WWE RAW RESULTS: The Diva of Tomorrow Remains the Lone Wolf (June, 15th 2015)

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Hello Everyone and welcome to the newest episode of Short Divas Development….I Mean RAW. Following the Money in the Bank PPV, that saw the Girls go at it in a pleasing timely effort, Paige’s efforts to overthrow the Bella’s haven’t come to a close, and this time shes trying to sneak the other divas into her plan to overthrow Double Trouble. However, the trouble for her is simply that the divas haven’t forgotten her mistreatment of tag team partners, Alicia Included…

This all starts when Summer, Emma and Alicia chat around with Machine Gun Kelly, the Guest Host of RAW invited to take a powerbomb….i mean perform. Paige, after casually greeting the rapper, who were also greeted by the one and only Fandango (as well as Heath Underrated Slater and Zack Ryder), turned her attention to the women in the segment, telling them she needs to meet them about something later, telling them she will text them before exiting.

Sometime after seemingly seeing Lana accompany Dolph Ziggler, who was only to be taken out by Kevin Owens (UGHHHH), the Divas, minus Lana herself, Nattie and Cameron are seen backstage gossiping when Paige makes her arrival. Paige puts on a speech about standing up against the Bella’s for making the division all about them. As Paige is about to continue speaking, Summer stops her and asks whether her rant is the result of losing again to Nikki. Paige wholeheartedly accepts the loss, but that’s not the point, its about the divas joining one another in overthrowing the Twins. Alicia steps in and reminds everyone how Paige cant be trusted, bringing up the past betrayals, as Alicia has been a victim of a angry Paige attack herself. Paige again accepts her actions from the past, with a Sorry on top, but again its not about that, but the divas coming together. Paige questions whether the Bella’s pushes are due to their marriages.

Naomi, who was overthrown by the Bella’s and lost her push in turn, stands up and says she cant stand the Bella’s herself, and she might just agree with her statement, but she isn’t letting Paige boss her. Paige says shes not trying to boss anybody, but accepts that she must be crazy as to challenge both Brie and Nikki tonight. Paige says she doesn’t need to be on her own out there and asks which diva wants to join her. Before Summer or anyone can speak, the Bella’s interrupt Paige’s mini get together, cue Taminas hilarious reaction. Nikki makes Jokes about how everyone is listening to Paige, and references how ever since her big moment at Summerslam (while also reassuring Brie its not to be cruel) she has been the divas champ (even though it wasn’t until months later that she won the title) and that win wasn’t an accident. Nikki says she doesn’t mind the divas taking Paige’s side, they can by all means, and a long silence hits the room before the divas begin to leave Paige to herself, starting with Summer, then Alicia. Next to Exit is Rosa followed by Emma (WHY?) and Layla. Naomi and Tamina are last to exit, but not before trading glances with both sides to some interest.

Moving Next to the Match, and Paige is out first, trying to put on a smiley face despite being ditched by all the divas earlier on. Paige challenges the secondly arriving Nikki and Brie in a 2 on 1 Handicap Match. The Bell rings and Paige tries to charge towards Nikki early, who ducks by the ropes. Nikki avoids Paige and tags her sister Brie in. Paige tries to attack Brie also, and she uses the ropes to avoid her, tagging back in Nikki. Nikki finally takes the brunt of Paige’s anger, as she takes her down to the mat, unloading with punches to the champ.

Nikki clotheslines Paige, but the taunt that follows proves costly, as Paige trips her to the mat. Paige covers Nikki for the count of one. Paige headbutts Nikki, also clobbering Brie off the apron. Paige draws Nikki over to the apron where she hits a number of knees to the champ. Paige then gets swept on the apron by Brie, who seems to have recovered quick from the fall. Nikki drags Paige away from the ropes to try to pin her, getting a near fall. Nikki, with Paige in hand, allows Brie to tag in.

Brie nails the missile dropkick off the turnbuckle to get a near fall on Paige. Brie forearms Paige a few times, then locks in a chin-lock. Paige breaks off and tries to take to the ropes, but Brie stops her not even midway with a knee to the midsection. This sets up for Brie to clobber Paige with the running knee. Following the near fall, Brie tags in Nikki, and the two nail a double team flapjack to Paige. Nikki tries pinning Paige and gets a near fall as a result. After some knees and kicks from behind, Nikki captures Paige in a figure four waistlock. Paige reverses into a pin attempt but again gets a near fall on the champ.

Brie tags in. She attempts a clothesline on Paige but Paige throws Nikki into Brie instead, leading to Brie taking out Nikki. Paige regroups in the corner, moving away from Bries attempted offense and roping her into various short arm clotheslines. Paige hangs on the ropes as she kicks away at Brie, then throws her into Nikki, who tumbles off the apron. Paige nails the finishing Rampaige to Brie but the pin attempt following gets broken up by Nikki. Nikki throws Paige head first to the corner then steadies herself to the apron, making the tag from Brie to her clear to allow her into the ring. Having officially entered the ring she nails her forearm smash to Paige then ends with the Rack Attack. Nikki pins Paige to score herself and Brie the victory.

Last but not least, the regal Stephanie McMahon struts to the ring alongside Triple H to make an announcement regarding who should challenge a newly solo (and confident) Seth Rollins at Battleground. Selling the ultimate look of betrayal over the Authority’s decision, Seth stares down the arriving former champ, Brock Lesnar, returning alongside Paul Heyman. Shaken by the Presence of the Beast Incarnate, Rollins sees it in his best interest to retreat.

(Paige Rallies the Divas Locker Room)

(Brie Bella and Nikki Bella vs Paige; 2 on 1 Handicap Match)

(Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Seth Rollins, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman Segment)

Thoughts On:
Paige/Divas Backstage Segment: The Segments of Paige attempting to rally the other women into taking a stand against the Bella’s was a nice touch to Paige’s storyline on trying to make “change” in the division, though i hope it leads to someone who hasn’t been pushed at all or in a while soon joining the fight instead of just getting in the segment for a short amount of TV time. Looking at how the segment went down, due to the Japan show coming up, it seems to be building to Naomi and Tamina going up against the Bella’s down the line, remaining as heels also by taking out Paige along the way by possibly tricking her first. As Much as it would make sense to rejuvenate Naomi by putting her back into the storyline she was unjustly removed from, i would love to see Emma and Summer form an alliance with Paige soon or at Battleground should we see Paige and Nikki go at it one more time, though due to WWEs Belief that only certain divas should be used, on top of Vince’s belief that Nikki should stay champion for longer and longer, the idea is very much halted or a fantasy never taking place for real in the eyes of hopeful diva fans, removing all logic the #GiveDivasAChance Trend was fighting for.

Paige/Bellas: The Match was again a capitalization from the MITB match, but for the heels more than the (should be) avenging babyface in Paige. The Match was Okay, but Paiges loss can lead to two things happening, either Fresh Blood in the title picture or one of the divas taking Paiges side at an eventual time, just hopefully not an NXT Diva because an NXT Divas arrival on the roster would take away chances for the other divas at this point when they are trying hard enough to get time, recognition and relevance. So… #GiveEmmaAChance #GiveSummerRaeAChance

– Catherine


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