Cattie’s Catch Up: Mickie James vs Tara for the Knockouts Championship (December, 20th 2012)

taryn 316

Apologies for the Lateness of this weeks edition of Catties Catch Up as i found out not too long ago that NXT were taping tonight therefore i came glued to the spoilers. Anyway, now that is settled, onto what is actually featured on this weeks edition, with a spoiler attached…

Heading back to Winter 2012, and Fans of the TNA Knockouts saw recently departed Knockout Velvet Sky return to the company after an extensive hiatus. Unfortunately this return would come the same night as a soon to return Mickie James, who sought out Tara’s Knockouts Title. The Two began to show increasing jealousy rather than sportmanship to each other in the race for the contendership, and when the two were narrowed down to the final 2 in line for the title shot by VP Brooke Hogan, it came down to James getting a shot over her Final Resolution Opponent, and one that didn’t score her the title that soon ended up in Vel Vels Hands, triggering an almighty feud between the two under a year later.

– Catherine


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