WWE WRESTLEMANIA 31 RESULTS: Steel Steps, Revenge, Unexpected Victories and OWNage! (March, 29th 2015)

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Hello Everyone! Catherine here, proud to present my 2nd WrestleMania Write Up, and its one WrestleMania im proud to have watched, equally to last years spectacle that has made up for the previous travesties. Even though one travesty formed in the form of Sandow losing out his WM moment to the Likes of the Big Show, the PPVs matches were solid efforts, presenting WrestleMania Moments for the likes of Lana, Stephanie McMahon, the Bella’s, AJ Lee, Paige and…RONDA ROUSEY?

But of course we need to go over the kickoff shows Fatal 4 Way match for the tag team titles, as Tyson and Cesaro defended against not only the Usos, but Los Matadores and The New Day. Natalya and Naomi got into a ringside scuffle in their ravishing outfits when Nattie placed a sharpshooter on El Torito at ringside as payback from RAW, only to end up with a rear view to the face from Naomi, who had previously joined Husband Jimmy in suicide diving onto fellow competitors during the hostile, eventful match. Eventually Cesaro was able to seize another Mania Moment with the winning pin, and he and Tyson retained the tag titles, celebrating with a proud Natalya.

Now we move onto the main show, and luckily the divas dont get the death spot of penultimate doom this year, even though they had to follow up the Mind Blower that was Triple H vs Sting. Lilian proceeds with introductions from the ring as per as Paige in a glorious new sparkly jacket and attire, accompanied by new blue tips in her hair, is the first to head to the ring. She doesn’t even prance half way down the ramp when AJ comes out to join her, with no new attire like last year. We then get the Bella’s synchronized entrance and we finally get this awaited match underway, even though the crowd aren’t too pleasant in giving big pops to the girls like they were with Sting. *Sigh*

The Bell rings and Paige immediately takes down Nikki, scrapping with her and evidently letting out her frustration from the past few weeks. Nikki attempts reversing, but Paige reverses back, and continues the beat down to the divas champ before headbutting her and reaching out to AJ, only for Nikki to stop that. With Paige down close to the heel corner, Nikki takes a moment to cheapshot AJ from the apron, before nailing a strong Alabama Slam to Paige. Nikki attempts the first pin attempt of the match, and she scores a 2 count on Paige.

Nikki pounds the head of Paige against the mat, then rushes her into her corner. Nikki hits shoulder tackles to Paige then Brie tags into the match. Brie lands a missile dropkick on Paige for a near fall. Brie has Paige caught in a hold, and beats down on her back as she tries to keep Paige out of her corner. Brie places Paige in a stranglehold while AJ still feels the effects of being knocked off the apron from the outside. Brie prepares to clobber Paige with her running knee strike but as she takes to the ropes to execute, she has AJ in her view, climbing slowly up the apron and takes her back down again, before executing the running knee properly on Paige. Brie pulls her from the ropes and she covers for a near fall again.

Brie has Paige over in their corner and Nikki has been tagged back in. Brie and Nikki nail a double slingshot suplex to Paige, who has already been worked on enough, and Nikki sees the pin there, but Paige still kicks out. Nikki hits knees then has her whip reversed, and Nikki fires back, ducking a clothesline from Paige to dropkick a resurfaced AJ back off the apron. Paige rolls over Nikki and attempts the pin again, but Nikki kicks out.

Paige charges into Nikki’s Spinebuster, and it looks like Nikki might finish things there, hitting the Rack Attack. To Nikki’s dismay, Paige kicks out of her finisher. Even Brie is startled that Paige is still somehow fighting and a frustrated Nikki hits Paige with a load of kicks. Nikki rams Paige in the corner once again, only this time Paige’s arm catches Brie, knocking her off the apron, and Paige uses her boot to knock back Nikki. Paige knocks Brie back off again, then shoves Nikki to the outside to join her sister. Instead of retreating to her partner, who still isn’t visible on the apron, Paige goes flying onto both Brie and Nikki. Paige rolls back in, and AJ is there, awaiting her tag, but Nikki is taking herself into the ring to stop AJ getting the tag.

To Nikki’s dismay, Paige has fended off Nikki and made the tag. AJ comes firing in now with forearms to Nikki and boils over as she Lou Thesz Press’s Nikki. AJ hits a hard clothesline, then leaps into Nikki’s arms, attacking her, but gets forced to the corner. This does very little to simmer AJ, who uses her knees to fend Nikki off, but her tornado DDT from the second rope gets reversed. Luckily AJ was hanging on and can make it up the turnbuckles again, nailing a diving crossbody on Nikki. Nikki rolls AJ over and lifts her with her strength, but Paige runs in with a dropkick to Nikki. Paige and Brie spill to the outside while AJ gets a near fall on Nikki.

