her a few forearms of her own. Veda manages to reverse Gails whip, only does this lead to Gail floating over rather than take a splash from Veda. Gail hits the dropkick before nailing a clothesline to Veda while she backs against the corner. Veda moves out of the corner when Gail charges at her, but Gail maintains balance on the turnbuckles. She leaps onto Veda, and gets the first pin attempt, but Veda kicks out, resulting in a near fall.

Its Now Veda sending punches Gails way. Veda takes to the ropes and collapses to the floor on the outside when Gail sends her out. Gail rallies the crowd, and as she looks to follow her outside, Veda storms around the ring, possibly looking for a time out. Veda constantly calls for time out and Gail has had enough. Veda races to the other side as Gail tries making her way out. Grasping Veda by her hair, she pulls her back into the ring, or at least attempts to, as Veda snaps Gails head against the ring ropes. Veda climbs to the ring and picks up more leverage as she takes out Gail with a flying bulldog. Veda scrambles into the cover, but only gets a 2 on Gail.

A Mad Veda Whips Gail into another corner, and her splash attempt is derailed when Gail avoids it, also getting Veda in a roll up for a near fall. Gail tries for the Small Package pin as well, but Veda is still in the match. Gail hits a forearm on Veda, but momentum shifts as Veda chucks Gail to the mat backwards. Veda climbs the turnbuckles, and carries the assault further with a diving clothesline for another near fall. Veda tries wearing out Gail with the Side headlock locked in. Gail fights out, but the offense is not enough, as Gail is tossed to the mat once more.

Veda just smirks as she continues to dominate over Gail, from using a submission to choking her with her boot. Again, Gail attempts fighting back, but the shots by Veda wear her down again. Veda sends Gail face first to the mat, Veda hits a Massive Suplex, and moments later, goes into the figure four leglock, wrapping it around Gails right arm. Gail counters into a single leg crab submission. Veda kicks Gail back to throw her out and release the single leg crab. Veda nails some forearms then sends Gail back to the corner, where she splashes her. She piefaces her then rams her into the opposite corner. She heads up top and dives, but Gail counters with a kick, and both ladies are down.

Gail hits forearms on Veda, followed with a flying clothesline as she tries to gain back the momentum. She whips Veda into the corner and splashes her. Gail takes herself up top, and continues the assault more as she hits Veda with the missile dropkick. Gail climbs over to the Knocked Out Veda to go for a cover, and again its a near fall from Gail on Veda. Gail goes quickly into the armbar and executes the eat defeat. Gail with another cover, and she wins the match, qualifying for the main event gauntlet.

angelina love 463

(Match #2: Angelina Love w/ Velvet Sky vs Scarlett Bourdeaux)

After an immense video package highlights the Bad Girls of TNA, The Beautiful People, the match to follow up on the Card is Scarlett Bourdeaux vs Angelina Love, who surely has her BFF, Velvet Sky in her corner. Prior to this match, Angelina tricks Scarlett into thinking she’d make a nice addition to the Beautiful People due to their similar attire, before attacking her from behind. Angelina viciously kicks about the surprised Scarlett, before taunting her again with the use of the mic. She continues kicking her around further, also slamming her face against the mat. Angelina taunts as Scarlett remains down on the mat.

Angelina attacks Scarlett more then takes her to the ropes, where she uses her foot to choke her. Angelina follows up her assault with the sidewalk slam. Dragging Scarlett as far as she can from the ropes, she goes to cover her, but Scarlett kicks out. Angelina doesnt seem as mad over this result as Velvet does at ringside, but might be when Scarlett starts sending forearms Angelinas way. Scarlett attempts to make some sort of a comeback as she whips Angelina, but Angelina gains a total measure of revenge as she knocks down Scarlett. Angelina taunts the crowd and the ref before turning the attention back to Scarlett.

Angelina applies one submission, then tries going for her throat but the ref sees this. Angelina gives Velvet a quick high five then it looks like she might be setting up a suplex, only for Scarlett to counter into a small package pin. However, this results in a near fall as Angelina kicks out. Angelina fires back with a clothesline straight after being released from the pin attempt, and throws her to the outside. Velvet gets some kicks in and throws Scarlett back in, even though its not known if the ref saw that. Angelina goes straight into the cover, but Scarlett kicks out again, despite the savage beating she has taken. Scarlett starts her comeback with forearms, and she takes a shot at Angelinas jaw. Scarlett fires up as she sends Angelina to the mat, and she hits clotheslines. Scarlett hits the codebreaker, which Angelina sells the heck out of.

