TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Upset Moments for the Heels & Revenge Exacted On The New Night (June, 3rd 2015)

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Welcome to the Second and Last Show of the Night i watched (Sorry I Don’t watch Ring of Honor) TNA IMPACT! Nope, this isn’t early, i think i forgot to mention in last weeks report that TNA indeed moved to Wednesdays last night, and with some controversy at the least as they end up battling over ratings with the debuted Ring of Honor, which secured a secretive (UGH) TV Deal with Destination America which was sure to leave Dixie tearing her hair out. Speaking of tearing, Brooke got a chance to tear apart a certain member of the Dollhouse, but the victory wouldn’t be forgotten as a friend of Brookes took the post match fall. Oh and Get Ready for Hellish Heel Angelina too!

As i stated above, Brooke is indeed in competition with Jade of the Dollhouse. Being scattered away by Taryn to unleash hell on her opponent (because the Dollhouse always do in some quantity) Jade is shown with the troublesome Marti climbing on the apron and posing with some definitely cruel but covered smiles before Brooke arrives. Jade attempts to attack Brooke as she poses for the fans on the turnbuckles during her entrance, but Brooke hears her coming and floats over in the nick of time. The Bell has rung and Brooke is trying to rid of Jade early with a super quick roll-up which gets her a near fall on the villainous knockout.

Brooke charges towards Jade and more offense leads to another near fall on Jade. Brooke leaps onto the turnbuckles, above Jade, who shoves her to the mat with ease, and to cut her momentum. A Running dropkick from Jade leads to Brooke rolling near to the outside, eventually being kicked out by the heel. Jade assaults Brooke on the outside, before rolling back in the ring as demanded. While the ref is turned away, Marti delivers a fiery clothesline to Brooke on the outside, and throws her back in the ring to feed to Jade, who attempts to pin. Jade gets a near fall on Brooke. Jade, out of shock, tries pinning her again, only to land the same result.

Jade brings some punches to Brooke after the third pin attempt leads to Brooke kicking out again. Jade continuously aims her knees at the side of Brookes head, then takes some forearms from Brooke, which doesn’t do much. Jade throws her around the ring while clinging to her hair, before throwing some attitude. Brooke is done hearing and forearms her before rolling her into the schoolgirl pin. Brooke gets another near fall on Jade.

Jade knees Brooke in the face. She boots her in the corner then chokes her against the turnbuckles with her foot. Jade whips her but Brooke balances by the turnbuckles, kicking Jade away before scaling the turnbuckles herself. Brooke nails a flying clothesline then runs into Jades boot once again. Jade gets a near fall on Brooke. Jade attempts a springboard moonsault following her scoop slam, but Brooke rolls to safety. Brooke nails the facebuster then looks for the final pin but Marti plays sneaky from ringside, placing Jades foot on the ropes to cancel Brookes attempt. Marti looks pleased, but not for long, as Brooke clutches Marti by her hair. Jade tries to save her partner but then boots her herself. While Jade looks in total horror, Brooke scoops her up for her finisher and hits it for the pin. Brooke wins the match.

Brooke is all jiggly backstage following the win, and she talks about it with Rebel. Brooke goes to sort herself out, promising to head out with Rebel later, but as Brooke disappears from sight, a furious Marti and Jade gang up on Rebel and viciously assault her.

Moving onto the last Knockouts ring moment, and this time its Madison Rayne promising to drop a mic moment. Madison, mic in hand, makes it clear she has some visible frustrations, referencing how unless you twerk in the center of the ramp (Brooke) or shove a sucker in someones mouth (Marti and Jade) or if you’re plain and simply Gail Kim, then you don’t get the opportunities. Madison says that while she sits in the back, waiting for something to come up for her, there are people like Velvet, not under contract of course, who are taking TV time away from the Knockouts waiting for a chance. Madison calls Velvet in the ring and she emerges from the crowd as instructed, called into the ring.

Madison compliments the new look from Velvet as simply her way of getting her spot back, but she needs to remember where her place is in the company, before slapping her across the face. Velvet just laughs at the cocky Madison’s attempt then spears her to the mat without even a thought. Velvet furthers the damage to a solo Madison with a stunner, prompting her former partner Angelina Love to head down to the ramp, with security trailing behind. Bringing up the assault to Madison, she has her guards handcuff Velvet again, gripping her while Angelina forearms and attacks her repeatedly. Angelina demands they take Velvet away, while further mocking her, singing goodbye to her before real officers (despite not having a Police Badge or the usual mid-arrest statement) show up and say they are taking her away also for hurting a fan.

And of course we get to see Mickie continue her storyline, but not in the intended grim fashion. Mickie, who had been lured to TNA HQ hometown Nashville for meetings with the Likes of Carrie Underwood (REALLY?) appears in an oh so empty building, and to her shock, Storm seems to have been watching her journey as he passes. This lead to Storm revealing his true intentions for bringing Mickie there, asking her to join his Revolution and leaving the fiancee who can do nothing for her behind, Magnus. Offended a little, Mickie looks stern, but leaves with Storm when he sees his actions to be false, but not before pushing her onto what are either a load of steps or off a train platform, cackling as he leaves a voicemail for an unknowing Magnus saying his girl isn’t coming home. Son of A…

Lastly Taryn is all praises backstage as she reminds everyone that this is her real persona, also bringing up that Both Gail and Rebel have found out who the Dollhouse are. Taryn promises a future shot for Kong, which is surely to include shenanigans, and says she is showing an all new side to the Knockouts Division next week.

(Brooke vs Jade w/ Marti Bell)

(The Dollhouse and Rebel Backstage Segment)

(Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love Segment)

Thoughts On:
Brooke/Jade: Not a bad match, indeed physical but short. Originally Jade and Marti’s miscommunication would be heading towards a split, but lets remember the Dollhouse are early in their run, and the attack on Rebel sought revenge for their loss, while retaining their crazy antics, and also while taking advantage of Gail being unable to appear and save Rebel. I Love that they are bringing the friendship of Brooke and Rebel onto television as a way to further Rebel and get an understanding of her babyface persona now she is solo, but looking at future spoilers, we aren’t expected to see Rebel until after Slammiversary at least if that was a written injury, unless of course they have Kong, Brooke and Rebel brawl backstage with the Dollhouse next week since the Dollhouse have had the reigns of the division from the start.

Madison/Angelina/Velvet: First of all we cannot review this segment without saying that Madison and Angelina are hands down two of the best talkers in the division, even in the industry today. But i wasn’t buying Madison’s segment or being given any feeling of intensity from it to make it seem real, even though its indeed true that Madison hasn’t been placed in a legit program since Brittany’s departure from TNA. Moving onwards to Angelina and even though it did feel like a mimic of Brie/Stephanie all over again, i am loving the chemistry, intensity and story Velvet and Angelina are bringing, and its better than the two having repetitive matches with post match staredowns anyday. Velvet didn’t seem as winter-esque this week when it came to her Madison encounter, but is still retaining the persona that differentiates her from the rest of the Knockouts, while i can easily say if Angelina ever gets injured or even retires, she should definitely go into an authority role someday because she was absolutely killing it last night, giving off Stephanie McMahon vibes, even though fans already know how good a heel she is. If i had to change one thing about this segment, it would be Angelina’s “arrest”. Though its all acting, badges being flashed and the usual mid arrest recital that you see on TV would have been appropriate but the segment was just wrongly timed as pre main event, having them cut to the next moment, thus rushing Angelina out.

– Catherine


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