TNA IMPACT RESULTS: One Knockout Returns While Another Makes a Daring Save for a Fallen Knockout (February, 20th 2015)

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Hello and welcome to this weeks exciting round up on TNA Impact, which, because of how incredible it was, will be replayed on Challenge for me this week (as im from the UK if you didn’t already know). The Show brought us the advertised title defense as a Very Strong looking Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell put her newly decorated Gold on the line against the last remaining member of the Beautiful People (Madison doesn’t count in this time) Angelina Love. But that’s not all Knockouts wise…

Before the Knockouts Match can be seen a familiar face is seen walking to the Hydro Arena. That familiar face happens to be a smiley faced Mickie James, who has some personal issues to sort, with that of course being the attack by Bram on her Fiancee, Magnus, which the commentators dont seem to address much.

The Knockouts Match soon follows, and backstage is Angelina with the BroMans and DJ Z. Of course the wacky lot take a selfie before they head off, but dont seem to notice an unimpressed Kong glaring at them in the background, slowly making a move…

Out comes Angelina, arm in arm with the BroMans, with the long gone solo titantron emerging rather than the Beautiful Peoples stylish one that got removed per Velvets “firing”. Angelina happens to have a new ring attire that gives shades of Ring Ka King, and shes not the only one with a new attire, as Defending Champ Taryn comes out in Red and Silver….and Gold, in reference to the title of course. Taryn poses on the turnbuckles, and Angelina knocks her down before the bell sounds.

Taryn tries to reach the ring apron and ends up on the end of a baseball slide dropkick from Angelina, one that causes her to collapse back to the floor. Angelina high fives the BroMans and attempts to slam Taryn’s head against the apron, but Taryn stops this. She elbows Angelina then reverses the role, and she slams her head against the apron. Taryn lashes out at Robbie E as he attempts to distract, and this allows Angelina to nail an innovative Samoan Drop to the Knockouts Champion. Angelina rolls Taryn into the ring, and quickly follows from behind, attempting her first pin attempt of the match. Taryn kicks out at 2.

Angelina beats down on Taryn then climbs the turnbuckles. Taryn recovers in enough time to take to the corner also to battle with Angelina, throwing her from the turnbuckles and to the mat. Angelina stumbles following the fall, and turns round, walking right into the clotheslines by Taryn. Taryn hits the Flip Cutter, followed by a Suplex, and she covers Angelina, who kicks out at 2 as Taryn did before.

Taryn clotheslines Angelina from the 2nd Turnbuckle, but even this doesn’t pin her. Taryn attempts the RKO but Angelina pushes her away. Angelina nails the Botox Injection right away, looking to be a 7x Knockouts Champion, but Taryn stays in, kicking out of the following pin attempt at 2. Angelina looks for a suplex, but Taryn reverses, and hits the “Taryn Cutter” which is actually a yet to be named finisher for her, so keeping it the RKO for now. Taryn crawls to Angelina, covers and pins her to retain the Knockouts Title.

Taryn celebrates post match, but the arena darkens and then emerges the fearsome Awesome Kong, and it looks like she didn’t have Love in her sights after all, but Terrell’s title. The two come to blows, and though it looks more like a dominant showing for Taryn to start, Kong throws Taryn away. Kong lays out the Champ with the Implant Buster, but before she can do anything else, a Glorious looking Gail Kim comes out and stares down Kong. Kong shows off with the Title, while also staring out Kim, then leaves.

As we heard earlier, Mickie James was in the building to address her hurt fiancee, Magnus’s condition after that nasty assault in the pub by Bram back when they were in the United States. But she first takes the time to thank the fans for their pleasurable reaction to her rather unexpected arrival, but as amazing as that is, she is heartbroken over what has gone down between Bram and Magnus. Mickie goes over her personal life, recently getting engaged to Magnus and the two having a little boy, but unfortunately the boys father was left for dead at the hands of Bram. Mickie says Bram may think hes a tough guy, but where she comes from, blindsiding somebody is the act of a coward.

Bram comes out, and Poor Mickie is left alone to handle her Fiancees Assailant. Nonetheless, Mickie is more pleased hes here because she has things to say to him. Mickie describes how all this time Magnus had lent help to Bram when he needed it, and this is how he repaid him. She says Magnus has nerve damage and cant even hold his own son, but Bram tells her to shut up, not showing an ounce of sympathy for what shes had to say. Bram says the beatdown opened his eyes, because since Magnus got engaged, he has watered down, and he blames Mickie for that. Mickie denies this, saying Bram is only saying what hes saying because deep down Magnus would easily kill him face to face in the ring, referring to Bram as a Little Bitch. Before Bram can even get his hands on Mickie after she slaps him, out come some TNA Officials to demand a Scary Bram out of the ring.

(Taryn Terrell vs Angelina Love w/ the BroMans and DJ Z; Knockouts Championship Match. Awesome Kong Turns Heel feat Gail Kim)

(Mickie James Returns and Confronts Bram)

Thoughts On:
Knockouts Championship Match: To say the time was short, Angelina and Taryn delivered. The Knockouts have been at high performance almost every week for the past 2+ years now, and this match proved it. There was a great Samoan drop to the outside by Angelina, and i loved how the action not only started outside, but how Angelina came across as strong despite them building Taryn to be stronger. Taryn looked even more strong in the post match confrontation with Kong, which gives an idea that Taryn’s character, regardless of whether shes champion or not, is one of little intimidation. I Loved also Gail coming into the scene to reintroduce the rivalry that hasn’t gone on for years between her and Kong, and with perfectly timed commentary the moment the camera zoomed in on a laid out Taryn Terrell, who else wants to think Gail and Kong may be in cahoots? I’ll leave you to decide this next week…

Mickie Returns: First of all, welcome back Mickie! Im not sure if Mickie is back for good, but i love TNA for including a Woman in a Male Superstar feud, that being the feud between Bram and Magnus that has taken a personal touch in the past few weeks. A Year following Magnus’s heel turn on the UK Tour, it only makes sense for them to turn Magnus back into a face during that same tour/moment, and Mickie makes that all the clearer through drawing in sympathy for Magnus, but the sympathy is already there because in the home country of the UK, people will be cheering and hoping for Magnus to show up. This is a feud definitely to watch, and there were parts between the two that reminded me of Brie and Stephanie in their match proposal segment. Bram’s Mic Skills and In Ring Abilities have come so far also, so all i can say to that is Look what WWE could have had.

– Catherine


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