Scarlett now has to try get to her knees and try covering Angelina. Scarlett has managed to climb over to Angelinas body to try to pin her, but Angelina has kicked out and scored enough time for recovery. Velvet heads to the apron, screaming at Scarlett, who charges at her. Scarlett has taken her eyes off Angelina, who is ready to come back with another attack as she positions behind. Scarlett turns, and within moments she is met by a Botox Injection. Angelinas Signature has hit, and Angelina covers Scarlett for the 3 count, and is now joining Gail in the Gauntlet.

madison vs havok ko k

(Match #3: Madison Rayne vs Havok)

Following up from a former team mates match, former Beautiful People member, Madison Rayne takes on a Woman she knows all too well from both her Indy days and her recent TNA clashes, the Extremely Destructive Now Knockout, Jessicka Havok. The Two go at it following promos that hype both ladies. Madison and Havok lock up as the bell rings, and Madison struggles against Havoks strength. She Slaps Rayne in the face, and Madison springs into another lock up, a little angry from that slap from Havok. The two try and hold themselves together until Havok throws Madison back.

Madison may have realized shes at a disadvantage but goes back into another lock up anyway. This leads to Havok sending her into the corner but Madison smartly uses her feet for grip. Havok swings Madison from the turnbuckles to the other side of the ring. Havok misses a clothesline when Madison ducks, and Madison throws some forearms at Havok. It does little to ground her and when Madison hits the ropes, Havoks power causes Madison to tumble to the mat. Havok charges as Madison struggles to get on her feet while hanging near the ropes. Madison takes the ropes and pulls at them, causing Havok to fall to the outside floor. Madison dives from the apron, caught in the arms of Havok. Madison squirms as she tries to force Havoks grip loose, but is launched into the ring apron.

Havok just laughs at the carnage being caused, and launches a defenseless Rayne into the steel steps. Madison may be bruised, and this doesnt even stop Havok, who holds Madisons hair in her hands and tosses her into the ring. Havok stomps on the back of Madisons neck, and kicks her before choking her against the ropes with her large knee. Havok goes straight into another as she doesnt let up the assault. Madison gets some punches on Havok as she tries to find some way to fight back. She manages to get to her feet, but Havok sends her down once again.

Havok now embraces Madison….with a bear hug. Madison tries to keep her strength as she tries not to wear out through the bear hug, and shes sent to the mat. Havok now has her full nelson submission applied to Madison Rayne, as she did in her Knockouts title defense. Madison attempts to counter but Havok is too strong, lifting her off the mat and having her submission applied again. Havok has Madison wedged onto her back and clubs her to the mat. Madison slowly takes herself to the corner, only for Havok to pace about the ring, watching her edge closer into that corner so she can do her attack again.

Havok is using her foot to choke Madison against the turnbuckles. Havok continues her offense in the corner, with Madison looking nearly out of it. Havok tries booting her in the corner for the 3rd time, but Madison musters some energy to get herself out, and Havok has missed. Madison nails a couple of forearms, followed up by clotheslines and also a dropkick, but this doesnt even cause Havok to fall to the mat, only half slouched. Madison aims for Havoks gut, then finally knocks her down. Havok falls to the outside floor. As Havok springs around ringside, bruised from Madisons attacks, Madison is heading up top. She has seen Havok, and comes crashing on top of her with a diving crossbody.

Madison is the first to get back in the ring, with Havok following her slowly in moments later. Madison readies herself in the corner, and when Havok turns, Madison starts charging at her…right into the big boot. Havok cackles, pounding Madison in the corner, and it soon leads to Madison and Havok both positioning themselves on the turnbuckles. Havok takes a tumble, and Madison executes a perfectly timed spear from the second turnbuckle. Madison pins Havok and grabs the win, and is now going to join Gail and Angelina in the Gauntlet as shes the 3rd Knockout to Qualify.

velvet 346

(Match #4: Reby Sky vs Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love)

Next Up is a Match that Oddly didnt follow up Angelinas match. Velvet re-emerges after watching her Bestie Angelinas match to take on the Wife of TNA Superstar Matt Hardy, Reby, who is more than prepped for the match and already over with the crowd. It seems Velvet and Reby are going to start off with the usual lock up, but Velvet needs to make sure she looks in great shape for this match first, and scuttles over to Angelina, who has to check up on her, something the opponent cannot tolerate for sure.

