YOUR MONDAY POST #58: Beth Phoenix vs Alicia Fox (Tamina Snuka Appears) (February, 10th 2012)

tamina 434

Hello Folks! Catherine here awake after a long night covering last nights Payback Pay Per View. Now we would usually be on the road to Money in the Bank now with Payback cleared out of the way however, per an earlier announcement, in 2 weeks time the Elimination Chamber makes its brutal return, and even though the divas have yet to be presented a chance to compete in the satanic structure, the usually violent and brutal pay per view has opened chance after chance in terms of pushes for one particular diva.

For the past few years, Tamina Snuka has had a record of appearances in 3 years in a row for the Elimination Chamber PPV. In these appearances she has unsuccessfully challenged both Beth Phoenix and Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship, and last year, almost cost AJ Lee her Divas Title against an unexpected challenger in Cameron, super-kicking AJ accidentally before breaking up what would have been a successful pin for Cameron before attacking her on the outside to lead to a Disqualification victory. This Weeks Your Monday Post highlights Taminas first Elimination Chamber Push, in which she presented herself as a dominant, if not one of the most difficult challengers to the then Reigning Champion Beth Phoenix. After Phoenix overcame fellow diva Alicia Fox in a quick match, Tamina, who had done away with Phoenix’s Divas of Doom Partner Natalya in recent weeks, emerged and stared down the powerhouse champion, who fled with title in hand.

– Catherine


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