WWE TRIBUTE TO THE TROOPS RESULTS: Divas Grace the Troops With a Christmas Time Battle Royal (December, 17th 2014)

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Hello Folks. Can you believe its now less than a week until Christmas? And as its close to Christmas, you should know that WWE hosted another Tribute to the Troops Special this year, their 11th TTTT Special, which presented a fun battle royal featuring most of the divas, minus Eva Marie who is snubbed another chance to boot Natalya out of the ring this year. Nonetheless Naomi, Emma, Paige and the Bellas joined a whole flurry of recognizable current members of the division to contribute in a fun Christmas Battle Royal.

Unfortunately the Divas dont get full entrances this year, and instead we are just graced with the presence of Brie and Nikki Bella while the rest of the divas await in the ring, nitpicking at who they should tackle first, if not the reigning divas champion. Chaos ensues as the Divas go after each other on the bell.

While the other divas hammer down on each other in consecutive corners, Emma gets the little comedic spot of the year by pulling up a flustered Rosa Mendes’s dress. Rosa hilariously takes her christmas hat from her, and plays a little game as she cheats trying to get Emma to not reach for her hat. Had enough, Emma kicks Rosa but Rosa quickly takes advantage and tosses Emma from the ring, making Emma the first diva eliminated.

Rosa shows off with some dancing, and Summer is absolutely appalled as she tries to bring the attention towards her with her own moves. The Whole Division turn to watch the fun fest with mixed reactions, but the crowd are much enjoying it from the looks of things. Suddenly, the Divas attack Rosa and Summer from behind. Rosa and Summer end up being eliminated, one after the other.

Cameron happens to be admiring herself while the remaining divas become the subject of attacks. Naomi is fed up of the antics, snatching her mirror. She drops it to the mat and tosses Cameron from the ring as she goes to pick it up. Naomi has Cameron eliminated from the Battle Royal. Naomis Moment to celebrate is short lived as Paige emerges and hits a high knee. She elbows Naomi while Nikki works on Alicia. Nikki assists Brie in attacking Alicia, while Paige interferes with Naomi and Natalyas battle in the corner. Brie and Nikki hit a double team dropkick on Alicia, and Nikki rolls a down Alicia out of the ring. Alicia Fox is eliminated.

Nikki seems to be calling over Paige, who is hilariously hanging by on the apron, wanting no part of the match whatsoever. Paige flutters some mistletoe at Brie, and ends up kicked to the floor by both Bellas. Now Paige is Eliminated. Its down to the Bellas, Naomi and Natalya.

The Bellas throw Naomi away from Natalya then Brie attacks Natalya in the corner while Nikki deals with Naomi. Naomi, who lost a divas title match this past Smackdown (it aired on tuesday) Lou Thesz Press’s Nikki and deals a load of punches. Nikki reverses the whip from Naomi, but she floats over. Nikki carries Naomi onto her back, and Alabama Slams her onto the mat. Nikki tosses Naomi, who hangs on on the apron, her feet not managing to touch the ground.

Brie goes for the running knee, but Natalya dodges, and Brie ends up sliding to the outside, leading to Bries elimination, thus its narrowed down to Natalya, Naomi and Nikki. Naomi runs back in and throws Nikki as she attacks Natalya, first eliminating the Champ, then drop-kicking Natalya, who tumbles onto the outside floor. Naomi wins the Battle Royal.

(Divas Tribute to the Troops Christmas Battle Royal)

Thoughts on this match:
The General theme for Christmas is Fun in most cases, and that’s what this Battle Royal basically is. It didn’t look sloppy, there was some different elimination spots to what we’ve seen in previous battle royals on Tribute to the Troops and some enjoyable moments comedy wise. Rosa was just flaunting personality as was Cameron, and her spot with Naomi is GIF-able because it, alongside Rosa and Summers moment, was just (again) enjoyable. The airing of the special is perfectly timed with the recent ongoings regarding Nikki and Naomi, hence the decider for the victory.

– Catherine


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