TNA X-TRAVAGANZA RESULTS: Intense Ladder Match Sees Knockouts At War (May, 8th 2015)

brooke 639

angelina love 489

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Hello Folks! So i wasnt expecting to do another report today but Lucky Me Just happened to find a match from last weeks aired One Night Only TNA PPV, and one ive been waiting for for months. In what we can agree on as being the first 5 Knockouts Ladder match, Taryn Terrell faced off against Madison Rayne, Gail Kim, Brooke and Angelina Love. Even though its barely mentioned what the contract above the ring means, it is indeed for a future title opportunity, and to be in the hands of someone already hanging onto the gold. Awkward timing…Awkward timing completely…

Anyway after seeing the Five Knockouts readying backstage, we get a glimpse of the ring and Madison is first to arrive, followed by Angelina, Brooke, Gail and Taryn Terrell. The bell rings and instead of trading blows inside the ring, daring intentions are made clear as Brooke and the rest of the Knockouts pace at ringside, ready to grab a ladder to use to their advantage. Brooke, Angelina and Gail go at it over one ladder while Taryn and Madison trade blows trying to get the other. Madison suplexes Taryn to the ramp while Brooke continues to attack Gail. Angelina kicks Brooke while Gail and Madison go at it. Gail and Brooke tag team, bashing Madison and Angelinas heads against each other. Brooke faceplants Gail against the apron, then proceeds to grab a ladder, taking it to the ring. Gail charges in and clotheslines Brooke in the ring while Madison and Angelina try to regain some sort of composure outside.

Gail tries to set up the ladder but Angelina rushes in, pushing Gail who tumbles into the ladder, which falls against the turnbuckles. Angelina then pursues Brooke, kicking her and sending her head first into the corner. Madison and Angelina hit Brooke with a double elbow following a whip, then Madison takes Brooke to the ropes where she chokes her. Fellow veteran Angelina notices Gail playing with the ladder and turns her attention to her. Angelina works on Gail in the corner while Brooke clotheslines Madison. Brooke kicks Madison closer to the apron then she and Gail scoop a charging Angelina, dropping her against the adjacent ladder.

Gail and Brooke fight over the ladder, then Taryn reemerges, dropkicking the ladder, which falls into Brooke and Gail. Taryn attempts to take the ladder, but Madison attacks from behind. Madison forearms Taryn then takes the ladder into her own hands. Madison positions the ladder against the corner turnbuckles then throws Taryn head first into it. Madison scales the ladder before executing the head scissor stomp to Taryn against it. Brooke and Madison are next to battle over the ladder, then Brooke comes with a Tess-Shocker to Madison on the ladder from out of nowhere. Brooke moves Madison out of her way, grabbing the ladder. Brooke and Gail fight over it then Gail nails the Eat Defeat to Brooke. She drops the ladder on Brooke then positions it momentarily against the ropes before attacking Angelina.

Gail hits a forearm then whips Taryn into the corner. Gail splashes Taryn then Taryn and Gail fight on adjacent sides. Gail knocks off Taryn then Angelina nails the Botox Injection to Gail, which causes Gail to collapse onto the ladder hanging by at ringside. Angelina is on a roll as she sees Taryn taking the other ladder and hits her finisher again against the ladder, causing the ladder to fall into Taryn. Angelina sets up the ladder, and begins to climb it. Madison grabs her foot, bringing her back down. The Two former members of the Beautiful People begin to argue, before going at each other, one forearm after the other.

Madison and Angelina climb the ladder momentarily, hitting several forearms to each other to loosen one anothers grip. Brooke pushes the ladder and Madison and Angelina collapse into the ropes. Brooke positions the ladder, but before she can do anymore, Taryn hits a spear that takes down Brooke. Gail takes Taryns boot as Taryn climbs up the ladder causing her to fall on her knee as she tumbles to the mat. Gail regains her positioning, and begins to climb, as does Taryn. Taryn and Gail nail forearms to each other as they get up top, and Brooke starts pounding Taryn from behind. Brooke yanks at Gails foot, and Gail ends up stuck in the middle between both sides of the ladder as a result. With Gail nearly helpless, Brooke climbs Gails side, and she and Taryn battle atop the ladder with forearms. Brooke pushes Taryn right off the ladder and to the mat, before taking the contract. However she doesnt manage to make it down the ladder with it, losing her grip of it and falling because of Gail. Taryn takes herself up the ladder, not noticing the contract on the mat. Soon realizing, its a battle between her and Gail on the mat to reach for the contract. Taryn grabs it to win the match, leaving Gail and Brooke visibly annoyed.

(Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell vs Brooke vs Gail Kim vs Angelina Love; Ladder Match)

Thoughts on this match:
It was a great match, with great spots, from unique uses of finishers, to the utilization of all Knockouts in the match, plus Angelina delivered and took some pretty nice looking (as well as nasty) spots such as being thrown over Brooke and Gail into the ladder and so forth. The Only negative about this match would that i would have loved for it to go on longer, and towards the end it felt like Madison particularly had been down from the match for too long. Nonetheless, i’d rule this a Match of the Year Candidate for the Knockouts.

– Catherine


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