WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Naomi Battles Fox in a Respectful Effort in the Last Smackdown of 2014 (December, 26th 2014)




Hello Everyone and welcome to my Last Smackdown Report of the Year! So this year Smackdown has been iffy, lets agree on that, but the addition of this weeks Divas Match between The Divisions most athletic workers, Alicia Fox and Naomi may be the start on a vision into the future, with the thought of which two of these divas may embrace the divas title next year! Lets Begin the Smackdown Talk shall we.

Before we have the wrestling divas, we get the appearance of this years breakout managerial non wrestling diva, Lana. Herself and her Massive Breakout Star of a Client Rusev had themselves in the position of being the onlookers as Rusevs newest rival, Ryback battled TLC Opponent Kane in the ring. This Lead to the Vicious Brute Rusev charging into the ring and flooring Ryback before placing him in the severe accolade submission that has seen so many tap out. This didn’t go down well backstage with Smackdowns Guest GM of the week, Hulk Hogan, who demanded Rusev defend his United States Title against a mystery opponent as payback later tonight.

Now we have the Divas Match, and Alicia Fox is facing the Very Diva she tagged with on this past Mondays RAW, Naomi. The Addition of the match is seemingly odd but a welcome treat when these are the two most athletic divas there, as expressed by JBL, so any of these divas could be treated to a title reign in the next year. WWE put a sombre downer on how Naomi lost the divas championship opportunity last week, but Naomi takes it like a Queen with a Smile and has the match concentrated on.

The Bell rings and a lock up turns into a side headlock, followed by a very quick take-down from Naomi. Alicia gets a leg scissor reversal, quickly wrapping her legs around Naomi. Naomi swings her way out, but meets a dropkick at the end. Alicia darts into the cover, and scores her first near fall on Naomi. Alicia whips Naomi, but she floats over. Alicia sees herself trapped in the corner, and she chases Naomi to the opposite. Naomi kicks Alicia in her face, but not before shaking her rear in her face first.

Naomi charges and hits a dropkick on Fox. She goes for the cover, and gets a near fall also. As Naomi tries to regain control, hanging backstage is Miz, watching over Naomi’s match. Naomi has Alicia placed into a side headlock before attempting to work on her left arm. Alicia forearms her, but Naomi gets a reversal. Alicia misses the clothesline attempt, but battles back with a backbreaker on Naomi. Thinking shes finished, Fox goes for the cover but Naomi is still in the match.

Alicia’s temper seems to be boiling over following up from the result, and she resorts to wearing down Naomi in the side headlock. Naomi tries to elbow Fox, but Alicia hits back then forces her to the corner. Slamming her head against the turnbuckle, Fox takes her back, and hits the Suplex. Alicia goes into a bridge pin but its another near fall on Naomi.

Alicia throws Naomi outside, but doesn’t seem to notice her hanging on. Naomi extends the right leg, knocking away a charging Alicia. She hits the Twist of Fate against the ropes, and Alicia’s jaw connects with the ropes. Naomi returns to the ring, hitting clotheslines and hurricanranas. Naomi attempts a roll up, but Alicia comes down on her instead for the reversal. She takes the legs of Naomi to attempt a pin, but Naomi still kicks out. Alicia slaps Naomi, then has her whip reversed. Alicia hangs up top, ready for whatever offense Naomi looks to bring, but Naomi leaps, kicking her from the side. Alicia takes a hard tumble from the top rope, and as shes out, Naomi utilizes the turnbuckles, and hits the springboard split for the finish. Naomi pins Alicia and wins the match.

Things are even more on the Up for Naomi, as Jimmy expresses how happy he is for her backstage as they meet up. They smooch before Jimmy goes for his upcoming match up.

As Demanded by Hogan, Rusev would defend his United States Title against a mystery opponent, which, to their horror, would be Dean Ambrose. Unfortunately for Ambrose, he wouldn’t have a chance to take his previous title back thanks to the arrival of Bray Wyatt, interfering in the title match.

(Alicia Fox vs Naomi)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs Dean Ambrose; United States Championship)

Thoughts on this match:
An Athletic Match, with the two using the time given wisely. It made sense for Naomi to go over considering her recent storyline and her possible elevation in 2015, but after this weeks RAW, im once again drawn to the odd fact that Alicia is suddenly looking like a Heel again. Hopefully they don’t do the character switcheroo that they have done in the past again. Now onto 2015 and to see where Naomi’s current storyline goes…

– Catherine


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