WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Former Total Divas Rivals Hit the Squared Circle Once More (January, 20th 2015)

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One More Holla tonight as i write up my last Blog Post of the night, one i almost forgot since WWE ever so rudely randomly took WWE Main Event off the Network. This weeks WWE Main Event sees itself now airing someplace else, most definitely here in England, aboard the odd decision for Main Event, a show that displays some rather good matches, to be taken off the network. This week did indeed feature divas action as Former Rivals Summer Rae and Natalya (w/ Paige) squared off in the ring.

And we ever so oddly see Summer get the cut entrance Smackdown treatment as Natalya makes her way to the ring, with the accompaniment of none other than Paige. As Natalya settles herself before battle, we are reminded of what just will go down this Sunday as Paige joins Natalya in Divas Tag Team Action against the Bella Twins. Nonetheless, shuffling away from the recap, and from Paige’s Notorious Clapping, its now time for in ring action.

The Two go right into a lock up and Natalya looks for the early pinfall as she rolls Summer up. Summer kicks out, and looks unimpressed as they go into another strength battle. Summer is fiery as she takes Natalya to the ropes before demanding release by the ref. Summer shoves Natalya a few times then knees her. Natalya pie-faces her as comeback, before grabbing her legs and taking her down to the mat where fists are traded. Summer takes Natalya down this time around and scores a near fall before the two are raised off the mat. Summer appears trapped in an arm-lock and Natalya’s strength comes into play, taking Summer onto the mat again, and with her shoulders down, its another pin attempt, as well as another near fall.

Summer escapes the arm-lock and whips Nattie to the corner and charges. Natalya moves away and Summers face connects with the turnbuckle. Natalya slams Summer then hits the low dropkick. Natalya covers Summer, and once again, its a near fall. Natalya looks for a suplex but Summer reverses and sends Natalya back to the mat. Summer is Livid as she kicks at Natalya. Summer chokes Nattie against the ropes as she starts to gain control. She yanks Nattie away from the ropes, and tries wearing out the rival as she places her in the side headlock. Paige rallies the crowd to side with Nattie as her attempt to break off Summer fails.

Paige continues to get behind Natalya as Summer locks a submission. Summer presses Natalya’s shoulders to the mat for a near fall before Natalya gets a quick reversal for a similar result. Summer has herself in a bad position upon that reversal, and Natalya secures her Sharpshooter Submission, forcing Summer to submit. Natalya wins the match.

(Summer Rae vs Natalya w/ Paige)

Thoughts on this match:
The two worked really well and quick in the time given, and i liked how Summer had some time to show what she can do in the ring also, dominating the match for quite a bit. If it wasn’t for this Sundays match, i would’ve loved to see Summer win this one, but Momentum had to be on Natalya’s side due to the Upcoming Clash at the Royal Rumble. Now we know Summer is staying as a Heel, where does she go from here? But Kudos to Nattie for putting her over for her performance on twitter afterward, maybe them two really are getting on. Overall, a Good Match.

– Catherine


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