WWE NXT RESULTS: Alexa Bliss Tangos with the Princess of Staten Island (March, 11th 2015)

Alexa Bliss 41

Alexa Bliss 35

Alexa Bliss 44

Hello Everyone. Its Time to present another weekly round-up on whats going on diva wise in WWEs developmental program, whose leaps and bounds cross over that of the main roster themselves, NXT! While Sasha Banks takes a small breather from the victory she had over Charlotte last week, a certain diva who made a small statement herself to the Newest NXT Women’s Champion herself, is back for in ring action this week. Alexa Bliss makes her NXT Return against Carmella in their first ever Television Clash.

Carmella is out first, surely removing her happy smile from Enzo and Cass’s victory in the opener to focus on her own set of in ring skills, and on her returning opponent amid introduction. Bliss is out in new gear one week following her message to the Reigning Women’s Champion, Sasha Banks. Bliss hits the ring and the match begins.

Carmella plays a fine job of mocking Bliss before she and Bliss lock up. Alexa has Carmella caught in the side headlock, before taking her onto the mat. Carmella reverses into a leg scissor, but that gets countered within moments. The Two end up back at square one, and they go to lock up again, only this time its more in Carmella’s favor as she has Bliss in her side headlock. Bliss counters into her own, and Carmella sends her to the ropes. Carmella places herself against the mat to dodge Bliss, before back and forth counters lead to Alexa grounding Carmella to the mat, pitting her in a struggle as she works on her left arm.

Alexa rolls up Carmella for a near fall, and as the two spring back into action, Carmella hits with a knee to Bliss’s midsection. Carmella whips Alexa into the corner, and ends up on the end of Alexa’s forearm as she charges toward her. Carmella attempts to launch Alexa off the turnbuckle, but Alexa, with Carmella’s arm caught, cartwheels to the mat herself. Alexa avoids the clothesline from Carmella and sends her whirling with a Hurricanrana. Alexa heads towards her, but Carmella trips her, and she lands head first in the corner. Carmella hits with some kicks as the momentum falls over to her.

Carmella has Alexa hanging on the ropes as she chokes her. Carmella chucks her to the mat and attempts to cover, getting her a near fall. Alexa nails a forearm which sends Carmella stumbling to the mat. However as quick as she comes back, Carmella throws her to the mat, taking out her frustrations furiously on the returning diva. Carmella dropkicks Alexa for one more near fall. Carmella tries again and again but its still near falls on Bliss.

Carmella has a leg lock applied to Alexa’s waist. Alexa struggles, even with some elbows, and Carmella keeps up the momentum with even more offense, but continues to secure near falls on Alexa rather than her desired result. Carmella rams Alexa into the corner, and she shoulder tackles her. Carmella hits a flurry of kicks, but Alexa is having no more of it as she blocks the final attempt, and an enraged Alexa fires back with multiple forearms. Alexa hits a standing moonsault for a near fall, then takes to the top turnbuckle to perform her “Glitz Flip”. Alexa Pins Carmella and wins the match.

(Carmella vs Alexa Bliss)

Thoughts on this match:
When i first read the spoilers, i thought Carmellas loss would due to being distracted by the whole Enzo/Cass/Blake/Murphy situation, but i was proved wrong with the developments with Alexa. This was Carmella’s longest in-ring showing to date, as well as her best, because i rarely have anything bad to say about Carmella in the ring, and she works so well with Alexa in what is indeed in a fresh match, and one that should happen again. I Love Alexa’s New Finisher, and that she isn’t mainly putting over people through losses now, and its going to be intriguing how the next few weeks go about, especially when She goes up against Sasha next week at the #NXTColumbus pre-taped show.

– Catherine


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