WWE ELIMINATION CHAMBER RESULTS: Champ Stays Fearless On A Night of Brutality (May, 31st 2015)

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Hello Everyone. A Windy Dark Night here in England means staying in the comfort of a nice warm home, maybe for some of us Brits watching a Elimination Chamber repeat wherever on the internet, but nonetheless the show last night presented another divas bout, one to see Tamina sidelined from to some shock. The Match in itself is debatable for some slip ups but lets talk it through anyway..

But first to the pre show, and we seem to have a resurgence in a what could be forgotten feud as the Piece of Gold that is Summer Rae came out to introduce Miz upon his return. The Heel wrestler himself would be interviewing a currently injured Daniel Bryan on his first MizTV episode back from hiatus, thus Summer would leave the ring and sadly not be seen again.

And then the regal-ness of Lana was on show in the main show, and even though her man Rusev got no appearance on the PPV whatsoever (now injured) the babyface ravishing Russian approached Ziggler backstage, wishing him all the best with his bout in the Elimination Chamber, the IC title bout of which was won by Ryback to some shocks.

And with that non-furthered story out of the way, we finally get to the divas match that is early in the first hour. Brie and Tamina were banned from ringside per a stipulation announced by the Authority, ruling out a 4th overall Elimination Chamber appearance for Snuka. Once again breaking the rules, champion heads out first, Nikki Bella. She is followed by a Solo Naomi then Paige, both heading to the ring than have their entrances possibly skipped in Smackdown style to start this match.

The Divas ring around one another and Naomi faces her first lot of offense being blocked by Paige. While she holds Naomis foot, Nikki jumps in with a huge forearm to Naomi, knocking her away, before a fiery Paige spears Nikki onto the mat. Paige whips Nikki, who hangs onto the ropes. Nikki kicks away Paige before Naomi slinks in from behind the apron, grabbing the champs feet. She sends Nikki to outside the ring, before hurling her into the front of the commentary table. While Naomi smiles over the pain Nikki writhes in, she may have forgot Paige, who pulls her back to the apron. Naomi knocks Paige away with her foot next before scaling the turnbuckles. Naomi misses a cross-body, and Paige attempts to take advantage with the following pin attempt, but gets a near fall.

Paige pulls Naomi into short arm clotheslines, before taking her to the mat with a dropkick. Naomi misses a clothesline and takes a super-kick by the thoroughly dominant Paige, who sees Nikki attempt to crawl back to the ring, knocking her from the apron and back to the floor where she hence was prior. Paige dodges a clothesline from Naomi and misses her follow up super-kick when Naomi ducks underneath, but comes back by catching Naomi midway through a cross-body, and the diva of Tomorrow nails a Fallaway Slam to get herself another near fall on the fellow contender. Paige storms over to Nikki as she sees her climbing up again, only this time Nikki stops Paige as she heads to the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Nikki grabs Paige’s arm shortly after avoiding the clothesline attempt and sends Paige head first into her knee. Pulling away Paige from the ropes, Nikki goes to cover this time, but Paige kicks out at a count of two.

Nikki sends Paige into the recovering Naomi in the corner, and clotheslines both of them. She grabs Paige and Alabama Slams her, and Naomi takes advantage of Nikki seconds later by rolling her up to get a near fall herself. Naomi knees Nikki in the face, then sends her to the corner before darting over to the fallen Paige to cover. Paige kicks out at two once again. Naomi stomps at Paige’s midsection before walking into a forearm from Nikki. Nikki climbs to the turnbuckles but misses a side kick when Paige doesnt rush over in time for a miscue. Paige quickly moves on from that to try pin Nikki, but Naomi breaks it up.

Naomi knees Paige then throws Nikki into the corner. Nikki hits hard, and ends up falling between the turnbuckles and to the outside floor. With Nikki seemingly out, Naomi fires away at Paige, and after a few shots to Paiges body, she suplexes her. Naomi sets up Paige on the turnbuckles, and hammers away with offense again, attacking Paiges back, before heading up top herself. Naomi doesn’t fall, keeping herself positioned despite elbows by Paige, then Nikki runs over, and she attacks Naomi from behind before she throws both Naomi and Paige down from the turnbuckles with a power-bomb. Nikki, having not taken the impact the other two had, musters the energy to climb over to both, but both refuse to be pinned and kick out.

Nikki scoops Paige onto her shoulder, ready to finish her by attempting to hit the Rack Attack, but Naomi hits the rear view right in Nikki’s direction. Nikki falls, as does Paige, But Paige stops a pin from Naomi. Paige hits with a small kick to Naomi, taking her outside, before she turns all her attention to Nikki. Paige is about to have Nikki tied up in a scorpion cross-lock, but Naomi dashes into the ring and kicks Paige. Naomi gets a near fall on Paige. Paige whips Naomi, who floats onto the turnbuckles easy. Paige lifts Naomi off the turnbuckles, and Naomi hits with a painful counter off of Paige’s shoulders. Naomi gets another near fall on Paige, who rolls to the outside. Nikki avoids a inziguiri from Naomi and catches her seconds later and hits the Rack Attack. Nikki pins Naomi to retain the title.

(Naomi vs Paige vs Nikki for the Divas Championship)

Thoughts on this match:
Overall, on second watch it wasn’t bad, nor was it on the first, BUT i feel that in the past few weeks the girls have been majorly pressured, and i don’t mean to perform well either, more in the “get out there, get it done, get out” kind of attitude because since last weeks RAW there has been quite a few slip ups. In this match, Paige didn’t move to correct position for Nikki’s kick from the turnbuckles, causing Nikki to miss and possibly land funny, and fell during Naomi’s counter on her neck, which looked worrying. I Love Paige, Ive been a fan of hers since her FCW days legit, but she has been botching quite a few times to the point of worryness, and you could hear herself and Nikki calling spots so loudly. I Have so much faith in Paige to put on a good show at a PPV but i feel like she is being restricted and worry whether she and the other girls have been given a certain attitude regarding the quickness of their matches backstage, looking back at Alicia and Summer last week on Main Event. Whether the girls are to blame or not, i don’t know, but i feel something needs to trend regarding freedom of performance in the ring, as in let the girls decide what spots to do in the match. I Know they did more than just the tower of doom in this match, but there’s something that doesn’t add up, especially recently. This Match was just so good regarding the spots they were trying to take, but it was all going so wrong. Also, im pretty shocked Naomi didnt win, but not as shocked that they didn’t have Tamina lay out the Bella’s on the ramp after the match. Its Time for #GiveDivasAChance to get deeper in my opinion. #GiveDivasInRingFreedom

– Catherine


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