WWE RAW RESULTS: Disqualifications, Betrayals, Kisses and the Diva of Tomorrow (May, 18th 2015)


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Hello There! Catherine here. Right now im sitting through Eurovision (and the UK Commentary team needs a massive overhaul) but anyway that’s not the subject of this blog. We are talking last nights finally not atrocious but fabulous post Payback RAW. A Divas Title Match opened up the possibility that everyone had been speculating on, and a fiery push forward for another diva on top. Oh the Joys!

Lana, despite Rusevs claim from the start of his promo that there will be no Lana tonight, headed to the ring to counter Rusevs claim, while also claiming the Bulgarian Brute is Misunderstood. Lana justifies her actions from Payback as genuine fear, that she couldn’t just watch him suffer more at the hands of Cena. Rusev wants to hear none of it and sends her to the back once again, leaving Lana crushed in the heart once again, also firing her from her position as his manager in the process.

With Lana’s heart presumably broken, later in the show she demonstrates her freedom rights, shockingly appearing following Dolph Zigglers quick match with Stardust. Looking very flattered at the Show Stealer Himself, Lana pulled Ziggler slowly towards her and the two made out, not once but TWICE. Rusev, despite having thrown her out of her position earlier in the night, couldn’t stand the sight before him and charged to the ring, battering Ziggler. Lana slapped Rusev across the face, had enough with his ferocious antics, before Ziggler planted the former cohort with the Zig Zag before leaving with Lana, who looked beyond happy to be free alongside Ziggler as she strutted up the ramp.

Also the Team of Tyson and Cesaro, accompanied by a ravishing Natalya, competed in a rematch with the New Day for the Tag Team Titles, introducing the rule that would see a recently sneaky Xavier Woods be banned from ringside, much to his tag team partners disgust. Despite that, Woods still managed to make an appearance, on top of his partners retaining, but wouldn’t face punishment from just the original contenders themselves, but the emerging Ascension, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores and Lastly the Prime Time Players.

And as advertised, we get Naomi facing Nikki for the Divas Title, however an old rivalry comes into play just before the match can happen. The Bella’s are about to head to the ring when Stephanie approaches Brie, saying she knows too well about Bryans injury, and taking her into concern, opts to have Brie take counseling lessons to help her cope while Bryan is away. Brie is stunned but is forced into it anyway, thus Nikki will be left alone to defend the title.

Done as told, Nikki heads out to defend the title, automatically breaking the rule of contenders entering first. Nonetheless an already confident Naomi heads to the ring with Tamina at her side, and the two are introduced by Eden before the title can be put up for grabs. The Bell rings to finally kick off the match everyone is nervous for, and Naomi’s heel character is on point, seeking out the ropes and apron in defense against Nikki as she continuously attempts to lunge at her. Naomi laughs about it and Nikki has had enough, chucking her over the ropes and into the ring. Nikki hits an elbow and whips her, but Naomi comes back quickly with a knee. Nikki slaps Naomi angrily then clotheslines her out of the ring. Nikki isn’t done there, as she nails a suicide dive to the outside, knocking down both Tamina and Naomi.

We come back from a commercial break to see Naomi back in the ring and firmly in control, locking in a chin-lock on the champ. Nikki nails forearms to fire back, then bashes Naomi’s head against her knee. Nikki heads to the corner turnbuckles to recover, kicking away Naomi as she charges toward her. Nikki’s momentum may be back as she begins to fire clotheslines at Naomi, before throwing her over her shoulders and to the mat. Nikki takes down Naomi with a spine-buster, which gets her a near fall.

Nikki Looks to end the match as she hoists Naomi onto her shoulders, all ready to hit the Rack Attack, but Tamina, who appeared to have suffered from Nikki’s dive earlier, reemerges and kicks Nikki, leading to the Disqualification finish. Naomi and Tamina attack Nikki in a double assault until Naomi’s Rival, Paige, rushes to the ring, taking down Tamina with clotheslines before going after Naomi. Naomi manages to escape her grip and Paige storms about the ring with the title clenched for a few seconds. She places it back on the mat for Nikki to take back, eyeing her closely before surprisingly hitting the Rampaige to the Champ. Paige lastly poses with the Divas Title to end.

(Rusev Blames Lana for His Loss to John Cena at WWE Payback)

(Lana Kisses Dolph Ziggler)

(Nikki Bella vs Naomi w/ Tamina Snuka; Divas Championship Match & Paige Returns)

Thoughts On:
Lana/Rusev/Ziggler: First of all i must give kudos to Lana and Rusev not only for an outstanding run despite facing roadblocks in the beginning of their run in terms of opposition, but for their tremendous acting and selling of the “split” that has affirmatively lead to their parting and move towards solo careers. Lana’s true accent began to emerge somewhat in the segment with Rusev noticeably, possibly to indicate a later change in character. I Did not want Lana’s appearances on RAW to end in just the one segment, hence we were blessed with the most unexpected swerve much later in the show, when Lana was paired with Dolph Ziggler of all people to express her happiness and freedom no longer tied to Rusev. Lana’s babyface turn came across tremendously, and i like how Rusev is still in a program with Lana instead of faded out the moment she parts from him, setting up a feud with his fellow IC Title Chamber entrant. Lana isn’t going back heel anytime soon but the momentum will most definitely turn to Rusev next week for some Payback, but what exactly will go down between the rivals at Elimination Chamber is intriguing indeed.

Nikki/Naomi: There was so much speculation and intrigue regarding the promoted divas match regarding the outcome, especially with Stephanie’s intervention to not only (possibly) renew a rivalry and render Brie useless by removing her from ringside for “her own benefit” but how that would effect Nikki’s outcome. Even though the idea of Nikki being “fearless” would come across strongly by accepting the match by herself and taking on both Naomi and Tamina at ringside alone, it was overall dashed by Taminas interference to quash the penultimate victory, and Nikki being at her lonesome opened up the expected return of Paige, who seemed to have rejuvenated her NXT character somewhat with a “all about herself” persona by not only intentionally clearing off the heels but by taking out the divas champ herself to put across the statement that she was the original contender and the title is hers to take. The match and moment was well done and triggered in perfect timing considering they dont have long to build for the Elimination Chamber, hence so many match announcements minus the girls, but it is obvious that Nikki will defend against both Paige and Naomi. Paige’s return is welcome and with no doubt, however i feel Naomi should ultimately win, emerging as a fresh champion with her first reign, and thanks to last night, it wouldnt quash Nikki’s regained momentum that seemed to have been faded out within weeks as Elimination Chamber opens up one last strong defense and in ring showcase for Nikki before she possibly drops the title and even…..feuds with Stephanie?.

– Catherine


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