WWE NXT R-Evolution Results: The Bo$$ Cant Send the Gold Cheque to the Bank Just Yet (December, 11th 2014)

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Last Night finally saw NXT Close the Year with their Final NXT Takeover Installment, which brought along some of the best matches in the history of the Company, and that’s more than a Compliment! I Was Literally fearing missing this Pay Per View due to Crashing Streams but i luckily caught most of the matches, including the Sasha Banks/Charlotte Spectacle!

The Bo$$ didn’t want to wait until the actual match to make her intentions clear, as she was interviewed on the Pre Show backstage. This lead to a tense confrontation between herself and a yet to recover Bayley, who got in the Contenders face before being attacked by an appearing Becky Lynch, who eased the assault at Sasha’s demand, as she left to take care of “Better Things”.

And its not until a few matches later, that we get a good glimpse of Sasha’s fab new attire, as the Bestie Becky Lynch re-appears to suit her up in her new Bling Jacket to prep for the match. Charlotte also seems all prepped backstage as she is later shown being given a final few touches of make-up before being welcomed by her Hall of Fame Dad, Ric Flair. It is following that particular segment that (after a fabulous video package) the match finally takes place between the former BFFs.

As Per Tradition, the Contender Sasha Banks performs her entrance first, surprisingly not joined by Becky Lynch. Luckily I’ve recovered enough from having Hideo Itamis theme play over in my head to be in Awe of Charlotte’s entrance, thinking it may be her last as NXT Women’s Champion. The Tension has already risen before the match can even start, as Charlotte and Sasha yell at each other, with the ref having to come between them before Sasha can rip Charlotte’s hair out. Luckily, JoJo hits the ring to introduce challenger and Champion and keep things subtle until the divas in the contest end up really tearing the hell out of each other.

Charlotte and Sasha come face to face when the bell rings, with Sasha chucking her re-designed version of Charlotte’s T Shirt in her direction. Charlotte isn’t impressed, and gives chase with Sasha demanding restraint as she hangs on the ropes. Sasha comes back with a smack, and Charlotte immediately takes over when she reverses Sasha’s whip and Lou Thesz Press’s her to the mat. Sasha is launched head first into the corner turnbuckles by the defending champion. Sasha attempts to wear out Charlotte, giving her a blow with her knee before sending her into the corner. Sasha starts to make a mockery of Charlotte with the signature Ric Flair chop to the chest, but Charlotte hits back with her own, signature Flair style.

Sasha attempts to block one so Charlotte goes right to attacking the lower half of her body. She then goes back to using the chops, this time hitting so hard, Banks tumbles to the mat. Sasha rolls outside, and Charlotte is quick to follow her out. Clutching Sasha by her hair, she takes her back into the ring. Sasha springs back into the action, kicking Charlotte onto the floor as she climbs the apron in an attempt to re-enter the ring. Sasha’s assault gets more brutal as she throws her right into the steel steps.

With Charlotte out, Sasha uses some of the recovery time to taunt, before chucking Charlotte back in the ring. Sasha now goes for the first cover of the match, but can only get a near fall so far on the wounded women’s champ. Sasha sends Charlotte head first into the corner turnbuckle, kicks her a couple of times, then ends up trading chops with Charlotte, before hitting her with a shoulder tackle. She pounds on Charlotte as she hangs her up on the ropes, before hitting her lethal scissor stomps. Sasha goes into another cover, but Charlotte remains in the match.

Sasha pounds on Charlotte’s shoulders then gets a snap-mare on her. She hits the ropes, then mocks Ric Flairs Strut. Sasha tries to slap Charlotte across the face, but misses, allowing Charlotte to pull her into the roll up attempt. Charlotte gets a near fall on Sasha. Sasha ends up on the end of a jawbreaker and the two counter one another numerous times. Sasha hits the Backstabber and locks into a submission, tugging at the hair and arms of Charlotte. Charlotte starts to summon up strength to break her off, and carries Sasha into the corner. Sasha sends Charlotte flailing to the mat with an attack from behind. Sasha executes the pin attempt, but Charlotte still refuses to give in and she kicks out.

