WWE NXT TAKEOVER UNSTOPPABLE RESULTS: Divas Takeover In Aggressive and Teary Eyed Affairs (May, 20th 2015)

emma nxt takeover

Alexa Bliss 67

sasha 483

Hello Everyone! I Don’t know about you guys but last nights NXT addressed everything that is spoken as as Great in the Divas Division with the exact same response. Not only did we get 2 divas matches for the first time on a NXT Pay Per View, but while other yet to debut divas were used as exclusives in Prince Pretty’s Mania inspired entrance, another storyline that had been developing over the weeks took a dramatic step further as Carmella felt the fury of a newly heel Alexa Bliss.

Beginning in Chronological Order, we see new signee Jasmin alongside Gionna and Dasha Kuret emerge in Tyler Breeze’s livestreamed entrance. Appearing alongside the yet to debut divas is recent guest trainer for NXT, Sarah Stock aka TNA’s Former Knockout Sarita. The Two appear in furry ensembles aside each other, taking selfies while Prince Pretty himself struts to the ring, also checking the ladies out before hitting the ring. Tyler competed against Finn Balor and was defeated by Balor, who in turn, became Number one contender to the NXT Title held by none other than Kevin Owens.

It wasn’t too much later that the last match to be added to the PPV card, Dana Brooke and Emma vs Bayley and Charlotte would take place. Dana comes out to her repetitive but good theme, also bringing Emma out to join her for her entrance. The Two head to the ring, awaiting Bayley and Charlotte. Charlotte comes out, followed by Bayley, and the two that finally get along, hug each other before taking on their rivals.

Bayley and Dana start off first, and Dana isn’t getting much love there while Bayley is being cheered majorly. Bayley and Dana lock up, and its not long before Dana’s strength comes into play as she angrily shoves Bayley to the mat. Dana shows off her muscles to a not too fussed Charlotte, but its an easy distraction, allowing Bayley to hoist Dana onto her shoulder while also moving closer to her partner. Charlotte tags in, Bayley slingshots Dana into Charlotte, who knocks her down. Charlotte places Dana in a full nelson, also allowing Bayley to tag and the popular diva chops at Dana. Dana has had enough and runs to tag Emma.

Bayley clearly cant wait for Emma to come in as Emma stares her out while clambering into the ring. Bayley pushes Emma onto the mat and Emma is on the escape early, rolling out of the ring while also using Dana to protect herself. Bayley dropkicks Dana in between the ropes, also taking out Emma. Bayley rolls Emma back into the ring before climbing the turnbuckles. Dana, despite taking most of that dropkick earlier, tries saving Emma via distraction, climbing the apron. Bayley knocks her away, but Emma yanks Bayley right off the turnbuckles by her foot onto the mat. Emma pulls Bayley in for the cover but gets a near fall rather than the desired result. Emma kicks at Bayley a few times and faceplants her against the mat. Emma, again, pulls in Bayley for a pin attempt, leading to another near fall.

Emma puts Bayley in a hold and continues to pound away at Bayley following that, also trying to keep her far from Charlotte. Emma sends Bayley to the heel corner, and Dana tags back in. Dana aims one kick after the other at Bayley against the turnbuckles, before tagging Emma back in, who follows with more kicks. Dana returns to the match with more kicks to wear Bayley down, before tagging Emma back in. Emma throws Bayley to an opposite corner, then throws her across the ring again and into another corner. Emma nails the running cross-body to Bayley in the corner for one more near fall.

Emma mocks Bayley with a hug before forearming her onto the mat. Emma mocks Bayley further, then mocks an agitated Charlotte, but it proves costly as Bayley comes back with a suplex. Emma tags Dana following the move, and Dana tries to grab Bayley to no avail as she reaches and tags Charlotte. Charlotte dodges Dana’s offense while nailing some chops to the new arrival. Charlotte reverses Dana’s attempted offense into a standing neckbreaker, and reverses her whip into a big boot. Emma tries attacking from behind but Charlotte sends her out of the ring. Emma gets her footing, and distracts Charlotte, allowing Dana to gain momentum as she attacks Charlotte from behind. Dana tags Emma, but the twos attempt at a double team gets cut, and they instead, end up absorbing a double DDT. Charlotte pulls Emma into a pin attempt, but Emma manages to fight out at the count of two.

