WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Naomi Has A Choice of Words for the Bellas Before Payback (May, 14th 2015)

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Switching Gears to the Land of Blue, and this week Smackdown was, but not at a major standard, diva-a-plenty. Unfortunately no in ring competition happened nor escalated, but instead while Rosa and Lana showed off their managerial instincts once again, Naomi and Tamina proceeded to rip the Bella’s in a more verbal way than physical.

Naomi and Tamina are (instead of the ring) interviewed by Renee backstage. Renee, after being greeted by Naomi backstage, recaps on Naomi’s more rougher side as of late, jumping over to two weeks ago when Tamina and Naomi attacked the Bella’s. Renee questions what brought along Naomi’s more crueler demeanor, and Naomi says it is simply because in the divas division, herself and Tamina have been overlooked. Naomi says she is the best athlete and Tamina is, indeed, a powerhouse. Naomi says all she has gotten is empty hands, aka empty opportunities, including no title. Naomi says the opportunities aren’t given to girls like herself and Tamina, so Naomi wants to take the opportunity.

Naomi giggles as Tamina states that the two run the division now, before telling Renee that none of the other girls stand a chance now, and claims Nikki is as “fake” as they come. Naomi insults Nikki as she states that the champion diva is as desperate for attention as “the fanbase” and has even more to say about Brie, including how she is a “quitter” like her recently injured husband. Naomi simplifies the statement by saying that basically a seen good girl has to go bad to get things done.

In other diva news, Lana issued a definitely pre-written statement in which she apologized for her engaging in antics with Fandango recently, the such that has nearly cost Rusev matches. She then remained silent as Rusev continued to send his own statements to the US Champ John Cena, stating that he will make him say the words “I Quit” on Sunday. Also, the rosebuds seem to be withering away like dust as of this weeks show, as a particular one accused Rose of not paying them for being his support to the ring. Rose got frustrated and shoved the rosebud to the ground, telling them “the Party is Over” before making out a little more with Rosa.

(Naomi and Tamina Backstage Segment)

(Lana and Rusev Segment)

(Adam Rose, Rosa Mendes and the Rosebuds Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Naomi/Tamina Segment: Again, Naomi is improving so much with her promo work/mic skills as a heel, evident within the segment. I Can Understand the whole taking opportunities scenario given to her character, but i wouldn’t see it as “taking opportunities” unless the victory at Payback would either destroy the Bella’s while putting them over as the hellaciously dominant tag team they describe themselves to be or if it was a title match. As Much as i can understand that they are putting a little bit of promotion into Payback, the Bella’s booking in this feud has been majorly weak, with Nikki and Brie unable to retaliate during the whole feud, with Brie taking losses while Nikki has even yet to get in the ring with either of the two post Extreme Rules. This could offer them the win to make up for how they’ve been put across creatively as of late, but Naomi’s statement needs to be backed up a lot more, especially if the divas title is soon to be in her hands.

Rosa/Adam Rose: The Only interesting thing coming out of this segment is that Rose may finally be ditching the Rosebuds. If he was a babyface, ditching them could completely kill his character, but its a reverse here, as he is still remaining a heel alongside Rosa. If WWE know what is right, they will continue the Fandango/Rose feud instead of burying Fandango week in week out since the feud was faded out. That OR they can completely swerve, and Rose loses on RAW, dumps Rosa and brings his rosebuds back, turning face while Rosa runs back to Fandango, who turns heel again since they may need extra backing on Rose’s side considering how he has become a draw to so many fans since the airing of the NXT E60 Documentary.

– Catherine


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