WWE RAW RESULTS: Bella Mischief Turns Paige Into Princess Pixie (February, 16th 2015)

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Hello Folks, and welcome to this weeks RAW write up. RAW this week emanated from NXT Central of Orlando so pretty much all of the NXT crew were in attendance this week, but were poorly unfortunate to not even get a showcase match following the Amazing Takeover event. Nonetheless, after the Bella’s slammed WWE for how the divas are being displayed lately at another Convention, it appears WWE are slowly trying to turn things the right way through segments, matches and even a post match promo! But before all that…

Cena comes out to open RAW for the 156th time (I Do Like John by the way) more or less declaring how he will end Rusevs Streak this Sunday at Fast Lane. He is interrupted by the rival and his lovely Valet, Lana, who slams him for his repetitive competitive speeches. Cena doesn’t want to wait until Sunday to fight the Big Guy that is Rusev, and shockingly easily overcomes him after slamming him twice into the stage. Who Looks Heel here?

Later in the show, Byron Saxton emerges outside the divas locker room, wanting words with Paige on her upcoming Championship Match at Fast Lane, but instead the Maniacal Bella Twins come out, with Paige’s gear in tow. The Bella’s giggle to themselves as they wonder how Paige is even going to compete without her ring gear, despite the fact she has other ring gear, in different colors. Paige appears to have hit the showers and not seen the Bella’s sneak into the locker room and comes out in a bathrobe when the Bella’s flee, wondering whereabouts her ring gear is. She darts over to Cameron, asking to borrow hers. Cameron retorts that Paige wouldn’t even look good in her gear and gives her the Girl Bye. Paige is left with no options, until she spies the Rosebuds, including Mia Yim and Carmella’s Favourite Blue Pants aka Leva Bates. Paige drags Leva over, eyeing up her Fairy dress, and who knows what happened next.

Nonetheless, Summer Rae, who is in her own new ring gear, is out to face her fellow NXT Alumni in what would be a 6 out of 6 star match if it was NXT. Paige’s theme hits multiple times but theres no sign of her, well…not until she emerges in Levas dress. The Bell rings and Summer suddenly obtains a fashion police gimmick, picking apart her dress, but it gets her nowhere when Paige ruthlessly throws her to the ropes. Paige throws her to the ropes facing the camera, then kicks her. Paige launches Summer to the turnbuckles, then fires multiple elbows at her. Paige stomps down on a overwhelmed Summer while the Bella’s observe from backstage.

Paige gives Summer little time to recover, kneeing her on the apron. Paige attempts to whip her but Summer counters. Summer slams Paige in the face with the roundhouse kick, and she attempts to cover her. Summer gets a 2 count and places Paige in a leg scissor hold. Summer rolls her over, leg scissor still applied, and attempts the failed pin attempt. Summer nails a leg drop, but the 2nd doesn’t go her way when Paige rolls away. Paige is now reversing the momentum as she takes Summer out with multiple short arm clotheslines. Paige dropkicks Summer then low kicks her before locking in the Scorpion Crosslock for the submission Victory. Paige wins the match, but as she showboats with some happiness, out come Brie and Nikki. Nikki cuts a promo, but Paige interrupts her moments in, and says that unlike Nikki, she doesn’t need an outfit to look good. Paige vows to win the divas title on Sunday to make the package look much more perfect.

Moving away from diva feuds to boiling intergender feuds now as for the first time, its Naomi and Jimmy (w/ Jey) vs Nattie and Tyson (w/ Cesaro). At first it appears the Boys are kicking off this match, but Kidd is very quickly into retreat, thus tagging in Nattie to take his place, thus Naomi joins the show. Naomi and Nattie tie up and Naomi sends Natalya to the other side of the ring. Naomi takes over with the side headlock, then grounds Nattie to the mat, headlock staying applied. Nattie reverses into the leg scissors, but Naomi quickly kicks out of it. Naomi gets a small amount of revenge, tying Natalya in her own leg scissors, but Natalya is out of it just as quick.

Naomi and Nattie notice an irritating Tyson so Naomi opts to tag Jimmy, who demands Kidd to enter the match. The Boys get into it before Tyson does a runner again, and Naomi and Nattie are back in the ring. Nattie and Naomi’s ring skills come onto display from there as they dropkick one another at the same time, before leaping simultaneously back into the action. Naomi goes into the wheelbarrow but Nattie has none of it, dropping Naomi right on her rear. Natalya steps on Naomi’s back and dropkicks her to gain a near fall.

Nattie turns over to Tyson and asks him if he wants in. Tyson plays pitiful and just doesn’t want it, so Nattie turns the attention back to Naomi. She attempts the sharpshooter, but the two go back and forth on pin attempts, all the way until Naomi gets the 3 count. Naomi and Jimmy win the match, while Tyson flips out at a broken Nattie.

(The Bella Twins, Paige and Cameron Backstage Segment; Summer Rae vs Paige)

(Tyson Kidd and Natalya vs Jimmy Uso and Naomi)

Thoughts On:
Paige vs Summer: Although the match length was as per usual the same under 3 mins for the two again, i like how Summer is getting to show personality and extra ring skill, even though i wish WWE would move away from predictability, even though here it straight makes sense for Paige to go over considering her match on Sunday. It appears the words uttered by the Bella’s at Comic Con got through in some capacity, because we got a post match promo on top of a backstage segment and match, which helps build the feud on its final week. However, i would’ve liked the addition of Paige possibly chasing the Bella’s to the back, and them trying to “humiliate” her by double teaming and attempting to strip, but not even getting close when the face divas or A Face Diva makes the save, so they could increase the heat furthermore between Paige and the Bella’s.

Mixed Tag: I Like how the Girls got more ring time than the guys in this particular match, even though that was basically because of Tyson playing up his chicken heel character, or maybe its because WWE Officials liked Natalya and Naomi’s sequence from last weeks Main Event match, who knows? However, looking at what happened post match, i would actually be shocked if Natalya doesn’t try and cost the Usos at Fast Lane, maybe not fully turning heel there because of being forced, or maybe they’ll pull the trigger there and actually turn her by having her say she “was sick of Naomi outshining her in matches”. Really looking forward to seeing what happens in that particular tag match at Fast Lane.

– Catherine


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