Your Monday Post #42: Maryse vs Michelle McCool & Gail Kim Returns (March, 27th 2009)

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Hello Everyone, and welcome to another week of womens wrestling! So kicking off this week is another usual edition of “Your Monday Post” shifting focus back to WWE ahead of its RAW program. This weeks edition features a maybe biased favourite WWE return, as Gail Kim played with the fates of both Michelle McCool and a defending divas champion Maryse through an unexpected interference.

McCool seemed to have evoked her rematch clause months after losing the divas title to Maryse. So days after an oncoming WrestleMania, McCool and Maryse went to war on Smackdown over the Divas Championship, with an unhappy ending for the two and no clear winner when Gail emerged on the turnbuckles, making her first appearance for the company in several years, drop-kicking McCool before laying out a defenseless Maryse with a neckbreaker. Gail then posed with the title she sadly never came to win, and left, with the carnage evident.

– Catherine


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