WWE NXT RESULTS: Ohio’s Killa Barbie Makes a Statement In Dominant Debut! (April, 15th 2015)

dana brooke debut

dana brooke debut 1

dana brooke debut 2

Hello Folks and welcome to an exciting new episode of NXT! The Developmental system only debuts a short amount of female wrestlers per year, and the first introduction to an ever impressive NXT Divas Division this year comes from none other than the hard working Arnold Sports competitor turned Killa Barbie, Dana Brooke. Brooke seeks to make an impressive debut against everyone’s favorite resident unsigned superstar, Blue Pants! And away from that subject, there’s trouble in paradise for Carmenzo!

Carmella is ringside for Enzo and Cass’s match against the newly formed Shoot Nation, currently consisting on Televised events of Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins. Not far into the match, Enzo and Cass’s tough rivals, the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy trundle down to ringside with a bouquet for the flattered Carmella, and it goes unnoticed by Enzo and Cass, who pull off a victory despite the upsetting actions towards their woman at ringside.

Moving on from that to the in ring action featuring the divas, and once again, Blue Pants gets a good pop as she returns to the NXT Ring. All fall silent for the arrival of Dana Brooke and her new amazing theme as she struts down to the ring. Obviously she loves her body, as shown when she shows off in the ring, before taking the focus to the oncoming in ring action the moment the bell rings. Blue Pants, otherwise known as Former Shine Tag Team Champion Leva Bates, throws forearms at Dana to kick off the match, and those forearms lead to Dana being sent into the corner. She leaps to the turnbuckles but a counter causes Leva to stumble. Dana nastily sends her head first to the mat, then unleashes offense on her while she hangs by the apron. Dana hits forearms to Leva against the mat before scoring her first near fall of the match. Dana goes into another pin attempt, with the same result.

Dana chokes Leva against the ropes with her knee, then hits some more forearms to Leva against the corner. Dana performs a handstand while choking Leva with her feet against the corner. While she gives the ref a telling, Leva fires back with some high kicks. Dana counters an arm wringer into another forearm, then finishes with the Michinoku Driver for the three count. Dana wins the match.

Becky Lynch vs Charlotte vs Bayley is announced in a Triple Threat Number One Contenders Match next week. Meanwhile on NXT Breakdown, Enzo and Cass’s tension with Carmella continues when they notice her wearing Blake and Murphys jewellery that they gifted her some weeks ago.

(Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady w/ Carmella vs Sawyer Fulton and Angelo Dawkins feat Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy)

(Blue Pants vs Dana Brooke)

(NXT Breakdown feat Carmella, Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady)

Thoughts On:
Cass/Enzo/Carmella: So the tag title situation deepens for another week. Once again another good thought out plan to increase the tension between the contenders and the tag champs through using Carmella, targeting her sex appeal and flirting with her to put Enzo and Cass off their game before their upcoming bout. And again i really hope they don’t have Carmella swerve and join the tag champs because the trio of Cass, Enzo and Carmella is enjoyable, even with the boos Carmella gets, she fits in perfectly with them. Question is, regardless of what happens, where do Enzo and Cass go should they lose the tag title match, which is being made obvious by the promo the current tag champs have got in the past few months, including on WWE’s website.

Dana Brooke vs Blue Pants: It was relatively short, and yes Dana was a little green in this match, as it was her first televised match, but as this was pre taped, she has worked several live events since, in which her improvement is going to be shown should she compete at next weeks NXT taping. Regardless of the criticism the match gets, its actually a genius move to put Dana against an unsigned top babyface as it gained her heel heat similar to what Summer Rae got in her first match against Paige. Dana obviously wont be inserted straight into the title picture, which belongs to either Becky Lynch or multiple divas right now, but she cant just take on Blue Pants to prove her worth week in week out, hence why they should maybe put her in a storyline where she annoys Devin in backstage interviews, leading to her debut, or maybe have her even irritate JoJo. I Truly think Devin is next to debut, thus they should capitalize on how they should have her debut, followed by Dasha (or JoJo) as Dasha has surprisingly debuted before Lina at live events. Nonetheless, an actually impressive outing from Dana, who I’ve been waiting for to debut for a while, and her finisher is amazing, giving me powerhouse character vibes like Beth Phoenix did early on in her 2006 – 2008 career.

– Catherine


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