TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Taryn and Brooke Feel Stings of Defeat in Manchester Arrival (February, 27th 2015)

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Hello Folks and welcome to this weeks TNA Impact report, and the show hailed from the Northern Half of England, Manchester! The Interesting show saw Gail Kim throw herself once again into Kong’s Issues with the Fighting Champion that is Taryn Terrell, while Brooke sought out hopeful revenge against Robbie E in Intergender Tag Team Action.

Taryn is out first, out to deliver the statement she so stated she would on twitter. Taryn is more than aware that the Ruthless Awesome Kong is hell bent on taking the Knockouts Title and she isn’t one to back down from a challenge, not even one this big, and the gutsy blonde calls Awesome Kong out. Instead, she gets Gail Kim, and Kim, wearing a dress better than that petty dress that trended on twitter over the week, wants to pass some hopeful advice onto the Knockouts Champ.

Gail tells Taryn that she respects her, as do the crowd, and as does the people in the back (minus Madison Rayne who is probably itching for a ladder match with her right now) but she makes her point perfectly clear in stating that she feels Taryn does not know what she is doing. Gail, knowing all too well how much devastation Kong can deliver inside a ring, tells her that Kong is one of the most powerful women’s wrestlers on their roster, and even in the industry. Gail adds that Havok was tough, but then look what Kong had done to her at Lockdown. Gail mentions how Kong injured her, taking years off her career, and can only kindly ask her to reconsider when it comes to facing Kong.

Taryn addresses Gail’s words, and as much as she respects her, and as much as she respects her opinion, she is a fighter, and is a champion, just like Gail once was. The Idea of being a fighting champion would be to fight anyone, and she wants to fight Kong. Gail notices she cant get through to her, and after putting a reassuring hand on her she leaves.

Taryn poses with the title but before she can leave the ring, Kong emerges. At first, Taryn is the one trying to overthrow Kong, but eventually gets caught as she dives from the turnbuckle. In Kong’s hands, she ends up on the end of an Implant Buster once again, and with No Gail to save her this time coming. Kong clenches the Knockouts title and poses with it in what could be a striking image of whats yet to come.

And with that out of the way, Taryn’s best friend Brooke finally arrives for her Intergender tag team match. In a match never seen before, Brooke, who hails her partner as an American Hero, teams with Chris Melendez. The Two face Angelina Love and Robbie E. Melendez and Robbie E start off, but of course the ex has to rile up Brooke first, and angers her through taunting, forcing Melendez to hold her back, and in turn, Robbie gets a cheapshot. Melendez gets the utmost control over Robbie, and has him in an armbar as he allows Brooke to tag, who obviously wants a piece of Robbie E over recent post Amazing Race shenanigans.

Robbie hangs by the ropes and demands the ref holds back Brooke. Brooke is all ready for fighting Robbie, but before it looks like the fight could happen, Robbie makes a run for it, and tags Angelina. However before Angelina does anything, Robbie asks back in. Robbie makes a mockery of Brooke, going about in circles, and its all a distraction to allow Angelina to take Brooke by her hair and send her to the mat. Robbie misses an elbow drop, and tags in Angelina.

Brooke charges after Robbie, but Angelina grabs her. Angelina knocks her to the mat with a clothesline, then levels her with a Samoan Drop. Angelina takes the legs of Brooke and goes for a cover, but only gets a near fall. Angelina whips Brooke into the corner turnbuckles, then taunts, put it proves to be a time costing issue, as she ends up hitting the turnbuckles herself head first as Brooke moves to safety. Angelina misses a clothesline, and takes forearms and kicks from Brooke. Brooke hits multiple clotheslines and a dropkick as she continues to have control. Brooke throws Angelina over her shoulder, causing her to hit the mat face first.

DJ Z Hits the apron, shouting at Brooke, and he gets clobbered by Chris. Brooke climbs the turnbuckles while Chris heads back to his side of the ring, not noticing that Robbie has thrown her right from the top turnbuckle. Robbie, who didn’t even appear to make a tag, darts into the ring and covers Brooke for the 3 count. Robbie E and Angelina Love win the match.

(Gail Kim Confronts Taryn Terrell feat Awesome Kong)

(Angelina Love and Robbie E vs Brooke and Chris Melendez)

Thoughts On:
Gail/Taryn/Kong: I Loved this segment. I Love how everyone in this feud is being used to some extent, and that Gail isn’t just there for advice, but to be in the title picture also, which is being made obvious. I Loved how Taryn was straight into fighting Kong the moment she appeared, while in WWE the likes of Brie Bella probably wouldn’t be allowed to look that strong against her back in the day she was there. The Way this feud is circulating also can lead up to a number of great matches, but the question is, will Taryn be punished for not listening to Gail by being defeated by Kong, or will Gail herself be a factor in that? If Gail and Kong both want the Knockouts title, will mutual respect be thrown out of the window? Its moments like these that make the title picture so intriguing.

Angelina/Robbie vs Brooke/Melendez: I’m Glad TNA (in a 2hr show) can fit a Knockouts Segment and put other Knockouts in a match. The Match was Good, and i have to give props to Angelina and Brooke for working against each other even though the two have known beef with one another, and the pairing of Brooke/Melendez is fresh and different and a way to use someone who hasn’t been featured as much on the roster as of late. Plus, Melendez’s ring work looks good too. Also, the finish seemed awkward but its putting over Robbie as a heel even more, and makes you want to hate him, and that’s what TNA are doing a great job of. Now im going to throw a spoiler out there, but Crimson may be back, and as odd as it sounds, who wants to see Brooke and Crimson team up in the future?

– Catherine


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