TNA IMPACT RESULTS: First Month, First Casualty & Another Prevented (January, 23rd 2015)

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Hello Everybody. Im Back. Catherine is here to report on another episode of TNA Impact, where we saw two types of possible casualties, a Release Casualty and a possible Physical Casualty as Havok looked to wage war against longtime foe Gail Kim in a singles bout. Surely Kong is hiding about somewhere just waiting to make Havok a casualty of her own? Let me speculate no further…

Lets talk this Release Casualty Ey? This comes during TNAs Usual Feast or Fired match, which tests the fate of the 4 winners who retrieve the briefcases. 3 Hold various title shots, while another holds the key to end anothers career. Magnus, Austin Aries and Rockstar Spud retrieved various cases while another was controversially handled as Velvet Sky looked to make the plunge for fellow competitor Robbie E, retrieving the remaining briefcase that would soon prove costly…

Onto the Knockouts and out comes Havok for what is sure to be a huge rematch against Gail Kim. Obviously the two still hold some sort of grudge as Havok comes at Gail during her entrance. Gail sees this coming, dodges the clothesline attempt by Havok, then fires back. Gail aims some forearms at Havok then kicks her off the ramp. Gail returns to high fiving fans in attendance before turning her focus back to the monster knockout. Gail drags Havok far from the ramp and bashes her head against the apron, then also takes to the apron, diving onto Havok. Following that assault, Gail chucks a down Havok into the ring.

Havok makes it to her feet, and Gail is climbing the turnbuckles with ease. Gail nails a diving crossbody onto Havok. Gail goes for the first pin attempt of the match on Havok, who kicks out quick. Gail rallies the crowd before ramming Havok in the corner. However Havoks strength quickly becomes a factor, catching Gail right as she collides with her, and drops her to the mat. Havok grounds Gail in the corner with one kick, before ramming her with several others. Havok inflicts more damage, choking Gail with her boot.

As Gail makes it on her feet, she comes face to face with the high knee by Havok. Havok continues to have immense control as she nails a running clothesline on Gail. Havok continues to unleash as she chokes Gail against the ring ropes, before grabbing her cloak and choking Gail further with it. Official Brian Stiffler demands the release and kicks off at Havok, and while Stiffler moves her cloak away, Gail attempts to fight Havok off with forearms.

Moments later, Havok kicks Gail, then hits an insane high knee before scooping Gail into the bear hug. Havok Slams Gail to the mat with the very move she had injured her with prior. Havok goes for the pin on Gail, who bravely kicks out at the count of 2. Havok is infuriated with the result and kicks Gail. Gail tries to seek safety as she climbs the ropes but within moments Havok has her thrown into the corner. Havok continues the onslaught right until Gail breaks into a barrage of forearms. However, Havok has her grounded once more and takes to the ropes, nailing another damaging high knee to Gail which could end things right there.

Gail is worryingly clutching her nose as a replay shows the Impact of Havoks damaging knee shot to Gail. Gail is still hanging on the apron after the high knee and can only just muster up the strength to kick away Havok temporarily. Havok heads to the outside of the ring, and tears at Gail with many punches, and Stiffler looks to get involved again. Havok glances at the nearby chair with cruel intentions, and Stiffler sees this and tries to coax her away from it. Havok doesn’t want to hear any of this, and shoves him to the ground, resulting in her Disqualification.

Post Match Havok lifts Gail onto her shoulders and drops the defenseless Knockout to the floor below. Stiffler seems to recover enough to come to Save Gail once again, but runs for cover when Havok starts charging over to him. Havok hits the ring, and grabs Gail by her throat, looking to inflict the final lot of damage with a choke-slam, until the arena blackens once again. Kong emerges, and Havok tries to fend Kong off only to be sent over the ropes. Havok retreats while the fans are left cheering for Kong, who has come to the aid of Gail.

Later in the show, One TNA Wrestler will be left terrified and shaking at the thought of not having a career in wrestling as Christy Hemme returns to go over just what is in the four briefcases. Standing by in the same room are Magnus, Spud, Austin Aries and an extra panicky Robbie E with Velvet Sky. Spud proceeds to open the first case, revealing a future X Division Title Shot, while Magnus receives the Tag Title shot, which brings into question just who will he actually tag with now he seems to have severed all ties with “Pal” Bram? Unable to handle the pressure of just what is in his briefcase, Robbie E hands his to Velvet. She Opens and having taken responsibility for taking his case for him, Velvet is fired, while Aries receives a World Title shot.

(Havok vs Gail Kim feat Awesome Kong)

(Velvet Sky is Fired from TNA in Feast or Fired Stipulation Reveal)

Thoughts On:
Gail vs Havok: Gail put on an amazing display through the first half of the match before being thoroughly dominated despite short comebacks in the second half, excellently selling Havoks moves and putting her over as a Monster Knockout. Havok looked immensely strong in the bout, especially due to it being her first match since TNAs return and her first before her eventual clash with Kong, and the high knee to the face of Gail that left her hanging about on the apron looked deadly. Post Match, Havok was as ever relentless, and the Kong/Havok teases continue to slowly build heading into their eventual tie up. Kong is Indeed Over with the Crowd in every appearance.

Velvet gets fired from TNA: Personally, i will miss Velvet, because even if she isn’t the most brilliant wrestler there, no one can forget what she has actually given to the Knockouts Division, from being in the Beautiful People, to some great feuds with Angelina, Winter, ODB, Jackie and Especially Karen Jarrett, not to mention how over she was during last years UK Tour. Not sure if this is a goodbye forever since Velvet returned to TNA after her previous departure, but it is being said (but not proven) that Velvet didn’t re-sign, but Velvet seems to be putting over her firing as a storyline, which has me hoping that Angelina stays with the BroMans now so Velvet comes back and feuds with her for staying with them despite what Robbie had done, but in the meantime, Brooke and Angelina could have an excellent program, and some interesting promos if done right. Whether this is a certain goodbye for Velvet or not, I Wish her the best in all her future prospects.

– Catherine


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