WWE SMACKDOWN RESULTS: Things Get Heated Before the Women “Walk the Chamber” (May, 21st 2015)

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And on the expected last televised report of the week (no idea whats happening with this weeks Divas match on Superstars) Smackdown took another interesting turn that gave shades of pre WrestleMania all over again. The 3 Divas that will soon be thrown into a Divas Championship Match at Elimination Chamber all looked to and got some sort of revenge amid Paige’s explanation following her return this past RAW. Paige’s actions would be fully explained, but at least not without the intervention of the deserving Diva in Naomi. Less Talking, More Reviewing!

Paige comes out to the ring and expresses how great it is to be back and reflects on how the last time she saw her fans was in England. It was that very show where she had originally won the right to compete against the Divas Champion Nikki Bella, but had her celebration cut by a more angrier Naomi, who took the “stolen” opportunity herself through injuring the NXT Alumni. Paige says she oddly admired Naomi’s courage to take her own spotlight having done it herself. Paige mocks Tamina over her alignment with Naomi, and slanders her over “competing in the wrong division”. All the Jokes aside, she is now recovered and she is aware that Naomi took her title opportunity away from her in her house and her division.

Paige’s angry moment is short lived per the arrival of Tamina and Naomi. Naomi laughs to herself as she says that she wonders whether she hit Paige harder than she thought on the RAW she attacked her and ruled her out of a title match with Nikki. Naomi says Paige doesn’t quite understand where she is in terms of the Pecking Order, because someone as athletically skilled as Naomi deserves to be at the top of the pinnacle as the WWEs top diva. Naomi says rather that than make a career out of screaming, which she claims is all that Paige is good at. Naomi says she gave her all and she only ended up unappreciated and overlooked by the people she was trying to impress and stand out to.

Naomi fires away at Paige by saying she walked in with a title shot the moment she arrived on the main roster, without having even deserved it, or earn it. Naomi says Paige hasn’t been there the same duration she is so shes going to tell her how things work, that she has to not wait for opportunities, but rather take them and that’s just what she is doing. Naomi doesn’t rule out that Paige had a title shot, knowing she had it, but she, the more deserving one, took it for herself. Naomi says not to take it personal but she just simply removed her from the equation, but Paige is done hearing Naomi and tells Naomi she has taken chances for herself too, and in the past year she has done more than what Tamina and Naomi have done through their whole careers. Paige says there’s more to being a diva than being athletic, its also about having personality, which she claims the new heel diva lacks, but she definitely doesn’t lack excuses, bringing up how Naomi complained that the WWE were holding her back during the time she came close to title victories and so forth.

Paige adds that Naomi should get over herself, and Naomi flips. Naomi tells Paige shes about to run over her and any diva who gets in her way, and if Paige thinks it truly is her house, well she and Tamina are about to clean it. Tamina and Naomi charge into the ring and Paige pushes Tamina away easily while dragging Naomi straight into the ring. Paige brings some forearms to Naomi, but Tamina rushes in to save her. Tamina and Naomi bring on a 2 on 1 attack and overwhelm Paige until Nikki runs down to the ring. Nikki charges after Naomi and Tamina as they are about to retreat to the outside, and pushes both to the floor before dragging Naomi back into the ring. Nikki forearms Tamina as she attempts a behind attack, while Paige attempts to take out Naomi. Nikki then heads back to the ring where she knocks both Paige and Naomi over. Nikki clearly didn’t forget Paige’s actions from RAW and lays her out with a Rack Attack also. Nikki stands tall over both divas with the divas title held in her hand to finish the segment.

In other diva related appearances, Lana and Ziggler heated up their on screen relationship backstage, leading to Lana also watching Ziggler during a successful bout with “King” Barrett. Rosa Mendes also managed the newly formed Team of Adam Rose and Heath Slater, who were overcame by Axel and Sandow.

(Naomi, Tamina Snuka, Nikki Bella and Paige Segment)

(Dolph Ziggler and Lana Backstage Segment)

(Dolph Ziggler vs King Barrett feat Lana)

(The Lucha Dragons, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro w/ Natalya vs Los Matadores and The Ascension; Four Corners Tag Team Match)

(Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel vs Heath Slater and Adam Rose w/ Rosa Mendes)

Thoughts On This Segment:
Its Great to see the Divas getting promo time, especially Naomi, rather than Smackdown showing us a less than 4 minute match with no post match development, and its honestly great because it feels they are truly capitalizing on the time given to build this feud before the Elimination Chamber, and the heat between Naomi and Paige in turn over who is the rightful contender. In my opinion, the comments made in the promo shouldn’t be debated or seen as hateful to fans for the simple fact it is a (in some poor sense) scripted promo and the immaturity that did come across in some sense regarding comments on Tamina were more the writers fault in handing that role and script to Paige. We can agree that the comments regarding slamming someone for not having that “actual diva look” coming from someone who had a “Anti Diva” Gimmick is pretty senseless on WWEs part, but we need to question whether Paige even has that gimmick anymore. Yes shes come across as a brazen badass as of Monday, but whens the last time she adopted the attitude of her NXT character, or even been last referred to as Anti Diva? The thing is we can complain over senseless remarks in a promo, but we shouldn’t wrongly take it out on the diva saying it, but the creative team entirely, but why complain when we want more heated, more promos that make more sense or are explosive? At the end of the day we all praised AJ over a more heated “pipebomb” but slam and jump on Paige over something lesser? Anyway throwing all “fan” criticism aside, this segment has me more hyped for Elimination Chamber, and i can only pray it doesn’t take a downward spiral considering the PPV is NEXT WEEK!

– Catherine


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