WWE NXT RESULTS: BAMF Get Dismissed, Cassie Bows Down to the Queen (June, 17th 2015)

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nxt charlotte vs kc

Hello Folks and Welcome to Another Women-A-Plenty episode of WWE NXT! This week saw not only the first NXT Mixed Tag in the Developmental Systems History, but Charlotte returning to the ring once again for a bout with the rising Cassie aka KC Cassidy, plus cue the tissues for Becky Lynch…

The Mixed Tag opens the show, which is the last from the tapings before tonight creates all new episodes for us to enjoy. Out comes Enzo, Cass and Carmella, with Enzo introducing his fellow comrades as per, along with another hellacious in ring promo to boot, but obviously the heat would immediately hit the tag champs as they introduced Cass mid-way through a S-A-W-F-T…SAWFFFTTTT. Down come Alexa and the Tag Champs Blake and Murphy, also as ready for the mixed tag as the other three.

Enzo heavily works the match (and Cass) up until a few minutes in a big brawl hits the ring involving the feuding trios. Blake tries to stop a pin attempt from Enzo following a running cross-body but gets forced to the corner by Cass. Alexa goes after Carmella, who Lou Thesz Press’s her, leading to Alexa rolling out of the ring. Cass and Enzo clear the champs from the ring with a double clothesline. After Clearing Blake from the ring minutes later, Enzo dives over to Carmella, finally tagging her in, continuing her battle with Alexa.

Alexa comes charging towards Carmella instantly, and Carmella uses her knee to knock her away. Carmella clotheslines Alexa multiple times, and nails one last kick before booting the newly heel to the mat. Carmella sends Alexa into Murphy as he clambers the apron, then rolls up Alexa for a near fall. Alexa tags in Blake, wanting no more to do with the match, cue-ing Cass dragging the Aussie Champ into the ring. The Eventual victory goes to Cass, Carmella and Enzo when Enzo splashes Blake from the top turnbuckle for the victory.

Before we can jump to Divas Match Number 2, one made purely due to Sasha having to leave the last tapings early due to her Husbands injury (hence the nixed match that was supposed to happen on the show), we see the former contender to the title Becky Lynch share some stories as part of Finn Balors Huge Rise in NXT, sharing moments of their friendship and how he has progressed in NXT as well as how he helped her progress. (DO NOT WATCH THIS WITHOUT TISSUES!!)

And after wiping so many tears, we hear that the former NXT Women’s Champ is to be in action, Charlotte. She faces (a not introduced) KC Cassidy/Cassie MacIntosh. As Shown in the mid entrance recap, the one thing still fresh on Charlotte’s Mind is Dana laying her out many weeks back, something Dana should soon be addressing regarding the heat she still has with the former champ. But in the meantime, Charlotte works bravely on her own against Cassie.

Charlotte runs the ropes before tying up Cassie in a side headlock. Cassie pushes her to the ropes but Charlotte fights back with an elbow to take Cassie down. Charlotte takes her down again, only this time Cassie manages to counter into a reversal. Charlotte reverses her headlock against the mat into a leg scissor, which Cassie manages to kick out of. Charlotte offers some form of respect, clapping to her performance before mockingly avoiding to high five the newest diva. Cassie places Charlotte in a waistlock but Charlotte manages to back her into the corner to release.

Charlotte misses her next offense in the corner when Cassie positions herself above the turnbuckles. Cassie rolls her over into a pin attempt, and gets a one count on the former champ. Cassie reverses a arm drag attempt from Charlotte into a hurricanrana. Cassie kicks Charlotte in the corner but Charlotte comes back with a fiery big boot. Charlotte hits a few knee drops before attempting to pin Cassie. Cassie kicks out at two and Charlotte chokes her with her knee as punishment, while also throwing a temper at the ref to some degree.

Charlotte knees Cassie in the face multiple times before taking her to the mat. Cassie hits punches in her midsection and throws her off, and Charlotte seems pretty infuriated. She charges towards Cassie, who blocks the oncoming offense in the corner. Cassie makes up for a missed kick with a running cross-body, getting her a near fall on Charlotte. Charlotte gets a near fall on Cassie upon her reversal. Charlotte chops at Cassie’s chest before nailing a standing neckbreaker. Charlotte hits a big spear out of nowhere, before placing her in the Figure 8 for the finish. Charlotte wins the match.

Charlotte’s victory has surely been watched backstage by Dana, who is with Devin. Dana is offended at being referred to as a “former” fitness competitor, when she was competing for NXT at the Brazil Arnold. Dana then says she is back, good for her fans, but not for her rival Charlotte. Dana says the last time she and Charlotte came face to face she left her laying and now people need to know that Charlotte is being replaced, because she used her family name to make her way through the door into NXT, and Dana will send her out of that same door and slam it shut. She exits, but not before returning to Devin to give her the signature pat on the head, which is sure to infuriate her at some point.

(Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady and Carmella vs Buddy Murphy, Wesley Blake and Alexa Bliss)

(Finn Balor and Becky Lynch Segment)

(Charlotte vs KC Cassidy)

(Dana Brooke Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Mixed Tag: A Good and Lengthy Match, and believably the first mixed tag in NXT history. The Time Carmella and Alexa got was limited as the match seemed to be more in favor of Cass and Enzo getting retribution while Alexa and Carmella could be slated for a PPV singles match down the line. Also, even in the limited time Alexa and Carmella got (on top of their interactions) the crowd are heavily favoring Carmella, which does the job of also putting the heels over by booing them while sharing their support for the competing babyfaces.

Charlotte/Cassie: The Shortest of the two matches on this weeks show, but a definite standout in terms of showing Cassie’s in ring ability, though her persona wasn’t shown to an extent like Jessie McKays the other week. Even though the match was reportedly threw out there last minute due to Sasha’s Husbands injury from the nixed match, the two did the best to their ability in the time given, and luckily it wasn’t turned into a squash match, but rather to give Charlotte some form of retribution (and showcase) before her eventual face off with Dana.

– Catherine


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