WWE SUPERSTARS RESULTS: Emma Proves Its Christmas Time, Not Summer Time (December, 19th 2014)

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Hello Everyone! So its time to talk all diva things from this weeks WWE Superstars, and of course the last episode before Christmas which is under a week away! Since Paige and Emma have already had the chance to beat the crap out of each other this week, we are treated to another rematch between Summer Rae and Emma.

And the two open the show as they perform separate entrances, with Summer taking the lead before being followed up by Emma, who engages in a comedy skit as she tries doing her own version of Rae’s Hair Flip, leaving Summer beyond unimpressed, and, in fact, madder beyond anything as she tries slapping (and missing) Emma a few times. Did I Mention Summer is weirdly solo for this match?

Summer misses a clothesline, and ends up running into the ropes and tumbling over Emma, who positions to allow Summer to take the fall. Emma hits a nice dropkick on Summer and goes right into the first pin attempt of the match, landing a near fall on Rae. As Summer tries to relax in the corner, Emma comes charging, and she runs right into the heels foot. Summer takes Emma and sends her face first into the turnbuckle in the exact corner. She leads her into an opposite corner but before she can bring the relentless assault, Emma holds off by placing her boot against the turnbuckle.

Emma throws Summer into the corner now for her own payback. She bashes Summers head on the turnbuckle a couple of times before the referee forces this to stop. Before anything else can happen, Summer goes straight into retreat, leaving the ring. Emma isn’t there for Summers antics, and takes her hair, attempting to send her back into the ring. However, Summer trips her, and Emma falls from the ropes and to the mat. Summer hits the ring to attempt a pin on Emma, but gets a near fall too.

Summer starts stomping down on Emma out of anger, and taunts while Emma attempts to get on her feet, before attacking the midsection. Summer brings more offense, but another pin attempt fails as Emma remains in the match. Summer is now attempting to wear out Emma with a modified headlock. Emma swings some forearms in Summers face to break the heels grip, then takes to the ropes, but sends herself into a well timed roundhouse from Summer Rae. Summer goes for a pin attempt once again, but can still only get a near fall on Emma.

Summer isn’t letting up, throwing Emma into the corner. She smacks Emma’s head on the turnbuckles repeatedly, then takes a moment to adore herself, before charging at Emma, who moves to safety. Emma sweeps Summer and pulls her into a roll up from underneath, but again, its a near fall on Summer from Emma. Summer springs quickly back into action, attempting to take Emma out while shes hanging on the ropes, but Emma has her sent back with an elbow. Emma gathers momentum as she gives Summer some clotheslines.

Summer counters a whip from Emma, but misses a charge in the corner. This allows Emma to trick Summer into landing herself in a DilEMMA, followed by a running crossbody on Summer, but not before throwing an insult first. Emma has Summers legs and positions for the finishing Emma Lock. A Yelling Summer is forced to tap and Emma wins the match.

(Emma vs Summer Rae)

Thoughts on this match:
I Always say this but these two always have perfect chemistry in the ring and its always visible. There were certain moments in this match that stood out to me, whether it’d be Emmas taunting towards Summer, which is a bit more developed than whats usually seen, and Summers aggressiveness, and for some reason, it felt like it was a shy away from the Character seen with Layla. It was more aggressive heel than comedic heel in various, but not all, parts, and im going to go as far as say this is one of my favourite divas matches from Superstars this year.

– Catherine


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