WWE MAIN EVENT RESULTS: Naomi and Tamina Look to Make a Shift Back Into the Title Picture (June, 12th 2015)

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tamina 449

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Welcome to this weeks Main Event report, the last televised report before this weeks Money in the Bank PPV. On Display this week is Layla, and as i mentioned in the Superstars report, she seems to be in the ring full time from this week, and the former divas champion is switching roles from the previous match to team with Emma against the unique duo who seem to have lost their push as of late, Tamina Snuka and Naomi.

But before we can see the Amazing Naomi reappear for the first time since unexplainably being removed from the title picture after all the momentum she gained from switching to the heel persona, we see another heel in Rosa open the show with her “Muse” in Adam Rose, who is competing against Zack Ryder. After a promo displaying his affection for Mendes, who was ditched by Fandango some time ago, Rose battled with Ryder, eventually gaining the victory per a distraction from Rosa, and a quick victory it was.

Moving on from Mamacita Mendes helping her comrade to victory, its divas action later in the show. All four divas, that being Naomi, Tamina, Layla and Emma are already in the ring to start off the match. Jimmy Uso is also on commentary (his recent role) to speak on his Wife’s latest persona change, in which he only comments on as something he will support her on. Emma and Naomi lock up and Naomi easily sends Emma across to another side of the ring. A Brief stare-down ensues before the second lock up, one which Emma takes over as she applies a side headlock. However Naomi pulls a villainous stunt, grabbing some of her hair before reversing into her own side headlock. Emma throws Naomi to the ropes, but Naomi comes back with an elbow to take Emma down to the mat. Naomi taunts before taking to the ropes, but Emma trips her.

Emma tries to come back on the rebound with multiple clotheslines, and she sends Naomi head first into the corner turnbuckles before applying the DilEMMA from outside. Emma tosses Naomi away to create some space for her dropkick which follows. Emma tries to cover Naomi, but Naomi is quick on the retreat. Emma and Layla go back to back on tags to get the referees attention, but hes so caught up with Naomi, they just bring the situation into their own hands, and the two divas respond with a baseball slide dropkick to both Tamina and Naomi under the ropes. While both are out, Emma ensures the actual tag to Layla goes noticed before Layla awaits Naomi’s return to the ring.

Naomi is back on the aggressive seconds into returning to the ring, forearming Layla one shot after the other before dragging her over to her side. Throwing her to the heel corner, she continues to work on Layla with a series of kicks, weakening Layla for an entering Tamina, who gets tagged in. Tamina attempts a whip to start off, but Layla is very quick on the counters, and tries rolling up Tamina, but she only gets a one count for her effort.

Layla nails two kicks to Tamina before Tamina gets her own offense in. She whips Layla again, except this time Layla hangs on easy in the corner, hearing Tamina charging and blocking with a kick while facing a whole other different direction. A Diving cross-body from Layla gets her a near fall on Tamina. Tamina all of a sudden executes a strong Samoan Drop, and stomps away at Layla by the ropes, before tagging in Layla, but not before sending her into the turnbuckle first. Naomi executes forearms, followed by a snapmare, and a unique running clothesline from Naomi gets her a near fall on Layla.

Naomi tries to isolate Layla from a desperate Emma, giving Layla some blows by the ropes before she plants her against the mat, going for a cocky pin which results in a near fall again. Naomi tags back in Tamina, who slams Layla. Layla slips freely out of a second attempt and tries to reach over to Emma. Tamina attacks Layla’s back before she can reach over, and drags her near to her corner. Numerous kicks do little to halt Tamina, who still manages to prize Layla away from Emma’s reach. Naomi Tags and rushes in to elbow Emma right off the apron. Emma rushes the ring in anger, causing the refs intervention, and thus he doesn’t see the super-kick from Tamina to Layla. Naomi pins Layla to secure the heel duo the needed win.

(Emma and Layla vs Tamina Snuka and Naomi)

Thoughts on this match:
Compared to the pace of the Superstars match Layla was in, this was really good. Layla had a flurry of offense, and some backing, having her veteran moveset and authority on display, which is my guess the reason for also taking the pinfall. The match was more along the strategy of Tamina and Naomi causing isolation while showing off their tag team work to a higher degree to the others, on top of targeting the Veteran in the closing moments while taking out the much “weaker” diva in heel like fashion. Seeing Layla and Tamina go at it time after time on Smackdown numerous times over the years made this a blast from the past for me, knowing what they are capable of in the ring, but of course, considering recent developments, there was more reason for the heels to go over.

– Catherine


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