Afterwards, Velvet takes the attention to the match, and is already being catty to Reby. She taunts, and as they try locking up, Velvet has Reby caught in a waistlock. Velvet takes down Reby and smothers her face against the mat in typical heel fashion. The Two get into a tie up after Velvet gives Reby a cheeky slap on her butt, and Vel nails forearms to Reby. Reby hits back with the clothesline to Velvet, and follows with one more before she takes Velvet into the corner. Reby splashes Velvet then moves out of the way as Velvet charges. Now Reby tries to get catty with Velvet, and the ref must come in between them. Reby gets a little payback when she slaps Velvets butt. Velvet retreats outside, with Angelina seeing to it that shes Okay. Reby is done with their mutual friendship and dives under the last rope above the apron, dropkicking both Beautiful People members.

With Angelina out of her way, Reby throws Velvet back into the ring. Reby nails more offense from diving up top and has the pleasure of getting the first pin attempt, but Velvet kicks out. Reby takes to the ropes, but Angelina is clearly displeased at Rebys earlier dropkick, and gets revenge as she trips Reby when she gets closer to the ropes, and the ref doesnt see it. Velvet now goes back on the attack. Velvet continues to have control as she hits the running clothesline on Reby in the corner. Velvet hits a number of shoulder tackles.

Velvet throws Reby back into the corner, where she chokes her. Velvet drops her out of the corner, then tries covering her, only scoring a near fall. Its Reby now aiming forearms at Velvet, and she whips her. Reby takes a first kick but avoids the more that follow. Unfortunately, not all as Velvet manages to take back control, sending Reby and her face to the mat. Velvet gets one more cover on Reby, but its also a near fall. Velvet whips Reby, but misses the splash attempt.

The Two trade punches and kicks, with Velvet ending up grasping Rebys foot. Reby pleads with Velvet but ends up taken to the mat. Velvet hits Reby in the face, which leaves her laid out in the ring. Velvet gets into a cover again, but Reby still stays fighting in the match. Reby and Velvet both end up down on the mat when Reby takes Velvet out with a clothesline. Velvet is clambering about the ring like she has a tag partner to reach to, and its another trade of blows as Reby and Velvet manage to get on their feet. Reby gets the upper hand with the forearms, and whips Velvet into the corner. Reby hits a spin kick in the corner, followed by a DDT and 2 kicks, as well as an elbow drop. Reby may have the cover to end things there, but Angelina has took to the apron to speak with the ref. Reby wonders what the hell is going on, and Velvet sneaks a roll up, but Reby kicks out.

Reby is caught in the waistlock, and Velvet inches over to Angelina, who has a hairspray can in hand. However Reby ducks and the hairspray goes into the eyes of Velvet, to Angelinas total shock. It has Velvet blinded, and Reby goes in for the roll up and pins Velvet, making her the first Aspiring Knockout to advance to the later gauntlet.

taryn 305

(Match #5: Taryn Terrell vs Karlee Perez)

Following a Vid Package that highlights the extensive journey the New Knockouts Champ Taryn Terrell made from being a simple referee to competitive knockout, Out comes former WWE Diva Karlee Perez to make herself heard as she faces another woman who knows what its like coming out of WWE developmental, Taryn. Karlee cuts a pre match promo, insulting Taryn, and ends up being smacked across the face. Karlee does not take kindly, and attacks when the bell rings.

Thanks to the onslaught, Karlee happens to already be in control of this match as she places Taryn on the ropes, snapping her against them. Karlee follows with the Snapmare, as well as a few knee shots against the back of Taryn Terrell. Karlee viciously applies her chinlock, and Taryn elbows out, and forearms Karlee. Karlee tries to come back, whipping Taryn, and ends up getting kicked. Taryn charges, but Karlee trips her, causing Taryn to land on the ropes. Karlee pulls her away, and she goes for a cover, the first in this match, but can only get a near fall so far.

Karlee now goes into a submission hold, and Taryn eventually battles out, kneeing Karlee in the Jaw and catching the Lucha Underground Star in a roll up. Taryn gets a near fall on Karlee. Karlee fires back within moments, booting Taryn in the head. Karlee with a cover, but again, she gets a near fall. Karlee battles Taryn on the turnbuckles, but eventually falls onto the mat as Taryn creates a bit of space. Karlee charges, but misses Taryn, who fleas out of the corner. Taryn gets a few snapmares on Karlee. Taryn follows with a Flip Cutter, and the clothesline after, then takes herself to the turnbuckles. Taryn comes crashing onto Karlee with a Diving Crossbody, and for another near fall.

Karlee comes back, locking in the Octopus on Taryn, which many will know as AJ Lees Submission. Taryn has to lead Karlee into the corner to release her grip and bashes her against the corner a few times until she does. Karlee reverses a whip by Taryn, but ends up on the end of Taryns boot. Karlee springs back quickly, and right into Taryns finishing RKO. Taryn covers Karlee and is the winner, thus will be the 5th Wrestler making it into the Gauntlet.

mia vs brit

(Match #6: Brittany vs Mia Yim)

Next Mia Yim makes another appearance within the TNA ring, this time against one of the competitors from last years special that went on to get a TNA Contract, the recent interest of Samuel Shaw, Brittany.

