TNA XPLOSION RESULTS: Knockouts Divisions Other Destroyer Re-Emerges (March, 25th 2015)

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So it was only last night that i found out mid-way through my 1st Main Event report that a match i had been waiting for a few weeks for aired this week on Xplosion. So for the last Televised Report of the week, we have a unique match from TNA Xplosion, featuring Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell and a heavily missed Havok.

First out is the former Knockouts Champion whose reign ended too soon, Havok, and it only just feels like yesterday since she dropped the Knockouts Title to her oncoming opponent, Taryn Terrell, who is oddly title-less for this bout, and because i cant remember how long ago it was taped even though im definitely sure it was this year…

The Bell rings and the two opponents familiar with one another lock up and Havoks strength is in play early as she shoves off the Knockouts Champ. Taryn goes for a lock up again but Havok once again sends her on her way. But of course Taryn is all about fire and momentum, and springs back into action, this time grabbing hold of her waist for a waistlock. However, shes once again outmatched as Havok easily sends her backward into the corner turnbuckle, loosening her grip. Havok goes for a running clothesline but Taryn cleverly moves away. Taryn tries to attack while utilizing the turnbuckles but Havok pushes her onto the mat.

Havok misses a leg drop on Taryn, who dropkicks her in the face. Taryn covers, but Havok quickly kicks out at a count of one. Taryn dodges offense while throwing forearms and kicking at Havok. A Flip Cutter gets Taryn a 2 count on Havok. Taryn attempts to climb up top while Havok recovers, but Havok recovers in quick enough time to throw her from the top turnbuckle and to the mat. Havok takes advantage of Taryn’s hard fall, continuously kicking her while shes down. Havok dismantles Taryn with a backbreaker into a hold. Havok chokes a screaming Taryn Terrell against the ropes while we come to a break.

Taryn tries making a comeback following the break with a few forearms to Havok. Taryn tries to roll over Havok from underneath, but Havok pulls her from under, only for Taryn to counter and snap her jaw. Havok simmers down Taryn’s momentum with a hard clothesline. Havok chokes Taryn with her foot against the corner. Havok snapmares Taryn then follows by placing her in a hold. Havok kicks Taryn from behind, then proceeds to launch Taryn into the corner turnbuckles. Havok attempts to slam Taryn, who counters, pushing her towards the turnbuckles. Taryn hits a codebreaker then aims clotheslines at Havok, continuing until Havok loses her balance and hits the mat.

Taryn takes to the top turnbuckle and dropkicks Havok for a near fall. Taryn heads up top once again, executing a flying crossbody, but upon the cover, she only gets the same result from before. Taryn runs the ropes, and charges right into a boot from Havok. Havok throws Taryn head first into the corner, and clotheslines her. Havok takes her by the throat for the finish, only for Taryn to counter into an RKO. Taryn pins Havok and wins the match.

(Taryn Terrell vs Havok)

Thoughts on this match:
Ok, who hasn’t had Havok on TNA withdrawals, who hasn’t been waiting for her to be back? I’m so happy to see Havok back on TV Screens, and as expressed earlier, i felt that Havoks reign ended a little too early and that creative haven’t had anything since for her, but im glad that despite the end result (because they are putting over the Knockouts Champ) that Havoks dominance is still a key factor in this match, and that she puts over the best of the best and makes them look like ragdolls with her sheer dominance. I Just hope that TNA find a story for Havok soon because she is legit, in my opinion, relating to her skill-set, the Undertaker of the Knockouts Division. #GiveHavokAChance

– Catherine


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