TNA IMPACT RESULTS: Future Tag Partners Dish Out a Whole Load of Revenge on the Dollhouse (June, 10th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks IMPACT report, the first report of today on the sites 2 year anniversary! WAHOO! Anyways, The Road to TNAs Return to PPV, Slammiversary is ever so narrowing so with 2 weeks left until the pit-stop, a few babyfaces looked to put a pit-stop of their own in the Dollhouses Tyrannical actions.

All this formed by a Special Challenge made by Knockouts Champ Taryn Terrell. Appearing early on in the show on the stage with Jade and Marti, the Dollhouse Mastermind wasted little time presenting a challenge for Kong, one dastardly for sure as she glared towards the camera while insisting that if Kong doesn’t accept the special challenge of heading to the ring in lingerie later tonight, she will not be allowed to challenge her for the Knockouts Title.

Returning to the show much later, Taryn heads to the ring with Marti and Jade to see whether the Brutal Knockout that is Kong has accepted her challenge, with the stipulation of course. Sat amongst a well designed, perky bed to match the color scheme of the ladies attire, Taryn boasts on making the “sexiest match” of the night, while also crediting the X Division lads to some degree. Heightening up to her cutesy voice, she calls out Kong who storms down to ringside, but in battle gear, not as Taryn insisted, who frumps while Marti mouths off about Kong not accepting their particular outfit. Kong, not wanting to hear anymore, drags Marti and Jade off the apron and from the ring, tossing them about at ringside and on the ramp and clearing them off.

Seeming to forget the damage Jade and Marti have taken, Taryn switches gears, and jokes at the fact the audience wont see her lingerie tonight. But before she can go on any further, Brooke heads to the ring mic in hand, proclaiming that Taryn using lingerie is a low for her and the division. Staring Taryn right in the face, she warns Taryn that she isn’t afraid to face the Champ, any place, at any time. Taryn plays her usual sweet demeanor, before reminding the hopeful contender that she didn’t ask to challenge her, insisting she heads to the back. Brooke turns around slightly, before saying she needs to get something off her chest, and attacks Taryn. She brawls with the defenseless champ on the bed, and stops her escaping the continuing assault, before removing a bewildered and extremely angry Taryn’s robe to reveal her lingerie, leading to Taryn scarpering while Brooke, with mic in hand again, gives Taryn a short warning that the next item she is taking from her is her Knockouts Title.

With that being cleared off Brookes chest, the duo of Brooke and Awesome Kong will look for more than just redemption next week when they face Marti Bell and Jade in a match to determine whether the babyface team will be added to a future title match with Taryn Terrell.

(The Dollhouse Segment; Lingerie Pillow Fight “Challenge”)

Thoughts on this segment:
Even though the use of Lingerie in Womens wrestling is usually dubbed as an insult to women’s wrestling itself, it is there for one purpose, and that’s the sultry Dollhouse Gimmick. The Segments were overall promising and with such delivery, with Brooke toning down her cheery character just a tad for a serious in ring promo with Taryn, who also delivered her character “to a T”. The Only confusing part of the segment was the demonstrated carelessness in Taryn seeing her partners overthrown by Kong and even though any sort of loss or beat-down that would originally fuel tension, its normally forgotten about in the story within the next week, over the rivalry itself. Looking at next weeks match and the tapings in general, i can see Taryn vs Brooke vs Kong happening at or after Slammiversary, or even The Dollhouse vs Kong, Brooke and Rebel at Slammiversary where whoever pins Taryn earns a shot at the title due to Taryn throwing out stipulation after stipulation, though regarding next weeks stipulation, it wouldnt make much sense in itself. Overall a Good Night for the Knockouts.

– Catherine “


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