WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Naomi Looks To Make One Last Statement Before Possible Pay Per View Win (April, 23rd 2015)




To Finish this working Friday, now the focus switches to Formerly Friday now Thursday Night Smackdown. Following Naomi’s swerve of a Heel Turn over a week ago, she has indeed made in ring statements (on top of verbal statements) by overcoming Brie Bella this past Monday Night on RAW. With Another Bella Victory accomplished, Naomi now turns her attention to another former adversary in Natalya this week on Smackdown. Oh how the roles have reversed..

Naomi still has the Goddamn “Somebody Call My Momma” Going on as she heads to the ring, a happy go lucky theme that doesn’t fit her fantastically done heel body language. Meanwhile, awaiting in the ring is an equally as fearless Natalya for the upcoming divas action. Natalya and Naomi lock up when the bell rings, and Naomi is relentless with Natalya as she pushes her towards the rope, forcing referee intervention. Naomi doesn’t let up with a knee to Natalya to follow up, and an equally as hard chop to Natalya’s back. Naomi seems to be attempting an arm drag but Natalya stops her, then she arm drags her onto the mat. Natalya nails a Side Russian Leg Sweep and crawls over towards her, and Naomi is soon begging for Natalya’s restraint.

Natalya does as told before striding back over to her, only for Naomi to trip her into the corner. Naomi snaps her face against the ropes, then tries to drag her from the corner. Naomi goes for her first cover of the match, and she gets a near fall on Nattie. Naomi now has a side headlock locked in, stopping her attempts to counter with a knee. Naomi slams Nattie then follows with an elbow drop. Naomi’s next offense in the form of a leg drop lands short as Natalya luckily moves to safety. Natalya drops Naomi on her rear to begin the comeback, and quickly hits a low dropkick. Natalya covers, and she gets a near fall on Naomi.

Naomi tries for the rear shake on the turnbuckles, but Natalya pushes her out of her way. Naomi hangs on the apron, raising her leg to kick Natalya out of the way. Natalya quickly tries regaining control as she looks for the Sharpshooter to connect, but to no avail when Naomi smacks her. Natalya reverses Naomi’s whip, but Naomi moves out of harms way, while also launching Natalya into the top turnbuckle. Natalya stumbles back to sell the maneuver, and does end up stumbling into Naomi’s finishing rear view. Naomi pins Natalya and wins the match, also nastily kicking her before leaving the ring.

Meanwhile in other diva related appearances, the Great Mic Worker that is Lana provided an insight into what could be the result of this Sundays Extreme Rules Match between Cena and Rusev, stipulated as a Russian Chain Match. Rusev would provide a short demonstration of his own against his as tough opponent in Ryback, using the Chain on him to provide a DQ finish, while also sending a nasty looking statement to Cena.

(Natalya vs Naomi)

(Ryback vs Rusev w/ Lana)

Thoughts on this match:
I Know pretty well that Natalya and Naomi always work very well in the ring together and this was indeed correct here, however i cant praise the booking going on right now after what we gained through #GiveDivasAChance. Smackdown has been on a role in showing off other divas in the past few weeks, and now this weeks Smackdown, on top of this weeks RAW, has taken a bland route. Even though RAW was understandable as Nikki needed time to recover from the European tour, why did Smackdown have to take the Paige/Tamina pre Extreme Rules route, with no champion and challenger showdown on the last show before the PPV? As Kevin Eck (former writer for the WWE) has stated, Vince McMahon has seen the division as a division where there are no heels and babyfaces, therefore no characters, perfectly shown with the antics in the AJ/Paige feud. Even though its clearly demonstrated that Naomi is Heel and that Naomi has been given a chance to explain why she is heel now, why not for Nikki Bellas face turn? Or will that cease back to the heel route by Monday? Hopefully Extreme Rules provides answers, as well as a decent match to top. #GiveDivasAChance isn’t ONLY in ring time extensions, but portrayal of characters for those in the audience to understand.

– Catherine


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