TNA IMPACT RESULTS: A Huge Announcement Also Delivers Taryn A Main Event! (April, 17th 2015)

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Holla Everybody! So you guys have no idea how excited i am for the next few weeks of IMPACT Wrestling and the build for me truly began last night. Even though the Ladies of IMPACT didn’t get an in ring showcase as such last night, we got a huge announcement concerning an all action packed Night of Knockouts for next week, and a main event on top of other things that next week will leave you guys heads spinning. To Announce this unmissable night of in ring drama is none other than TNAs ring announcer and former WWE Diva Christy Hemme.

Christy has the mic as always and takes a moment to welcome the Knockouts down to the ring. Down come Brooke, Gail, Angelina, Madison and Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell, while Rebel and Havok are out of the picture at the moment. Christy puts over the Knockouts Division and how they are most definitely proud of the performances they have week in week out, then announces a special night for all the girls next week, and that there is so much planned for them on that night. Before Christy can speak any further, one of the best mic talkers no doubt in the division, Angelina Love, snatches the mic from Christys hand to announce how she is SO excited….with all sarcasm.

Angelina goes on to say that next week the focus should be centered on none other than her, and reminds everyone how she became the first Knockout to hold in total 6 Knockouts Championships, and everyone should just deal with it, eyeing Gail at the time. Speaking of Gail, she doesn’t take kindly to Angelina’s verbal stint and retaliates in simple Chris Jericho fashion as she tells Angelina that everyone wants nothing more than for Angelina to SHUT THE HELLLLL UP! Gail continues to slam Angelina, reminding her next week isn’t about her, and it wont be about herself either, and its not about any of them in the ring, but about what the audience wants. Madison then snatches the mic out of Gail’s hand, truly tired with her words, as well as Angelina’s.

Madison turns her attention to Angelina first, saying everyone gets the fact that she held the Title 6 times, but in true facts, how many times does that mean she lost it? Angelina doesn’t respond at all, so Madison switches her attention to her former BFF Gail, proclaiming that what Gail is trying to say is that she wants to be a real wrestler, but its annoying, and that there’s only one true queen in the division, and that’s her. Even Christy doesn’t want to hear Madison’s Moment of Triumph and she takes the mic this time around. Christy gets what the girls have to say, and next week they’ll have their chance and starts laying out what exactly is happening next week.

Christy first introduces a Fatal 4 Way Match which will determine a Number One Contender for the Knockouts Title. Competing in that match is Madison, Gail, Angelina and an over ecstatic Brooke. Brooke takes the mic, leaping about in excitement, voicing her excitement to a pro Brooke crowd, and states next week she will be on her way to being a 3 time Knockouts Champion, which (in the meantime) Taryn doesn’t throw off. With the Mic now back in Christys hand, she furthers these announcements, saying next week new Knockouts shall be introduced. Though she doesn’t state whom, a vignette later confirms the Dollhouse’s arrival. Lastly Christy announces that Taryn will get a shot at Awesome Kong, with her title on the line, and that will be next weeks Main Event.

Taryn is last to take the mic, and she reminds the audience that every week she comes down to the ring, and she puts her body on the line, which means she has more than proven why she deserves to be in the division, and even if Kong is tough, she has passion, she is passionate about wrestling, about the division, and next week is just one more opportunity for her to show why she is here to stay the Knockouts Champion. Before she can go on any further, there’s the usual stomp tease, before the uninvited Awesome Kong heads to the ring. After a recap shows Kong’s win from last week over Gail, we come back to the ring, and Taryn is already brawling with the large knockout. Angelina, Madison, Gail and Brooke have to come between both, but it does little when Madison attacks Taryn, leading to a full on Knockouts brawl. Kong and Gail take the brawl outside, as do Angelina and Madison as they double team Brooke. In the end, a diving cross-body from Taryn lays them all out on the ramp, as Taryn sends a strong message that she is more than ready for next week.

(Knockouts Segment feat Awesome Kong)

(The Dollhouse…Coming Next Week to TKO)

Thoughts On This Segment:
As i said before, i am more than excited for whats going to go down next week, and as excited as i am, i truly wish Rebel and Havok had some sort of involvement there. Nonetheless, the segment was beyond enjoyable, and every Knockout had a great moment on the Mic. Madison and Angelina, two of the best talkers in the company, did great, and Madison was exceptionally hilarious, even though i do feel her push as top heel in November was stalled with Taryn’s title win. One standout here was Brooke because as much as i prefer her as a heel, she is insanely over with the IMPACT Zone crowd, which makes her popular, and her mic skills were not only great here, but shes even had praise from JR a few weeks ago. Also, it feels so weird not seeing Velvet stand next to Angelina anymore but im glad they didn’t throw off Madison and Angelina’s tension and randomly had them in cahoots for the promo instead. Of course, whats a Knockouts Segment without a Kong beat-down, or a beat-down by the Knockouts for that matter? Great Segment overall, and you guys are going to LOVE next week!

– Catherine


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