Sasha continues to ground Charlotte as she has her caught in the Figure four headlock. Sasha keeps the submission locked while executing the head scissor stomp. With her recent chops failing, Charlotte finds a different way to break from Sasha’s submission, lifting Sasha on her shoulders. She drops Sasha to the mat, and both are now down on the mat. Sasha is up first, with Charlotte on her feet milliseconds before the ref can count 9. Sasha begins to absorb some forearm smashes and clotheslines by Charlotte. Charlotte tries to follow with the suplex, which Sasha counters. However, Charlotte is back with a counter of her own within moments, taking down Sasha with a neckbreaker. Charlotte goes for the pin, but Sasha kicks out, thus its a near fall once more.

Charlotte calls for Sasha to get up, ready for another attack, but as she charges, Sasha chucks her to the floor. Rather than be waiting for Charlotte to make her way back in the ring, Sasha has the ropes in sight, and takes herself to the ropes before diving onto the champ with a perfect suicide dive that leaves both ladies out on the ramp. Sasha musters enough strength to somehow get Charlotte back in the ring. Sasha rolls over Charlotte to score her hopeful winning pin, but its again a near fall.

It now comes to trading forearm smashes between Charlotte and Sasha. Sasha hits the high knee, then ends up on the end of Charlotte’s surprise spear. Sasha is out in the corner, and as Charlotte charges at her, Sasha kicks her. Sasha follows as she trips her into the corner, then tries to hit the backstabber from behind, but Charlotte remains standing. Charlotte seems to be setting up the Figure four, but Sasha counters, pulling her into a roll up for another near fall. Sasha hits a fast neckbreaker but still cannot cover and the frustration is just setting in as she tries another pin, which results in another near fall.

Charlotte hits with the suplex, and stomps Sasha’s midsection. Charlotte heads up top, and misses the moonsault, but within moments, she splashes Sasha with a flying senton. Charlotte goes for the cover, but doesn’t score a winning pin as she notices Sasha had her foot on the ropes. Sasha counters Charlotte, and shoves her in the corner. Another counter leads to Charlotte’s face smashing against the corner. Sasha sets Charlotte up on the top turnbuckle, and seems to be setting up for a suplex, but Charlotte sends Sasha crashing to the mat. She grabs Sasha’s head then hits a Beautiful but Risky Natural Selection from the Top Turnbuckle. The Move is enough to not keep Sasha standing, as Charlotte pins Sasha to retain the Championship!

(Sasha Banks, Bayley and Becky Lynch Pre Show Segment 21-24 – 22.19)

(Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Promo)

(Charlotte vs Sasha Banks; NXT Womens Championship Match)

Thoughts on this match:
These Two absolutely knocked it out of the park in an outstanding match that got some huge chants and praise. If i had to line up the NXT Divas PPV Matches in order of which was best, this would top Charlotte vs Bayley, as good as it was. This match was long awaited, and its no surprise that not only did Charlotte add more to her arsenal, but that Sasha proved her naysayers wrong with her amazing performance, especially the suicide dive. I’m Surprised that not only did Becky not be at ringside, but that Charlotte won, but (and i admit i didn’t think) that after the horrid booking of Charlotte on her RAW debut, that this was some way to bounce back. I Was Gutted that Sasha didn’t win, BUT with the Becky Lynch attack on Bayley, im not going to be surprised if we hopefully get a Fatal 4 way in 2015 between Charlotte, Sasha, Becky and Bayley which im most hoping for and will be Psyched for! However, im not sure WWE will yet insert Becky into a PPV match and therefore the triple threat previously predicted will happen, but im putting my hopes in a Smashing Fatal 4 way, a match where Charlotte wouldn’t even have to be pinned for Sasha to at last capture the title! But, Nonetheless, what a match between Sasha and Charlotte to close the NXT PPV Events of 2015, and with Sasha and Charlotte’s quickly escalated performances this year, they are sure to steal the spotlight again! Nothing but Massive Praise for them, now if only Triple H could force Main Rosters creative to create matches like these!

– Catherine


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