TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Knockouts Champion Continues to Get On Kongs Bad Side (March, 27th 2015)

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Time to Whizz through another report from the IMPACT Zone. Oops, did i just drop the news that TNA have abdicated from their loyal fan-base country of the UK to home turf Orlando. They certainly have, and have a swanky new set complete with multi trons to prove it. Unfortunately the move didn’t do any favors for one Knockout looking to move on from her cruel hearted ex to the title picture. Brooke is out for the singles match following a frighteningly good Awesome Kong promo, and the excelling babyface has to unfortunately tend with the Monstrous Knockout that is Kong, and a pissed off Kong to boot after Taryn sneaked off last week with the Knockouts Championship, pinning Kim rather than Kong in the triple threat from the past week.

Speaking of Peed off Kong, out she comes, and the expression proves it all, and its one expression no opponent of Kong’s wants to see, or even deal with. Brooke, making herself aware of Kong’s furious self, dodges a lot of her offense early on, also firing her own kicks and forearms at Kong, with little effect. Kong eventually sends a fired up Brooke down onto the mat, and she whips her moments later into a corner turnbuckle. Kong charges, and Brooke slips away to safety. Brooke, hanging onto the ropes, beats down on Kong, but Kong sends her flying. Brooke dodges a clothesline and goes for the running crossbody, but Kong catches her in her clutches. Kong slams Brooke against the mat and stretches her while standing on her hair. Brooke aims punches but Kong levels her quickly as she clubs her on her back.

Kong tosses Brooke to the other side of the ring, and carries on dominating. Brooke tries to comeback with a few forearms, and she attempts one clothesline after another, but it cant take down a large Kong. Kong boots Brooke then sets up the Implant Buster which Brooke counters into a facebuster to send Kong face first to the mat. Brooke clambers to the top turnbuckle and nails an elbow drop to Kong. Brooke attempts the first cover, and scores a 2 count on Kong.

Brooke climbs up the turnbuckles one more time and leaps, but Kong soon has her in her grip, and chokeslams Brooke. With Brooke completely out, Kong sets up the finish and hits the Implant Buster. Kong pins Brooke and wins the match. Post Match Kong shoves off TNA Referee Earl Hebner, and has her eyes set on finished opponent Brooke. Poor Brooke takes one more Implant Buster, but that’s only a little proportion of the damage Kong looks to inflict as she yanks Brooke to the outside, and no thanks to Earl pushing her into Kong’s dangerous territory. Kong pulls out a table and looks to put a destroyed Brooke through it, and then Taryn emerges to save her. Taryn aims forearms and sees herself going head first into the steel guardrail. Kong sends Taryn to the ring, but Taryn fends against her with clotheslines and a dropkick off the top turnbuckle. An enraged Kong is sent over the top rope by Taryn. Taryn attempts to dive onto Kong, but Kong grips her throat midway. Taryn is sent to the steel steps, then unleashes her rage at full capacity, sending her rival straight through a table.

The Return to the US also brought along the next chapter in the feud between Magnus and Bram, and Mickie was pulled into it once again. Magnus confronted Bram with Mickie at his side, and exploded when Bram flirted with Mickie, leading to an all out brawl.

(Awesome Kong Promo)

(Awesome Kong vs Brooke feat Taryn Terrell)

(Bram, Mickie James and Magnus Segment)

Thoughts On:

Awesome Kong promo: Its a shame not many video uploaders picked this up, but that was an awesome short package from Kong. Kong is normally a person who lets her actions in the ring do the talking, and has very rarely done promos with both companies, so the promo itself is welcome, and delivers everything in a matter of seconds, including the intimidation that Kong indeed brings. I Wish they did more packages for Kong like this, because it delivers her message loud and clear. In the coming weeks, i really hope they do a package like this for Gail and Kongs alliance…Whoops, I Spoiled…

Kong vs Brooke: When i first heard about this match, i fell for the spoilers saying it was a squash but it was barely that. It was lengthy, and Brooke held her own rather than fall to Kong’s offense within a matter of seconds and get power-bombed right after. The Post match breakdown was a nice touch in the story between Taryn and Kong, with Kong enraged Taryn has escaped with the title and making her pay as she said she would, and its truly gutsy for Taryn, who was once a WWE Diva, to pull a Dixie Carter, and take a table spot in the way a WWE Diva wouldn’t, even though technically they would if the creative team listened to them begging for bigger spots like the Bella’s had insinuated. – Catherine


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