Taryn Terrell Surpasses Gail Kim As Longest Reigning Knockouts Champion (April, 18th 2015)

taryn 349

As Of Today Taryn Terrell has surpassed Gail Kim to become TNA’s Longest Reigning Knockouts Champion. Taryn, who won the title last November in a Triple Threat featuring Gail Kim and then Champion Havok, has now held the title for 211 days and counting, surpassing Gail Kim’s Reign of 210 days that started a month following her return to the company. Kim captured the Knockouts Title from Velvet Sky in November 2011 aligned with Madison Rayne and Karen Jarrett, eventually dropping it to Brooke Tessmacher the following year at the Slammiversary 2012 PPV.

Taryn is set to defend the recently redesigned Knockouts Championship against Awesome Kong in their second singles clash next week on the TNA Total Knockouts Special, which will also feature a Fatal 4 Way Match to determine who will face whoever emerges as the Reigning Champion following next week, and the hyped debut of the Doll-House, as seen below via IMPACT Wrestlings Tweet. All Congratulations Go Out to Taryn on a reign that has yet to see her be dethroned!

– Catherine

One Response to “Taryn Terrell Surpasses Gail Kim As Longest Reigning Knockouts Champion (April, 18th 2015)”
  1. samcactus101 says:

    Good for ya, Taryn. Thats quite a feat!

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