TNA IMPACT RESULTS: After the Champ Takes The Onslaught, Veteran Stands Up To The Beast (March, 6th 2015)

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Hello Everybody! Its come to that time again to fill you in on the latest daring Knockouts action from the very much WWE Alternative, TNA IMPACT! Speaking of Impact, the Ruthless Oncoming Leader of the Division, Kong, continues to make impacts by laying out various knockouts week in week out, those victims also including Taryn Terrell, who defies everything Gail fed to her verbally last week to go into battle with Kong….and her Knockouts Title will be on the line.

The TNA Production team gave us a well done promo showing the rise of Taryn, that seems to have hit a roadblock with the return of Kong. Alongside that, the commentary team put over Kong as the likely champion, adding that Taryn will have no chance in retaining. Nonetheless, the theme of Kong hits and the monstrous Knockout heads to the ring, nixing her lights out entrance for just this week. She is followed by the defending champion, who is all business as she quickly un-straps the title, racing to the ring and unloading on Kong before the bell is even rung.

After some kicks to Taryn, the bell is finally rung, and Kong is still in control. Kong throws Taryn across the ring, and has the third attempt averted, as Taryn breaks off Kong and throws forearms her way. Taryn takes to the ropes but Kong lunges at her with her arm, and takes her down to the mat. Kong continues to work over Taryn as she chops at her. Kong whips Taryn into the corner, where she clotheslines her. Taryn heads up top and tries to hit a diving clothesline, but Kong no sells it, and Taryn tumbles to the mat.

Taryn tries to fire back again with a running crossbody but Kong catches her in her hands. Kong slams Taryn onto the mat. Taryn crawls to the corner, selling the effects of Kong’s blows throughout the match, and ends up being choked by Kong’s boot. Kong provides some chops to the already weakened champions shoulder, but Taryn looks to reverse momentum by slipping away from the corner when Kong charges. Taryn climbs the ropes, and unleashes punches on Kong. Taryn hits the ropes and charges towards her, but Kong throws her over the top rope, but Taryn clings on, hanging on the apron.

Taryn snaps Kong’s face against the ropes, then climbs to the turnbuckles as Kong remains groggy from Taryn’s latest blows. Taryn nails a diving crossbody, and attempts her first cover on the fallen Kong, but Kong has kicked out at the count of 1. Taryn dodges the clothesline attempt by Kong to hit the “Taryn Cutter” but Kong no sells that, leaving the finisher ineffective. Kong sets up for the Implant Buster, but Taryn escapes, and attempts an armbar into a whip, but cannot drag Kong by even a millimeter. Taryn avoids another clothesline to hit an RKO but Kong no sells it again.

Kong stomps down on Taryn, and she continues despite the warning off Referee Earl Hebner. She shoves him away and continues to attack Taryn, and Hebner calls for the bell, and Kong gets Disqualified. Taryn retains the title, but Kong isn’t finished punishing the champ as she takes her to ringside to hit her Implant Buster, only for Gail to run to Taryn’s rescue once more. Gail makes it clear that she knows Kong is truly after her, and the two finally go at it, with a fearless Gail battling Kong up the ramp to close.

(Taryn Terrell vs Awesome Kong; Knockouts Championship Match)

Thoughts on this match:
As much as Taryn didn’t give much offense this time around, the match did a completely brilliant job of selling Kong as the driving force Gail portrayed her as, and it also adds intrigue for fans to wonder as to whether and/or how Taryn will be able to defeat Kong. The Post Match brawl between Gail and Kong added even more spice to this feud, and since we are (SPOILER) 2 Weeks from the triple threat, I’d like to see a for sure segment to take place between Gail and Taryn or all 3 to see if there is any tension between Gail and Taryn at all, after all there has to be some way Gail is added to the upcoming KOs Championship match itself.

– Catherine


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