Nikki takes down AJ for a near fall. AJ misses a spin kick and panic stations set off when AJ ends up riding on Nikki’s shoulders, caught up in midair, but AJ reverses the oncoming slam with a DDT. AJ hooks the leg for one more pin attempt, but Nikki still manages to kick out. AJ sets up the Black Widow on Nikki, and Brie kicks AJ from behind to save her sister. Paige runs in and sends Brie away. AJ takes to the ropes, only for Brie to cause a distraction that leads to AJ taking the forearm smash by Nikki. Nikki covers, and AJ still kicks out. Outside, things get really heated as it looks like Paige has sent Bries right shoulder into the steel steps. Nikki sees and is furious, but this allows AJ to properly lock the Black Widow. The Champ taps and Paige and AJ win the match.

Lana returned at WrestleMania to hopefully see Rusev take his big wrestlemania moment by defeating Cena, only would she instead be the catalyst for his fall, literally. Rusev accidentally bumped a yelling Lana off the apron which allowed Cena to finish him off and take his United States title, and on top, ends his undefeated streak. Visible signs of frustration came about for Rusev while Lana was helped to the back.

And the last diva appearance on the Grandest Stage of them all built up one of the most unexpected feuds ever. Stephanie, joined by HHH, all suited up despite the beating he took in his victorious historic match with Sting, goes on to announce the attendance record for WrestleMania, before the loved up wife of the COO rubs it in the crowds face that she and HHH are completely behind it all, and are to take credit for it. They go on to basically say that this makes them better than and have beaten everyone else, until the Rock comes out to get in HHHs face. Only does the unexpected happen when Rock appears to be leaving. He turns to stare at his Fast and Furious Co Star, UFC’s Ronda Rousey in the crowd, and she leaps the barrier and the two take into the ring, which has Stephanie feeling all sorts of obvious legit terror.

The Rock puts over Ronda, before Stephanie insists Ronda isn’t there to do her harm, since she supported her at Summerslam last year in her in ring return, before asking Ronda if the Rock has got into her head. Steph credits Ronda on being one of the most dangerous women known, but the squared circle is Stephanie’s and not Ronda’s, referencing Ronda to only belong in the Octagon as its Queen. Ronda shuts down Stephanie by proclaiming that any ring she steps in is hers, and if Stephanie wants to force her out of the ring, she’ll have to make her. This leads to Rock and Ronda double teaming Triple H, before Ronda looks to place Stephanie in the armbar. Stephanie flees alongside Triple H.

(Tyson and Cesaro w/ Natalya vs Los Matadores, The New Day and The Usos w/ Naomi; Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Championship Match)

(AJ Lee and Paige vs Nikki Bella and Brie Bella)

(Rusev w/ Lana vs John Cena; United States Championship Match)

(The Rock, Ronda Rousey, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Segment)

Thoughts On:
Divas Tag: So i’ll have to admit, on 2nd watch, this match really got amped towards the finish, and the divas are taking much bigger spots, which im proud to hear, especially Brie taking the steel steps at the end. I’m shocked that the Bellas didn’t go over in all honesty, and even though AJ had left Paige to do a lot of the work in the match, i cant understand why AJ, when she had her mania moments already, last year especially by pinning Naomi in the Championship Invitational, got the winning pin when this match was supposed to be about Paige getting her Mania Moment over anyone else. With Charlotte coming up and more, this leaves some divas possibly not getting a spot next year if at all. Nonetheless, we cant argue that this was the best built up divas feud in Mania History, but now its time to stop the divas tags and have the championship properly defended.

The Rock/Rousey/Triple H/Stephanie: The Moment Ronda (who i see on UFC and had heard of before i even knew what UFC was) hopped the barrier, i was a legit fangirl who had never expected Ronda, or any legit famous guest host, to step in a WWE ring. Im not sure whether Ronda (who stars in the new Fast and Furious Movie alongside the Rock) is managing or wrestling next year due to her UFC contract but im beyond happy to see Ronda and Rock vs Hunter and Stephanie next year, as long as it isn’t an excuse to keep the rest of the girls off the card because they “dont want them looking better than Ronda”. Summerslam and Mania this year should be interesting in terms of booking.

– Catherine


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