Emma blocks a charging Charlotte with an elbow, then kicks her while hanging in the corner. Emma begins the mockery again as she climbs to the top turnbuckle. She nails a flying cross-body to Charlotte, but Charlotte rolls her over into the figure four. Dana breaks up the Figure 8 that follows, but Bayley comes in and clears Dana off. Emma doesn’t get time to regain composure or check where her partner is as instead she ends up on the end of the finishing natural selection from Charlotte. Charlotte pins Emma and She and Bayley win the match.

Much later in the show, the Beautiful Carmella appears, standing by at ringside as the men she swore much loyalty to as of late, Big Cass and Enzo Amore, competed against the NXT Tag Team Champions Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake, who pitted their titles on the line. Of course it would be too soon for the tag champions, who are only to gain even more development, to lose the titles, and the two would gain some unexpected or expected help, depending on whose following the storyline, from a more vicious Alexa Bliss. Bliss, who had defeated Carmella a week prior with the tag champs help, attacks Carmella, and Cass takes concern. Murphy then super-kicks Cass at ringside as Alexa bolts over to Enzo, pushing him off the top turnbuckle. Enzo takes a tumble, and Blake pins Enzo for the victory. The Two walk off with titles, and Alexa, in hand. Before we can move onto the big women’s title match that is next, we say a short hello to Eva Marie, who has a front seat it appears for the action at the show.

Following a very well done video package, both Sasha and a transformed Becky get a UFC Vibe pre entrance moment (obviously Triple H’s doing). Nonetheless, Becky comes out sporting a look mixed between the Fifth Element and Lara Croft, while Sasha comes out to a new jazzy titantron.

The Huge Match begins with a lock up between Becky and Sasha, and Sasha powers her to the corner. Becky follows with an arm wringer then pushes her to the ropes, tripping her to the mat, before the two reverse one another with failed pin attempts. Sasha counters later with her own arm wringer then sends Becky to the mat. Becky catches Sasha’s leg in midair, then tries for her armbar submission early. Sasha escapes and heads to the ropes. Sasha charges at Becky, who attacks her arm. Becky goes for arm drags then Sasha takes her to the corner. Sasha nails a forearm, but misses her following offense when Becky leaps from the corner, kicking Sasha to the apron. Sasha executes a counter with Becky’s arm against the apron, causing Becky to fall to the floor. Sasha rolls Becky into the ring and goes into the pin attempt, but Becky kicks out at two.

Sasha steps on Becky’s back, then chokes her against the ring ropes, while also taunting. Sasha targets the left arm of Becky then does Becky’s signature taunt by the ropes. Sasha walks over to Becky and gets caught in a roll up from Becky, which gets Becky a near fall on the champ. Becky hits Sasha in the midsection but gets her whip attempt countered. Sasha gets another near fall. Sasha locks in a stranglehold, also using the mat a few times to further the pain. Becky forces Sasha into the corner, but even a few bashes in the corner doesn’t release Sasha’s grip. Sasha reverses and throws Becky into the corner, but Becky blocks following offense with her elbow. Becky tries sending her away again using her legs, but Sasha catches Becky’s legs and sets her up on the ring ropes. Rather than hit Becky in her midsection, she instead hits the double knees on Becky’s previously targeted left arm. Sasha gets another near fall.

Sasha isn’t done just yet hurting Becky’s left arm, stretching it to a cringey length using her boot. Sasha steps on it, then attempts to pin her once again, only to get another near fall. Becky tries to battle out of another submission targeting her arm, but to no avail. Becky tries to roll over Sasha for another near fall, then Sasha reverts back to the same submission. Becky rolls her over again, lifts her from the mat to stop her own pin attempt, before hitting an innovative slam counter. Both Sasha and Becky are down. Sasha makes it to her feet quicker than Becky, but Becky gains much more momentum nonetheless, firing clotheslines and kicks at the champ. Becky charges at Sasha, who sends her over to the apron. Becky slams Sasha head first into the turnbuckle then scales the turnbuckles herself. Becky scores a dropkick from up top for another near fall.

Sasha forearms Becky, then with one hand in hers, runs the ropes and executes an arm drag. Sasha hits running double knees to Becky in the corner to follow, not once but twice. Sasha covers but gets a near fall once more. Sasha covers again, only to score the same result once again. Sasha gives Becky some attitude then slaps her in the face. Becky follows with a forearm before the two get caught in various reversals, ending with Sasha being thrown to the outside floor. Becky heads outside, hitting forearms to Sasha before pulling her left arm into the side of the ring post. Becky sends her back in the ring and suplexes her. Becky executes a submission hold on Sasha’s left arm, releasing before Sasha attempts a possible forearm. Becky nails a german suplex for another near fall on Sasha.

