WWE ROYAL RUMBLE RESULTS: BlackHarts Out Done By Terrific Teamwork (January, 25th 2015)

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Its Safe to Say Last Nights Royal Rumble PPV, the first of the year and the first on the Road to WrestleMania, has created a large storm of controversy, no pun intended in reference to the storm that has CANCELLED RAW. Nonetheless, while you all continue to shout at the hard working babyface while continuing to not realize this is all down to some illogical booking in terms of whats happened with Daniel Bryan and Ziggler, allow me to talk about what i always talk about, the Divas…

The Divas Tag Match expected to take place, and not the first tag match on the show happened as Paige and Natalya went to war against the Bella’s who unleash a frenzy of attacks to pull poor Nattie as far away from the Diva of Tomorrow as possible. To Kick off the match, out come Brie and Nikki sporting Green attire in tribute to Philly, the very place the Pay Per View is on site for. Following up is a Brave Natalya, joined by Paige and they head to the ring nearly hand in hand. Once both are in the ring, the bell is rung, and the two pick out who kicks off this particular match up.

Its Nikki starting off against Paige. Nikki is right on the attack with forearms, but Paige cuts her off with a kick sooner or later. Paige takes to the ropes, and charges, only to face a counter from Nikki. Nikki yells at Nattie before turning her attention back to Paige, who punches her and grapples to try and force her to her corner. Paige gets an armbar counter and kicks Nikki. Nikki is thrown face first into the corner turnbuckle, and Paige tags Nattie for the first round of teamwork. The Two double armbar and arm-drag Nikki before Nattie attempts the first pin of the match on Nikki, resulting in a near fall.

Nattie now goes to work on Nikki’s left arm. Nikki elbows and arm drags Nattie, before isolating her from Paige, sending her into the heels corner. Brie is tagged in, and she aims some kicks at Natalya. Brie targets the left arm, but Nattie fights back with the right, clubbing Brie many times, before carrying her to the other side of the ring, where she allows the tag to Paige. Paige and Nattie nail a double suplex on Brie.

Paige crawls into a seductive pin on Brie, only scoring the 2 count. Paige continuously headbutts Brie, then executes the knee shots to Brie on the apron. Paige tags Natalya who dropkicks a hanging Brie. Natalya tags Paige back in, gripping Brie who fends her off. For some reason Paige hasn’t come into the match despite getting tagged. Obviously something went wrong. Anyway Brie covers Nattie, who isn’t exactly the legal woman, but Nattie kicks out. Brie aims to punch Paige on the apron, but she avoids it.

Finally, Natalya retreats to the apron as the legal woman finally hurtles herself into the match, Paige. Paige quickly dodges a clothesline and kicks Brie in the head. Paige covers Brie, and Brie kicks out. With One hand free, and Bries hair in the other, Paige extends her hand and Natalya gets tagged in once more. Natalya has the butterfly suplex set up but Brie counters. Brie attempts to cover Natalya, but gets a near fall. Brie takes Natalya to her corner, and Divas Champ Nikki Bella returns to the match after the tag.

Brie snap-mares Nattie then hits the apron to allow Nikki to take over as she hits the flip cutter, a move Natalya would know all too well. Nikki taunts Paige before crawling over to Natalya for the cover, but Natalya kicks out again at 2. Natalya is frustrated and starts clubbing Nikki with forearms. Nikki kills the momentum of Nattie as she knees the midsection, bringing her down. She applies a hold, facing Paige, before slamming Natalya against the mat. Natalya attempts to separate herself from the champ, though Nikki is quick to take her back down again. Nikki showboats and covers Natalya once more, landing another near fall on the Queen of H(e)arts.

Isolating Nattie by taking her into the heel corner, Nikki has Brie tagged in. Brie clotheslines Nattie as she charges toward her. Brie with a cover and she gets 2 on Nattie. Brie applies a chinlock to Natalya while also holding her back from Paige, who is beyond desperate to get tagged in. Natalya attempts some elbow shots to Brie, but Brie has Natalya down again, striking her with her knee. Brie whips and kicks Natalya before executing the running knee. Brie pulls her from the ropes for another pin attempt but Natalya still refuses to back down.

Brie has Natalya back in the heels corner, and Nikki is back in the match. The Two execute a tag team combo, before Nikki goes for the hopeful winning pin. Natalya kicks out at 2. Nikki applies the head scissors, grounding Nattie to the mat. Natalya summons up strength to carry Nikki off the mat while fighting out of the head scissor stomp, and she slams a very startled Nikki to the mat. With Both Ladies down, this opens up the chance for Paige to get a tag. Natalya tries crawling over to Paige but Nikki stops her, going for the single leg crab, but Natalya counters.

It seems its sharpshooter time for Natalya but Nikki kicks her into the corner. Nikki shoulder tackles her against the corner multiple times, and while the referee has his attention on Nikki, Brie attempts the sneak attack on Nattie from the apron, to no avail. Nikki clobbers Nattie with the forearm smash, then whips her into the opposite corner. Nikki taunts before charging over to Nattie, but misses the attack when Nattie slips out of the way of danger. Nattie is almost close to Paige, but Nikki has her legs.

Natalya kicks Nikki away, but just as it looks like Paige could get the tag, Brie knocks Paige right off the apron. Natalya turns to notice her side of the apron is blank, and sees Brie all proud of herself. The moment she turns she takes one more forearm smash from Nikki. Nikki pins Natalya and the Bella Twins win the match.

Also, Prior to the Royal Rumble Main Event, Superstars get to showcase themselves in pre match promos, featuring Lana with Rusev and Rosa with Fandango. Both were present for their entrances, but headed to the back and did no more. Both Rusev and Fandango were eventually eliminated, even though im left to question how the hell WWE nearly forgot Rusev wasn’t eliminated when the first post match bell rang.

(Natalya and Paige vs Brie and Nikki Bella)

Thoughts on this match:
So another way to go about this since they clearly didn’t want to plan a title match was possibly through doing it as a elimination match to see Nikki try and possibly fight off both on her own, but nonetheless it wasn’t a bad match and i felt that it was some way to put more heat on Brie as a heel through the finish like it was some way to make the fans forget the popular babyface character that was in the biggest diva draw of the Summer facing Stephanie McMahon this year. Regardless, the highlights of this match were the brilliant teamwork from both sides, and some smart booking that sees the Divas Champion capitalize. The Match also makes me feel like Natalya being pinned and Nikki and Bries strategy to seal her off from Paige may be the kick off to a storyline where Nikki is in fear of Paige, so i do unfortunately see this match repeated at Fast Lane before Nikki vs Paige at WrestleMania, but its WWE, and things can drastically change.

– Catherine


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