A Battle of strength from a lock up starts the match, and Brittany reverts to a Waistlock on Yim, who wastes little time trying to fight back, only to get caught in the armbar reversal. Both cartwheel out of armbars, and Mia has to get to the ropes just to stop Brittany getting control. Brittany whips Mia, who may astonish her as she hangs about on the ropes, rather than run back from hitting the ropes. Brittany ends up charging at Yim, and collapsing to the floor.

Mia tries to hit a high knee from the apron, but Brit chucks her onto the floor. Brittany gets the crowds backing, but doesnt wait for Yim to climb back in the ring. She dives onto her, and Mia clutches her, causing the two to tumble to the floor. Brittany throws her back in the ring, and goes for the cover almost instantly, but so far, its a near fall that she can get on Mia. Brittany quickly comes back with the snapmare, and a high knee causes half of Mias body to fall back to the mat. Brittany is back with another cover, but Mia remains in this match.

Brittany tries to hit Mia with her knee again, but Mia sees this coming, and has it. Mia has an inverted single leg crab locked in, forcing Brittany to clamber to the ropes as her only method to survive. Brittany has reached the ropes, and Mia goes back on the attack. She whips Brittany but misses the clothesline when Brittany ducks under her. Brittany takes her down and locks the muta lock. Its Mia now battling a submission and she must get to the ropes, Mia breaks it off but Brittany quickly has her back down again with the Side Russian Leg Sweep.

Brittany with another cover but a competitive Mia is quick to kick out. Brittany unleashes the high knees, but Mia dodges a 4th, ducking from the follow up attack, and she jokes around with Brit before getting a dropkick. Now its Mia with the cover, but Brittany stays in the match a bit longer. Mia lands some fiery offense, including dropkicks, and she nails some knees to Brittany. Mia covers once again, and gets a near fall.

Brittany takes Mia down, working on her arm. Brittany gets another cover on Mia but its still not enough. Brittany splashes Mia in the corner, and follows by setting her up on the turnbuckles. The Two trade a few blows atop the turnbuckles until Brittany eventually collapses to the mat. Mia hits the Missile dropkick. Mia covers again, and is in complete shock, when Brittany refuses to stay down. Mia heads up top, but Brittany raises herself in good time to hit Mia with the high knee. This stalls Mia, who ends up thrown to the mat. Brit misses the handspring moonsault, and Mia kicks Brittany and rolls her up for the 3 count in the highly competitive match. Mia hugs Brittany and exits as she joins fellow aspiring Knockout Reby in the Gauntlet main event.

brooke 596

(Match #7: Brooke vs Deonna Purrazzo)

Out first is the Shy Jersey Girl Deonna, and the Aspiring Knockout whose persona indeed reminds me of Bayley somewhat awaits in the ring, as Brooke finally emerges, alongside her heavily missed entrance theme. But Brooke isnt looking to give Deonna shots on the bell, but rather take shots verbally. She has the mic and mocks the crowd, as well as Deonna, who soon takes the mic from her. Deonna seems to agree with all that is said by Brooke in regards to her gear, mic skills and wrestling ability but cannot put past the idea that Brooke is a wench. Brooke is offended and starts taking it to Deonna physically, with the match beginning at last.

Deonna gets attacked from behind by Brooke, who fights back, forcing Brooke into retreat. Brooke eventually strides back in the ring, and she gets in a lock up, soon taking Deonna to the mat. Another lock up allows Brooke to out do Deonna again. Another lock up leads to Deonna getting overwhelmed as Brooke slams her onto the mat. Brooke walks around to do more taunting, and Deonna tries coming back with a roll up, one that Brooke kicks out of. Deonna gets some arm drags and hits the Alabama Slam on Brooke as shw slowly begins to take control of the match.

Another two for good measure and Deonna takes Brooke into a roll up, another of which she kicks out of. Brooke scrambles outside, but Deonna wont be waiting for Brooke to return to the ring, and gives chase outside. Brooke scrambles into the ring, but Deonna clings on her foot. Brooke elbows her, and continues attacking from outside before sending Deonna back in the ring. Brooke clubs Deonnas back then calls for someone to pass a mic, and begins to make a further mockery out of Deonna while attacking her.