Becky goes for another suplex attempt, but Sasha slips away, and nails a kick before her own suplex attempt gets averted. Becky rolls Sasha over, then locks in her finishing armbar, sending the crowd into hysterics. Sasha eventually reaches the ring ropes to force her release. Sasha throws Becky outside, then dives to the outside. Becky barely falls, instead scooping Sasha into her arms and sending her back first into the steel steps. Becky rolls back into the ring after rolling back in Sasha, and musters energy to climb the turnbuckles. Sasha comes out of nowhere with a side DDT after charging upwards toward Becky, and locks in the Bank Statement to retain. Sasha wins the match to retain and Becky leaves the ring broken but with a standing ovation.

(Charlotte and Bayley vs Dana Brooke and Emma)

(Big Cass and Enzo Amore w/ Carmella vs Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy; NXT Tag Team Championship Match; Alexa Bliss Heel Turn)

(Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch; NXT Womens Championship Match)

Thoughts On:
Charlotte/Bayley vs Dana/Emma: The NXT Women’s Title Match outshone this match for definite and even though there was some outstanding teamwork, Dana for sure got the least in ring work during this match. What i cannot understand (unless a rematch is due) is why the babyfaces had to win when Emma had yet to gain any sort of revenge on Bayley and Dana needed to be put over considering that out of the four, she has had the most dominance in recent weeks. If the babyfaces were to go over, it surely should have been Bayley pinning Emma rather than Dana being pinned understandably to protect her streak, but why Charlotte of all people, when she has had the most spotlight out of all the NXT Divas in the past year, had to get the victory, i just don’t know. I’m Hoping Dana and Charlotte go at it at the next NXT Special to be honest because Charlotte is indeed ready to triumph on the main roster, and the NXT Divas Division needs to expand with not just Becky and Sasha getting all the spotlight, even though they don’t as last nights PPV and recent NXT episodes demonstrated.

Alexa Bliss Heel Turn: I Felt something was going to happen when Carmella moved over towards the ramp at ringside and was indeed right when i (and other fans) called that Alexa would bring some sort of interference to the tag title match. The Move of Alexa turning heel not only definitely puts Carmella in the babyface spot, as demonstrated last week, but evens the odds for both teams having a female at their side, since they didn’t really have any other diva to align with the tag champs, unless they debuted someone instead, but the move sees Alexa working with her real life boyfriend Buddy Murphy. Alexa has always given off heel teases with her facials during her matches, and seems to be working the heel persona well already, almost giving me Trish vibes. I’m really excited for the twos feud, and whether Alexa vs Carmella will be fit into a PPV or as a mixed tag before Enzo and Cass eventually win the titles. (If they do) Its no secret Triple H is high on Alexa as well as Enzo so putting two faves into the same feud means we should be surely getting some gold moments from both sides in the next few weeks.

Sasha vs Becky: I’m Not Gonna Lie. I Couldn’t choose the winner because both divas are pure gold, but ultimately saw Sasha retaining in what was another Match of the Year candidate. The Two have so much chemistry in the ring, the crowd were in it from beginning to end, and with no biased-ness whatsoever, i truly believe they outshone the main event. Becky got the ovation to definitely confirm her babyface turn, but the question is where the title feud goes now, will Becky play an injury angle with her arm in a rematch and then win in a 3rd match? or is someone else going to be inserted into the feud alongside Becky? Time will tell. Truly happy and proud for those two and how well they have performed and excelled, now if only these two can transfer those performances to the main roster, as well as the current crop of main roster divas. If Stephanie can sit there and watch the NXT Divas and praise them so much, then what about the main roster divas? Whats holding them back? Simply Creative. Triple H and Stephanie surely realize the ease with NXT in terms of their storylines compared to the main roster where its a much larger team, but if the girls can get 2 matches in 2 hours, or 2 segments and 1 or 2 matches in a 1 hour show then whats the excuse for the girls getting more than 6 minutes in a 3 hour show? I Noticed they took the pre entrance moments as inspiration from UFC but a non wrestler (no shade entirely) like Rousey being used as inspiration, shouldn’t be the reason they need to put faith in their women, but by pushing their own crop of women to perform longer and better like they have been pushing for in statements made in conferences. Nonetheless, switching back to last night, completely happy and proud for Sasha and Becky and would easily watch a rematch or even a 3rd match between the two.

– Catherine


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