TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Once Hopeful Contender Gets Dethroned in England (February, 13th 2015)

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This weeks TNA Impact Report is a Cheery Hello from the TNA Roster as they return to my Home Country of England for their yearly UK Tour, and its also the first visit to the UK in years for Awesome Kong contractually. Since i just spoiled that Kong was on the UK Tour and that she obviously appeared last night on the IMPACT UK return premiere, lets see which Knockout falls victim to the deadly Mean Queen.

Poor Madison Rayne. She heads out for a promo to remind everyone of her Championship days, telling everyone she is the Greatest Knockout in TNA. Somewhere Kong is giving a tease messing with the sound system backstage, as the familiar stomps of her entrance theme keep interrupting Madison during her heel promo. This riles the crowd up right to the point where Kong emerges, to the Queen of the Knockouts dismay.

Kong heads to the ring to face the lightened redhead/brunette, who is literally clinging onto her once storyline love interest, TNA Ref Earl Hebner, for dear life. Madison charges at Kong and gets knocked down within seconds. Kong clutches Madison by her hair and tosses her to the other side of the ring. Madison tries to recooperate near the turnbuckles, and takes a clothesline from Kong. Madison is wary, stumbling around the ring and taking more offense from Kong. Kong takes to the ropes to splash Madison, but she moves to safety.

Madison nails kicks to Kong, and fires punches at her while shes down before showboating to the audience with her queenly wave. Madison climbs the turnbuckles, and goes for a dropkick, but Kong clobbers her as she dives. Kong hits Madison with a clothesline then nails the Implant Buster for the one and only 3 count. Kong wins the match.

(Madison Rayne vs Awesome Kong)

Thoughts on this match:
The match was very short compared to whats normally seen on a weekly basis from the Knockouts, awkwardly shorter than the Divas Smackdown match if the promo doesn’t count. The Match didn’t do no justice for Madison in terms of getting her into the title picture, even though she sold the Implant Buster well. I Think that all that needed to be added to this match was for Madison to dart through the crowd and for maybe Taryn to emerge and chuck her back in the ring as revenge for Madison turning on her, or for Kong to chase Madison, pull her back in the ring, continue the match and beat her with Taryn watching with Gail backstage. Nonetheless, short but sweet from the Knockouts this week.

– Catherine


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