Upon throwing the mic away, Brooke continues her physical onslaught, and Deonna tries to get payback with a couple of forearms but it does little. Brooke stretches Deonnas jaw as she hangs her on the ropes then chokes her in the corner. Brooke kicks for further damage and stinkfaces Deonna. She drags Deonna from the corner and starts to head up top. Brooke looks to execute her elbow drop, but Deonna rolls away, causing Brooke to crash to the mat with Deonna out of sight. Deonna and Brooke get on their feet and trade some blows, with Deonna getting the upper hand when she tackles Brooke to the mat.

Deonna piefaces Brooke in the corner, then takes her into another. To Another Corner Brooke goes, and she starts to receive an onslaught from Deonna, who suplexes her. Deonna springs into a cover but can only get a 2 count on Brooke, and she doesnt seem to agree with the referee. Brooke knocks Deonna down, and attempts to pin her while her legs hang on the ropes, but the ref sees what Brooke has done and disallows. Deonna tries diving from up top while Brooke is mad with the ref, but Brooke moves. Brooke hits the Tess Shocker for the victory, and moves onto the Gauntlet.

odb vs marti belle

(Match #8: Marti Belle w/ Rockstar Spud vs ODB)

Its almost close to gauntlet time and just one more woman has to qualify, so up next the Interest of Rockstar Spud, Marti Belle goes toe to toe with the Former Champion, ODB. Marti is clearly pleased to see Spud come to join her for the singles contest, but ODB is less from impressed. ODB dodges the clothesline from Belle to start off with and ends up backing her in the corner. Spud gives Belle a chat and we go back to the match.

Marti tries to kick ODB, but this goes sour when ODB clutches her boot and hits a massive clothesline. ODB works on her in consecutive corners, as Spud looks on in utter panic. Spuds distractions do little as Marti gets slammed by ODB to the mat. ODB whips her then splashes her, then catches sight of the furious Spud and as she yells at him, Marti chucks her from the ring. ODB tries to climb back in, but ends up taking another tumble, courtesy of Belle. Marti tries another time but her face ends up meeting the turnbuckles. ODB heads up top but misses the dive from up top when Marti moves out of the way. Seeing her down, Marti tries to cover, but gets a near fall.

Marti chokes ODB against the ropes while blowing kisses at Spud. Marti locks a leg scissors on ODB on the ropes then clubs her back. Marti applies the abdominal stretch, and still blows the kisses over to Spud while attempting to weaken ODB with her hold applied still. ODB arm drags Marti, then chops her numerous times. ODB starts gaining back momentum as she takes Marti down to the mat with clotheslines. ODB hits a running clothesline on Marti while shes against the corner, and then gets splashed in traditional ODB style. ODB scores a fallaway slam on Marti and has fully regained her momentum, but as she reaches the ropes Spud trips her to somehow aid Marti. Marti gets a small package pin and surprisingly pins ODB, with Spud all cheers. However it appears in the celebration that Marti never wanted Spuds approval or a chance to win his heart and leaves him to deal with ODB, who doesn’t reach the qualifier.

odb vs spud

(Match #9: Rockstar Spud vs ODB)

Obviously Spud is legit furious at Belle after the match and proclaims he doesn’t like Girls. He issues a challenge to ODB, who is still in the ring following her loss. ODB accepts the challenge and throws Spud, who is quick into leaving the ring. ODB chases him around the ring, and Spud is first to make it back. Spud grabs ODB and sends her head first into the turnbuckles. Spud is mad and is getting no adulation from the Pro ODB crowd as he sends her to the other side of the ring. Spud chucks her once again, then goes for a cover, but ODB kicks out. Spud goes for the desperate second, but ODB isnt getting defeated as she kicks out again.

Hes about to viciously whip ODB with the belt, but per the rules, the ref has to confiscate it and should he use it, he shall be disqualified. Spud is in an even more furious mood as she starts giving the ref a little aggro. The Ref has had it with Spud, and pushes him, and now ODB is chopping away at Spud. She sends him to the corner, and splashes him. Spud tries to hang on for dear life when he clings the apron to stop ODB, and even though he doesnt hang on, he can do nothing to stop ODB ripping his pants off.

ODB slaps a humiliated Spud on his bottom as hes only dressed down to his underwear. She gives him a wedgie to add to his day of humiliation, and hits her finisher to score the revenge victory.

(vs Spud @ 10.38)

gail kim 974

(Match #10: Queen of the Knockouts Gauntlet)

We Finally have the Main Event where Tonights winners duke it out to see who receives the Queen of the Knockouts Crown that was bestowed upon the Pilot PPVs Winner, Gail Kim. The Gauntlet ends with Madison raising her hand in victory after last eliminating Angelina Love. Gail reappears to pass down the crown Madison ever so kindly gave her last year to close the show.

– Catherine


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