WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: The Bellas Have Vicious Words for the “Oddballs” before WrestleMania (March, 26th 2015)

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Hello Folks. So its been a busy end to the week heading into the weekend and ive had a few friends birthdays come along, and hence why im a little late with these reports on top of trying to get the latest pre-wrestlemania media posted. Anyway, here we go with the first of 4 reports i need to get underway, beginning with Thursdays rather controversial Smackdown.

#GiveDivasAChance gave us another happy run on Mondays RAW and at last, the girls took to Smackdown to be given the promo time necessary to give the current divas feud a big kick in the good books, and this all started when AJ Lee graced the ring to call out Paige on exploding on her on RAW. Paige does as she says, accusing her very quickly of trying to skip the events of RAW that lead to her not getting the divas championship. Paige brings up how she beat AJ the night after Mania last year, and that AJs intentions are to ensure Paige doesnt get back the title.

AJ Knows Paige wants back the title, but it isnt about the title right now, because what matters is their teamwork, because if they are tearing at each other, then they dont pose a threat to their Mania Opponents, the Bellas. Paige tends to agree, even though shes scared to place her trust in AJ in the case she screws her over again. AJ tells her she cant stand losing, therefore that wont be the case, and brings up how they are both similar with their “weirdness”. AJ pulls one last ditch effort to get Paige on her side, saying they cannot let the “Kardashians” win, and Paige agrees, throwing away their issues from the past year to unite.

Brie and Nikki then emerge at the top of the ramp to Paige and AJs disappointment. Nikki addresses both her opposition as Compulsive Liars as well as backstabbers and warns AJ that her manipulation towards the WWE Universe will not help her grab the victory this Sunday. Brie has the mic now and backs up Nikki by saying her sisterly bond with Nikki is strong, and something neither can dream of breaking. Brie says she knows too well she and Nikki were fighting last year, but being her sister, she will always forgive her. Nikki tells Paige and AJ she knows they want the divas title, but prays AJ wont capture it again, because she will barely show up to defend it, much like Brock has with his WWE title. Nikki slams AJs vacation, and reminds her that while she was gone, she was running the division.

Nikki continues the tirade by comparing Paige and AJ to every diva in the back, desperate to be a Bella. Brie backs up by claiming that everyone wants to be a Bella. AJ sarcastically agrees with the comments, saying people definitely want be a Bella if they want to be failed D-List Actresses. Nikki objects then Paige steps in, saying that unlike the Bellas, they’d rather be referred to as misfits and such, and they are not afraid to be themselves. AJ throws her own comments by saying she and Paige are what real women look like, and they will kick the Bellas Ass’s at Mania.

Nikki prefers no labels on what real women should be, but real women act, rather than just talk on what they are going to do, and starts charging down to the ring to call Paige and AJ into a fight with her, held back by Brie while AJ and Paige remain still in the ring. Nikki finishes off the hot confrontation by saying she will see those “bitches” at WrestleMania.

(Paige, AJ Lee and The Bella Twins Segment)

Thoughts on this Promo:
I Am actually so happy that a B+ Show (to me because sometimes it just doesn’t have the delivery of shows like RAW) has helped stage a divas feud further rather than a two minute match featuring a contender or champion that ends with nothing. Not only that but references to past feuds also give away that this promo was well thought out even though the shots at AJ are in typical WWE If-you-dont-like-what-someones-doing-shoot-at-them fashion. Personally, i dont agree with the AJ Barely defending comments because in her first reign, she defended A LOT, and in her 2nd and 3rd she didn’t hightail while holding the title and had a fair few defenses out of them. But i truly believe this is the start of some sort of recently quoted change for the division, to allow these main roster ladies to be taken seriously alongside their NXT counterparts. With Tamina back at Axxess, and Layla back on the road, and Summer being promoted through her first movie, things should hopefully be on the up for the division.

– Catherine


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