WWE RAW RESULTS: Confusing Match, But A Summer Resurrection (June, 22nd 2015)

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Hello Folks and welcome to another RAW report as we reach closer to the Battleground…Now i didn’t really have the motivation to write this weeks RAW report because of the absolutely disgusting non-motivation of the creative team to distinguish faces from heels in the divas match that was brought ahead on the RAW episode, but it was something else that happened later that lightened the mood as such..

The Divas Match would be late in the show, featuring a Divas Tag as Nikki and Brie faced Naomi and Tamina, quashing legit understanding of who the heels and faces are. The Bella’s are accompanied by their newest accomplice and companion in Alicia Fox, the very diva who cost Paige a singles bout with Brie this past Thursday on Smackdown. The Team of Tamina and Naomi, not even having any ringside accompaniment, are already awaiting in the ring.

Brie starts off against Naomi, who reverses her lock up very quickly by the corner. Naomi unloads with kicks to Brie in the corner while also tagging the powerhouse assist, Tamina, who hits a kick as well, takes Brie down by her hair before elbowing her against the mat. Tamina nails a running elbow in the corner to Brie, followed by a snapmare into a chin-lock. Brie gets any hopes of gaining momentum dashed when Tamina counters Brie with a Samoan Drop. Tamina gets a near fall on Brie.

Tamina takes Brie back to the corner, and hits some knees before Naomi returns to the scene. Naomi hits with many vicious forearms to Brie against the corner, before smashing Bries face against the corner turnbuckle following a running bulldog in the corner. Naomi launches Brie into another corner, but Brie tries to fight back with kicks while hanging on the turnbuckle. Brie cleverly ducks under the ropes, causing Naomi to tumble onto the outside. However Naomi uses her heel tactics perfectly, throwing Nikki from the apron just as it looks like shes about to tag in.

Naomi hits some kicks and elbows to Brie away from the ropes, but Brie soon strikes back with a standing neckbreaker counter. Nikki makes a hot tag per advantage of the counter, and takes Naomi down with some clotheslines and a dropkick. Nikki dropkicks Tamina off the apron in the heel corner, before nailing a running clothesline to Naomi in the corner. Nikki tries for a pin following an Alabama Slam, but Tamina dashes in, attacking Nikki near enough to the count of three. Tamina tries to go after Brie, but the ref oddly mounts himself in position for Tamina to take a tumble, much to her dismay.

Brie missile dropkicks Tamina from the ring, but Brie ends up walking into the Rear View from Naomi. Tamina yanks at Nikki, readying for Nikki to take the Rear View but Nikki reverses, sending Tamina into Naomi’s finishing move instead. Nikki hits her forearm smash to Naomi followed by the Rack Attack, gaining the win for Team Bella.

Also on display divas wise (other than Stephanie McMahon in numerous Authority Related segments) were Lana and Rosa. Dolph would be scheduled to compete against Adam Rose, who cut a promo alongside his on screen girlfriend Rosa. Dolph would eventually get the win and make out with an extra pleased Lana for the 1900th time, infuriating a still injured Rusev backstage. Rusev tumbled as he attempted to trash the surroundings, until a certain leggy blonde in Summer Rae handed over Rusevs crutches to help him get upright before walking away with some interest.

(Brie Bella and Nikki Bella w/ Alicia Fox vs Tamina and Naomi)

(Adam Rose w/ Rosa Mendes vs Dolph Ziggler w/ Lana; Summer Rae and Rusev Backstage Segment)

Thoughts On:
Divas Tag: The match last night wasn’t bad in terms of in ring display, but the distinguishing of who is heel and who is face is blinded by the character changes which the Bella’s should be frustrated with. The Bella’s were heel when Alicia aligned with them, making Paige the babyface to rebel against them by calling some others into the mix eventually to take down a supposedly increasing Bella Army, yet in this match Nikki and Brie are faces, looking like the divisions saviors compared to the story that is ongoing unless they are wanting Paige to go heel while actually labeling the Bella’s as the saviors in the process. Characters are needed to get over, not taken away like Vince has done with Cesaro several times (the Swing etc) and how are people going to develop interest in a possible Tamina/Naomi/Paige vs Bella’s/Fox match at Battleground if they cant tell who to cheer for? The Idea of No Heels and Faces makes the division look a mess and is an outrage (as well as complete ignorance when #GiveDivasAChance is also about character development for the girls). You don’t turn the Bella’s face again just because Paige is away, you continue the feud as expected, heck they could have even had the Bella’s cut a heel promo only to have Tamina interrupt them with a face promo, while displaying some tension with a Heel Naomi as they all try and fight for their own supremacy, but not in this company i suppose.

Lana/Dolph/Summer/Rusev: The More intriguing and surprising development of the night was Summer Rae appearing before Rusev following another match featuring Lana and Dolph. While the match served a purpose of giving Rose and Rosa some spotlight, the result was completely non-oblivious, but not only do we now have a possible feud for Lana and Dolph, with Lana possibly wrestling Summer somewhere down the line (if shes training) but Summer is now back in a good zone, that being managing because when managing to a certain extent instead of having her storylines cut, she is really good at it, which makes me plead for a long term role for Summer in this feud, while also helping to break out Lana and Summer since Lana is sadly not getting much direction at this rate, which is undeserved considering how far she has come since even starting NXT. Question also is if Dolph is frustrated and being forced into this storyline amid rumors of him leaving, him leaving could abruptly end the storyline unless they take it in a fiery direction to please Ziggler to urge him to stay, even though he isn’t a fan of mixed tags (unless he simply manages Lana in a possible debut match at Summerslam because i don’t see Rusev healed by then).

– Catherine


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